Sunday, February 28, 2010

She is my niece!

Gotta love a babe with a diet coke!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Funny Valentine

Here is my Valentine...and on most days he is wonderful...but just like everyone we have our bad days. We always hope those don't fall on National Holidays but sometimes they do...and Valentine's Day happened to be a not so great day for the Pollards...

Here is how February shaped up for us...

February 1st-after a quick trip shopping with my friend Mallorie, I come home to Cullen almost asleep. I slip in the bed and he says hey...what do you think this is...I throw my hand over to his neck and instantly sit up...get my phone and illuminate what to first touch felt like...a ring worm. I'm out of the bed scolding my hands and freaking out that a 'fungus is among us' Cullen raised like he was doesn't panic...just decides to medicate and go on...

Feb. 4th- My teaching partner, Ms. Bridget, calls to give me an update on her mom. B's mom has been in the hospital for two weeks and the 4th she called to let me know that she would be taking a leave of absence. I got off the phone and cried. Not because her not being there makes life tough...but because I miss my friend. B is who I tell everything to, we sit together at planning, she is the only other second grade teacher at lunch for me to talk to, and she is my right hand person. She makes me a better teacher...and she is on leave. In the past I have gone 7 weeks with no assistant because Tupelo doesn't put much stock in keeping them in your it was not like I can't do it, but I have learned teaching is much more fun when you have an adult in the classroom to talk to and joke with. (update- B's mom has been moved to the Sanctuary Hospice House) I really hope one day I am as patient and level headed as B my students would tell you now...I have a LONG way to go.

Feb. 5th- The Friday of my superbowl party at school I decided was a great day for me to video tape for my national boards. The kids were hyped up. I was on edge and they didn't do exactly as I had I was in a panic.

This is also the day that Cullen's coworker-the only person still in his office from when he started, quit. Yeah the day after everyone got their baseball tickets. Perfect timing. OH and did I mention that this also was the kickoff for Cullen's Birthday weekend.

Feb.6th I had given Cullen a gift certificate to Reed's to get some new sunglasses. So we do that, meet his parents for lunch and come home. My family was slated to come over and eat for dinner but the Pollard men are obsessed with Ole Miss sports and decided to nix dinner plans for the ball game. So my family dinner was moved to Sunday lunch.

Feb.7th Family lunch was canceled because my family has been infiltrated with animals. I grew up with my dad as Dr. Dolittle and I have always seen animals as a drain on my economy...Even my mom's family never had pets. Well, in the past years yip yip dogs have made their way to holiday celebrations. I put my foot down when we bought our own home. No animals inside. It is really a respect issue. I expect people to leave their pet long enough to visit with us. It can be done. Only for Cullen's birthday it couldn't so my faimly still hasn't celebrated his birthday. In case you can't tell-I'm not over it.

The next went quickly. Cullen's ringworm was still ever so present. I named him Claude and daily I would ask him if Claude was bigger or better...each day...bigger.

Valentine's came and went and would you believe my valentine didn't get me anything. On my bad day he had stopped and gotten me a massage, but that was before the holiday for my bad day ....right? I thought so. Hmmm.

Well, Sunday was not so funny. Monday I was still ill. I came in from school, took a nap like most days, because my grandma said everyone woman should have a 30 minute power nap...I believed her! I notice by 5:45 Cullen isn't home...strange...back to sleep for me. Oh he comes home after sliding off the road because of black ice. He was fine. Shaken but fine. His truck was fine. Muddy but fine. Claude was fine- multiplying but fine.

Tuesday I make him an appt. Claude was not playing fair. We go to the Dr. guess what it wasn't any of the things I diagnosed and I have a reason I misdiagnosed...tell you later. Cullen didn't have a ringworm, shingles, chicken pox, scabbies, or any thing like he had pytariosis rozea...confused yet.

Well it is a one time viral infection that has no treatment, non contagious, and will have to run its course. Oh and Claude...well I miss named him. His real name is Herald as in a herald patch. Yep So of course after the true diagnosis...I sang him Hark the Herald Patch does Itch, and many other hymns about Herald. And each night before going to bed I make sure to say...night John Boy, night Claude and night Herald, night Cullen. Yes, I have given him fits...I can't catch it, and it is gonna run its course we might as well laugh about it.
Oh and because you care. I did get a Valentine present...a new piece of Waxing Poetic jewelry. I picked it out and I LOVE it.
Oh and why I misdiagnosed...not because I'm not a doctor...that has nothing to do with's because it doesn't infect those in my school. Only kids 10-30 so I couldn't be exposed to it to know what it was. I have a theory that if I teach long enough I could be pretty close to a nursing degree or something like that.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Can You Relate

As a child I remember this book...

Well, last week I had a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day...

I even made a list on the board at school,

Read the book to my kids,

and had them write about their bad days...

My list looked like this...

My teeth...

My boat captain..

My forturne...

Some days are like that....even when you are an adult

So not everyone knows, but as a child I was lucky enough to inherit my dad's lovely teeth...well you know the space between teeth you learn about in biology when you study Punit Squares

well guess what I inherited mine from dear old dad...

After three years of braces...and a retainer later my space still crept back into my I had my teeth bonded...let me interrupt this post to give a shout out to my dentist. Fred Murphree. He runs an office on Pegram Drive in Tupelo...look him up he is pretty much the bomb diggity. Back to my bad teeth/day...well this bonding lasts about a year or two then it breaks and I have to go back. Well, when this comes out and the space is visible, I have a freak out attack and life for me stops...I have to go immediately to the denist. The space as it is now is not what she used to be, it is much smaller but I can't stand it. So on Wednesday of last week while brushing my teeth it happened. I tried not to panic, at 6:45 a.m. I make the call..and someone answers...Ms. Vickie? Yeah, Dr. Murphree's wife answers the phone...makes me an appt for the afternoon and then I resign myself to going to school with the Grand Canyon in my Grill.

Next, up at about 8:30 Cullen texts me to tell me that Phil Harris died. What, I can't take it..two bad things in one day...absolutely unbelievable. Oh right now you are telling me you don't know Phil Harris...well, shame on you. He was MY Captain. Oh Captain My Captain.

Since college I have been absolutely obsessed with the show the Deadliest Catch. Odd I know but Cullen even started watching with me, and then once we were married I got his parents hooked. If you have never seen the show I have the first season on DVD. Rule numero uno for watching is you have to have a boat. Oh you gotta pick one, since day one The Cornelia Marie has been my boat. She is one of the biggest and best ones so of course I love her. Well, led by Capt. Phil I have watched her win and lose against the Northwestern...C's favorite boat. Well, he captain died. I'm sad and everytime the discovery channel puts his face on t.v. I am sad all over again.

Next up I've been teaching my kids about China as part of my National Boards stuff. I got them fortune cookies...wouldn't you know on my bad day the cookie I open...has no fortune..isn't that fortelling of how my week would be....hmm somedays are like least that is what I told my students...even when you are an adult.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dinner with Friends

Friday night Cullen decided to invite friends over... So he did a mad
dash to the store and while he was gone I called up another couple and
invited them over, too! In a frenzy of sweeping folding clothes and
other much needed tasks I readied the house for guests... Cullen
readied his grill! With friends gathered round Cullen and I
celebrated Valentine's....