Sunday, July 13, 2014

Doesn't Take Much

 It doesn't take much to keep little boys entertained.  While the parents were out enjoying the lake, Tyler's parents kept the boys.  I was a nervous wreck because my little one didn't have a nap, but when we came in from the water we found them having the best time.
 Yep, the amused themselves by playing bumper cars, chase, and follow the leader with a laundry basket and a plastic tub of toys.  Tyler and Jett ran these back and forth down the hallway around the kitchen island, and through the living room and back.  

I can't wait to see these boys continue to grow up together.  I hope one day we are carrying laundry baskets and plastic totes down dorm hallways at Ole Miss one day, when they room together.

Smith Lake

We had the best time at Smith Lake this past weekend.  Our friends, Tyler and Mollie, invited us over to see his parents lake house and to enjoy some much needed time together.  Living in Huntsville, we don't get to see them as much as we would like, but we always manage to pick right back up.
Jett loved the water, and had a fun time floating around before we got on the boat.  

 Once on the boat Tyler and Jett were less than thrilled to sit for pictures for their mamas.  Both boys road the tube with their Daddy's and both seemed to enjoy their time on the water.  Jett had no desire to take a nap that day and he actually made it through the day with no major melt downs.  I like to think he is going to be a people person and just didn't want to miss out on any of the fun.

 It had been years since either Cullen or I had wakeboarded, but it came right back to him.  I'm not gonna win any awards, but I was able to ride behind the boat.  I'm a scaredy cat.  I worry about bad things that can happen to people, to me mainly.  So when they decided to barefoot, that was a big no go for me.  It just isn't smart.  To leap out of the boat going 42mph, grabbing on to the boom and then proceed to hold a chair sit while keeping feet on top of the water.  No way, not me, no how.  I could see myself missing the boom all together and hitting the boat, cutting my barefoot on random debris in the water, or something else terrible.  Even after persuading everyone in the boat, Tyler had no luck with me.  I told them peer pressure was never something I gave in to when I was didn't work.  They looked to have had a blast and each one came back on board saying it was a thrill.

This is probably my favorite picture I took all day.  This perfectly captures Tyler Young to me, just happy to be on the water, enjoying fellowship.  It was a great day with good friends we can't wait to do it again.

Monday, July 7, 2014


I snapped this pictures after church on Sunday.  I don't know who this big boy is.  I look at them and think where did my baby go?  His little face is changing so much.  He is finally getting hair on the top of his head, and it is as curly as can be.  God bless this boy and his double crown.  He may go through life with a curly mohawk.   

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

My little man is obsessed with anything that goes.  For the longest time everything was a 'toot-toot.'  He has now moved on to calling everything a truck.  He lines them up, crawls around behind them, and on this morning before church he made a blanket into a road and pushed them back and forth on the chevron highway.  

 He is quite full of himself these days.  He likes what he likes and likewise he knows what he doesn't like and will let anyone with in a one mile radius know, too.  

 When I first looked at the picture I saw all the toys in the background, but rather than worrying about the mess, I want to remember how he loves to give Mr. Potato Head high five, how that green book in the background had probably been read about 15 times by his Daddy this particular morning, and how that sweet pull behind puppy dog is body slammed more than he his pulled.  

JettBoy loves to Talk

Now that he is pacifier free, he is talking up a storm.  Before he gave it up, he would just mumble around his paci, but now we can make out several words in the midst of his long streams of jibberish.
Last week he wanted in my chair and very plainly he said, "Move Mama."  Other words he uses regularly are ball, bye, no-no, uh-uh, Nooooooooooooooo, hi, shoe, sock, eye, nose, truck, bite, Mama, Daddy, Mimi, Papaw, he has said D.D. once that she has heard, and Sadie a couple of times that she swears she hasn't heard. 

Pap Pap Free

The sweet, smiling, boy is pacifier free.  For the last couple of weeks we made an effort to just take it away from him while we were around the house.  We would have it close by, but really try not to use it.  We really made it more work for our sitter than ourselves.  We told her we were ready to take it away and the next thing we knew he only took it during the day at nap time.  We continued her lead by not giving it to him in the car and only at night before bed.  In the mornings when he would wake up, we would ask him to give it to us and we would leave it in his bed.  July first he went to sleep without it and the rest is history.  He still looks longingly at other kids that have theirs and he has found some around the house that we haven't gathered up and has used them until we could wrestle them away, but at 17 months this big boy is pap-pap free.  Now on to potty training...hahahahahahahahaha

Saturday, July 5, 2014

We are a Navy Family

 This year my cousin, Anna, hosted the family Fourth dinner.  As my family trickled in I noticed most of us wore Navy.  The only ones who didn't weren't what I like to call- ORIGINALS.  They were the spouses of original family members.  
 Jett was more than tired and by the end of the night he had attempted a nap, and finally wouldn't leave our laps.  
 Andrew and Anson grilled, Uncle Wayne observed and held Jett who wasn't so happy.

 This was the pallet made my cousin where Andrew decided we would take pictures.  It was his proclaimed picture taking spot.  

 Andrew's family joined us in celebrating.

 While we were blessing the food, Henry who had patiently waited to eat snuck a dessert.  He was super proud of himself.  His timing was perfect.
 I am so thankful to have my brother and his family close to us again after their year long stint in Cleveland, Ohio.

It was a fun night filled with family, food, and fireworks.