Friday, September 30, 2011

Perfect Saturday

There is a song by a group, Better than Ezra and It starts off by saying ... There's a feeling in the air... This past Saturday there was definitely a feelingin the air- fall, football, family and friends-

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ellie is Growing Up

 Look at this sweet face.  She came to visit us for the weekend of Sadie's birthday.  She is really growing up.  Her little personality makes me smile and laugh out loud.
 She enjoyed drawing with Uncle Cullen.  He drew anything she asked for, fixed her pancakes even though she was the only one in the house that wanted one.  She still loves him more than me...I'm still a little jealous.

 For the first time ever she had her toenails and fingernails painted and she sat PERFECTLY still.  
 She enjoyed strawberries with Uncle Wayne
And this is the face I have to leave you with.  

Friday, September 9, 2011

Way down South in Mississippi, There's a spot that ever calls...
Where among the hills enfolded stands ole Alma Mater's halls

 Where the trees lift high their branches to the whispering southern breeze,

 There Ole Miss is calling, calling....

 To our hearts FOND MEMORIES

Wave on Wave

 Cullen's class reunion was in August.  Back in July, Mollie and Tyler came into town and we had dinner with Cole and Meagan.  They boys talked about the upcoming reunion and while Cole was all for it, Tyler and Cullen pretty much decided it was a no go.  Two weeks before the weekend Mollie calls me to ask if we are going, Tyler thinks he might not want to.  The weekend comes and we go to dinner with them Friday night.  Still talking about the actual event and Cole is ready.  Tyler and Cullen talk about anything but going.  The next day Tyler and Cullen debate going all day as Mollie and I sew.  They grill out and debate, watch tv and debate....text and debate and then an hour before go time decide that yes in fact we all are going.
 Cole was so excited we all came.  

 Logan and Cullen who call each other Rose for some strange reason had a good time reminiscing.
 Class of 2001
 Molly Seawright my highschool classmate also married a Tupelo boy.
The six of us- Me, Cullen, Mollie & Tyler, Meagan & Cole

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ellie and the Beach

I love this picture! She is so precious! Her first time at the beach and she seems to have loved it!


So my placement this semester is at the Lower Elementary at Lafayette! I love it, but am more tired than I have ever been! This was purple day for the Kindergarten and this is the assistant principal, Mrs. Babb! We were just about to go to morning duty!