Monday, April 21, 2014

Boy Blue's Easter Pictures

We have a great little courtyard next to our house and I couldn't wait to get pictures of Jett in his outfit after church.  Well, my plan was after church, but that turned into after lunch, after his nap, after an outfit change while I washed the chocolate off of this one, and a redressing of him.  He is overly independent these days.  He loves to walk on his on to places.  The day before he walked out of the back yard, down the drive way, across the street, and to the church playground all by himself with Cullen just following him to see where he would go.  

 He wasn't as into Easter Egg hunting this week as last, and was really more interested in climbing up and down from this bench.  

And of course before it was all over he was over eggs and sidewalk chalk and wanted to just cry it out. 

Easter 2014

So it has become tradition that Easter lunch is now at my house this year.  I think a lot of it has to do with my proximity to the church.  I live across the street so it is easy for family to drop their food off and then head on over to the sanctuary.  My driveway also provides parking for those running late and needing a close spot.  I didn't manage to get pics with Cullen's parents or my mom, but both were in attendance for lunch.  It is such a blessing to have family close enough to go to church with, close enough to worship with, and close enough to grow up with.  We miss my brother and his family dearly and can't wait for them to be close to us again.  The next few months can't fly by fast enough.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Brace Yourself

Brace yourself for the secret I'm about to divulge.  I have adopted clean eating.
 I didn't mean to...I really didn't.  It started really small and then just kinda took over.  I'm not really sure what was the catalyst.  It may have been the number I saw on the scale at the doctor or that the summer is coming, but whatever the reason it got real and all of a sudden I was craving better foods.

So in March I decided to start walking in the afternoons.  My sweet cousins were looking for something to do so they jumped on my band wagon and we walked 2-3 miles a day.  Then I decided to kinda watch the foods I was buying.  I started buying more fruit and taking it to work with me.  After a week of preparing and packing fruit for work, it kinda morphed into more salads, and more protein.  In addition to fruit, I started drinking a lot of water.  What I began to notice is I started craving my Diet Cokes and Diet Mt. Dew a lot less.

One week I just decided to set three goals: NO carbonated beverages, NO refined white flour, and walk 25 miles in one week.  I succeeded with those three and so as a treat I got a skinny latte from Starbucks and decided I would give up caffeine.  I would only have it as a treat.  I surprisingly didn't have withdrawals at all.

The next week's goals weren't as easy to set.  I decided I would keep a check on my whole wheat bread intake and try and walk 20 miles.  Those goals weren't tough to obtain.
So each week I try and think about new goals.  I really don't have new and different ones I just try and do something to make the week more focused.  One week I decided I would track my food on an app on my phone and I would start Couch to 5k.  I really have never wanted to be a runner.  I am not athletic.  I have enjoyed checking off the sessions each week though.

When I say I've eaten clean for the past six weeks, I have not been as regimented as I'm sure I have needed to be, but it hasn't been tough.
These are my rules:
I don't eat fast food.
I pack my lunch each morning no exceptions.  (In the last two weeks I went to two conferences where breakfast and lunch were provided.  I pulled out my tuna and quinoa and enjoyed my meal while others dined on Oby's, Taylor Grocery, and McAlister's.)
The food I buy in the store is minimally processed.  I am not ready to harvest my own wheat just yet, or make my own sandwich meat so I buy the best I can find from the research I have done.

I have tried and tried to not write this blog post.  I really hate to put myself out here.  I know by admitting I now am accountable to keep this up.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


My cousin, Darla, texted me on a Friday night and wanted to know if Jett would be at the town Egg Hunt.  I had no idea it was happening, which in my little corner of the world was amazing.  Apparently they didn't advertise it well, since there wasn't a large turn out. But we met them there and Jett had his first taste of Egg hunting.

 It didn't take long for him to pick up on exactly what to do.  I am so thankful we went.  It was a nice morning and he was able to get his one and only wear out of this sweet bubble.  Cullen rolled his eyes at how girly it looked.  I have decided that this will be his last year to wear bubbles and so I'm taking full advantage of it.  He will have his thighs out as much as he can this summer.  

 Sweet Jones woke up mid hunt and was content in his stroller looking at the pretty colors.
 Jett took up with a sweet grandmother from our church and wanted to be hugged and loved on by her when he wasn't exploring the park.

 Neither boy wanted to participate in group picture taking.  Jones was in love with the grass and Jett wanted to be up and moving.

 Brody, my cousin Brad's son wanted Jones to look up and take a pic so badly, but it just didn't happen.  
And just before we left both boys enjoyed some time in the swing.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Nursery Duty

Cullen and I had nursery duty this past Sunday.  After our last stint in the nursery Cullen waved the white flag and decided to outsource his duty to my cousin, Katherine.  Last time we had 5 babies and four were crying at one time and for a long time.  It was not super fun.  This time the kids were precious and played well.  Not one tear was shed.  These babies are so sweet and will have so much fun being together in the years to come.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Color Vibe

 I participated in the Color Vibe in Tupelo.  It was a 5k in Fairpark.  I did it with my cousin, Darla, and her work team from the Daily Journal.  Everyone needs to add this to your bucket list.  It was a lot of fun.
 I was super worried about the color staining my hair.
 It was really not a race event.  It wasn't timed but it was a lot of fun. 
My cousin, Brad, and his family did the race as well.  So here we are three first cousins in tutus, tennis shoes and Captain America himself.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Check Up

 Jett had his appointment with Dr. Dye to check how he was doing after his surgery.  I worried how he would act when they said his appointment was during nap time.  He was an absolute angel.  He climbed, played, giggled, ate, laughed and talked to the whole waiting room.  
Once we were back in the office he colored in a coloring book, chewed on crayons, and entertained himself.  His ears looked great and we got a great report.  I'm really thankful and looking forward to the summer to keep him well.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sweet Cousins

Jett and Daisy Kent swinging at Uncle Wayne's and Aunt Barbara's house.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

In Her Shoes 5k

 My sweet friend, Molly, put on a race for the Tupelo Women's Club.  Kala and Leslie and I loaded up to go support her.  I have been walking but this was the first time I have done a 5k in a year.  It was a lot of fun, and really just great to see and spend time with these great friends.  I thought the weather would be different and I strolled Jett.  It was cold, windy, and rainy, but Jett boy had a blast and went to sleep mile 2.