Thursday, April 16, 2015

Small Town

I love living in Pontotoc for the very reason of getting texts like these this morning. A sweet friend, sent me this today. Thursday's are tough this semester since I have class until 9:30 so to get a text letting me know my boys make it fine while I'm away does my heart good!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Family Easter Pic 2015

The Celebration of Service

This sweet friend, Brian Buckhalter, nominated me on the sly for the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award for Service.  It was a surprise to be chosen as a finalist.  I along with one other student, Sarah Ball, were finalist and the student award was given to D.T. Shackleford.  
 My mom was unable to make it to the event, and my dear friend, Tiffany, came as a stand in.  I cried when they read his nomination.  I was floored that anyone would see such things in me.

 The chancellor was on hand to receive an award and also present them.

It was a great day and an honor to be part of the ceremony.  
A great surprise was to have two of my favorite professors in the crowd.  Dr. Moore and Dr. Mac came to see me get recognized. I love these two ladies and truly their model for service to others has been one of my greatest influences.  

This Kid

 He is more independent than I care to admit.  He has very distinct likes and dislikes and he lets you know them quickly.  He hates when the sun is in his eyes...but he sometimes hates his sunglasses.

He is really in to Mickey Mouse now, but not Mickey's Clubhouse...he loves two Christmas Mickey shows on Netflix and he watches them one right after another.  We walk Thomas some and we still play with trains each and everyday, but thankfully it isn't on repeat constantly anymore.  This kid makes his mom and dad so happy.  The curls, the round cheeks, the tippy-toe run, we love him top to bottom.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Ellie's Birthday

 This sweet girl turned six this week.  We couldn't make it to her party because I had class on Saturday but we headed to Jackson as soon as possible.  Jett was a super traveler.  Potty training didn't slow him down one bit.  He used the big potties the whole weekend and we are potty chair free now!!!  Ellie got an iPod touch and texted us this week to tell us she wanted Shopkins for her birthday and we delivered for her.  
 One of the perks of their new home is this great playground and fantastic pool.  Jett and Henry had so much fun together.  They jumped, climbed, ran, played, and threw rocks.  They were so sweet to each other.  Elllie was the little mama to them both.  She held their hands and walked around with them when we went shopping.  She is such a big girl.

 These boys loved throwing rocks in the creek.  I mean they would have done this for hours if we would have stayed that long.   Once both boys had pottied in the woods for the first time, we called it a day and went back home.
How sweet is this picture of the boys.  Yes, Jett has on his PJ's.  I packed really quickly and Target was not centrally located to my trip.  But let's focus on the sweetness of these faces, this hug.  

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Phi Kappa Phi

I had the honor of being invited to join Phi Kappa Phi this semester. It was unexpected and I was on the fence about joining or not. I had my dad's mail forwarded to me and when I opened the letter that alerted him to the importance of it and inviting him I decided it was something I needed to do. My friends Becky and Rana, I've met this past year in class were also inducted. My mom came to support as my biggest fan and now, when I walk at my next graduation in 2017, I will have a new pin to wear.

Jett Boy Update

I could give a hundred excuses right now as to why my blog readers haven't gotten a real Jett Boy update in a long while, but does anyone really care? Nah, readers just want the info-
Jett is talking more and more and sometimes just to himself.
His latest is he adds the word anymore to most things he doesn't want to do. For example:
I not take baths...anymore
I don't go to church...anymore
I not go to Mimi's house...anymore
While he talks more and more he also grunts or whines sometimes and we stop to make him use his words.
Potty training has been a breeze. We started spring break and a month later maybe has an accident a week. He still doesn't like a big potty and sits down each time to use the potty, but he is not in diapers! We put him in a pull up at night but he wakes up dry!

Friday, April 10, 2015

My Loves

Oh how I love these two boys.  We had the opportunity to enjoy dinner out in Oxford the other night.  Cullen and I usually get out of Oxford as soon as we get off work.  We've commuted for so long now we just enjoy being at home.  Jett is hard to photograph now, he is always moving.  In a restaurant he is obsessed with drinks, straws, and silverware.  He just loves to tinker with everyone's stuff.  On one hand it keeps him occupied, on the other we have to retrieve flatware from our drinks.  

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Sunday

 I realize that I give the illusion of being a planner.  I can make my blog readers think I have it all together, but I can be real with you...I am a procrastinator to the highest degree.  The Easter outfit you see on my sweet boy, was ironed about two minutes prior to putting it on him and I met with the Lord while at my ironing board and prayed it would fit him.  I had to rely on prayer because in the month leading up to Easter I just never found time to try it on him to make sure.  I'm thankful for a Lord that hears my urgent prayers and answers in a big way.  It fit and Jett didn't fuss.  I will one day write a post about the lies we tell our children, but as a spoiler, those shoes on Jett's feet- yep, they are 'egg-hunting' shoes.  I realize that his is two and still wearing white walkers.  Next year he will be three and if they make them in his size he will be wearing them.  
 My in-laws surprised us at church and joined us for Easter Sunday church, and then came over to my cousin's house for lunch.  Jett loves my their house because it has a really long hall way he runs up and down and his favorite is his grandmother chasing him.  Let's be really honest, running inside kept him from getting his white outfit dirty outside, I was happy to let him run.

 Cullen and I did make one family photo but it was on my phone and not uploaded yet, but here he is answering work emails before lunch.  
 My aunt and uncle.  
 My uncle, I'm his favorite!  One day I just know he will announce this day.

 Jett was not one to sit still for Easter so his outfit is just a blur in most pics.  Cullen was great to not roll his eyes or make a fuss over it.  I just can't put him in big boy clothes yet, he is a baby.  

 Love this sweet picture of my mom with me and Jett.  
This Easter was wonderful.  I enjoyed the music at our church and the fellowship with our Sunday School class.  This time of year gets crazy with work and weekend obligations so it is hard for us to all be together, but when we are it is special.  Easter marked the first Sunday Jett has made a piece of art to bring home from church.  It was a sweet cross on a hill.  He was proud of it, now to find a place to start filing those little gems away.  

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Egg Hunting

Jett Boy had a blast hunting eggs at the church egg hunt.  He dominated the two year old and under area.  He finally made himself happy by just running around on the open ground.  Bless him, he wanted to stop and eat candy every time he picked up an egg.  Finally he and Mattie Sims acted like brother and sister.  He wanted her eggs from her basket but she kept telling him she had eaten all the candy.  It was such a fun morning, I hope this becomes and FBC tradition.