Sunday, August 31, 2014

August iPhone Dump

This month flew by.  School started, dance practice kept the whole family busy with babysitting, Jett Boy had hand foot mouth and another virus of unknown origin, our Rebels kicked off a great season and next month will bring more red and blue and more work to do.  

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jett Boy's Second Countdown to Kickoff


Mama's of boys don't get to dream of ruffles, bows, or precious shoes.  Last year I decided to make a big deal of the little things, little boys could look forward to, so the Countdown to Kickoff was born.  Year two found me at my monogramming machine at four in the morning making sure to get his outfits finished, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Jett's First Trip to the Zoo

Jett Boy made his first trip to the zoo last weekend.  My brother thought it would be perfect with Cullen out of town and Kathy working, if we took the boys to the zoo.  

Henry loved the lions.  I haven't been to the Memphis Zoo since I was in kindergarten, and 26 years ago I don't remember it being so hot.

There we were at high noon enjoying the hippos, monkeys, and zebras.

Jett seemed to enjoy it all, but my fave was the Polar Bear exhibit and the Pandas.

I love watching these boys play together there are 11 months between them, and they are so sweet to each other.  When they grabbed hands on the way to see the giraffes my heart melted even more in the 105 degree heat.  Henry is a cautious boy and Jett just drug him along.  I hope they stay close and always enjoy playing together.  

Jett wanted to pull the wagon rather than be pulled in the wagon.  
Uncle Brett provided a better view so Jett jumped in his arms to get a better look at the giraffes.
By the time this last photo was made the boys and the adults were wilted.  

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ice Bucket Side Step

So we three got called out by none other than Brooke Hamilton to do the ALS ice bucket challenge.  I must have missed the pink memo.
Here we are calling out our people.

And just prior to the dump, I need to mention that the player on the left, is Will Ard.  He's a Pontotoc boy and my sweet Meagan's cousin.  I may or may not have asked him to make sure I was not soaked.  
And I may or may not have put my cha cha stepping to good work as I stepped out of the way.
Notice only part of my got soaked...five minutes in the Mississippi heat and I was dry as a bone.
It's all in who you know and how you step.