Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What a Weekend

This weekend was jam packed with lots of stuff to keep us busy. Friday night I made three cakes an Elvis cake for Allison, an Ole Miss cake for Tara, and a class reunion cake for North Pontotoc. On Saturday I delivered two cakes to Oxford while Lafayette County was under a tornado warning. From Oxford I headed straight to Tupelo to attend the MFWC State Conference. Which is why I made 90-100 MS shaped cookies, iced and packaged.
Some of the PWC girls-Christy, Darla, Paige, Carla, and Janae

From there I went home and took a nap about 3...because I think everyone should enjoy and afternoon nap.

I woke up about 9 that Cullen said he was not about to wake me--I don't wake happily so the boy has learned to let me sleep. 9:45 rolls around and one of my parents calls me in a panic over a birthday cake they had picked up for the next day. They rushed it to my house I scraped the icing off and woke up Sunday morning to fix the botched cake. I delivered it to the party and relaxed as I watched the majority of my class splash around in the pool at the birthday party. We entertained Cullen's parents for dinner and called it a night. We have lately become addicted to The Pacific, a show on HBO. It follows the major battles of the Pacific and it is wonderful. I don't love war movies or history shows...but this one is great...

Monday came early and this week has been rolling on quickly. I hope you are enjoying the weather.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

25 days

There are 25 days of school left. That means that in a very short time I will be laying on my couch, diet coke in hand- lap top propped up and the Today show piping through the house. I can't wait. Life will get crazy before then the end of school rush is hitting and things are getting super busy...but good things come to those who wait.
Happy Saturday... got a few posts I'm working on...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday School Socials

Our preacher says that Sunday School is the most important hour of worship. Many people would argue with that but I believe it whole heartedly...without Christian fellowship we can isolate ourselves in our Christian walk. Our Sunday School class is known as the Newlyweds/Young Married--until Cullen and I moved to Pontotoc the newlywed class had people that had children I taught in preschool choir when I was in highschool...they aged...they just didn't shake the class title. For the first summer we went to Sunday School with the 35-45 year olds...and then a new class was formed and it started with three couples, the Vandivers, the Segars, and the Pollards. We laughed that no couple could be absent becasue it would be awkward for the two that were left.

Sam Dowdy, my highschool principal, encouraged us one Sunday saying it won't be too long before you guys will need a bigger room...we laughed as we looked around at the starting six members.

In just shy of a year we doubled our class size. We added the Thompsons, the Jefcoats, and the Sanfords, and recently we added the Hogues.

We first began monthly outings when we were studying marriage. We called them date nights and would go to places around town, each others homes or gather for Super Bowl/other events.

Ooohh. Now we have moved on. Last month we branched out and went to Neely's in know the place...the one where the people are on t.v. Down Home with the Neelys...guess what? We met her.

This past Saturday night we went to the Como Steakhouse. Cullen and I have been a couple of times during college and I have been to celebrate birthdays with friends, but this time it was for a monthly Sunday School Social. Oh and don't think we don't roll up in the church van...because we do. Here is a picture from last summer in Memphis when we went to Rendevous...try parking the bus in a parking garage...

Here are some places we have eatten and if you know any great places within an hour to two hour radius of Pontotoc that you think we should go let me know. We enjoy trying new places.

Olive Garden, Rendevous, Como Steakhouse, Neely's, Old Venice, El Charro, and some I know I am forgetting.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ellie's First Birthday

Ellie turned one April 8th. It was a fun time seeing how much she has changed in the last month let alone the last year. The theme was Elmo, I think because it is one of the main words in her vocabulary. I made the cake, mom made the cupcakes, Brett and Kathy made the food and it all came together for a sweet afternoon celebrating the little girl we have loved since before we met her.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Morgan's Party

The last weekend in March we helped shower Morgan Baker soon to be Morgan Veth at a couples shower in Saltillo. Leslie and I went as a couple since our better halves were not available. This same night we were also celebrating the mailing of National Board boxes. As always the Lake House was beautiful and the fellowship was fun and relaxed. It doesn't seem like it was three years ago Leslie and I were planning our weddings alongside each other and balancing work, showers, and to do lists. As fun as the party was I went home glad that this side of marriage is so much less stressful.

Friday, April 9, 2010


I have to say that if you have HBO you should most definetly find the time to watch Temple Grandin. Claire Danes (love her) portrays a real character with autism. Cullen and I have watched it at least five times. You will find favorite quotes...and will find yourself just saying them at random is a heart warming movie...No- you won't cry...but it is a feel good movie.

Here is a public service announcement....I also love I am Sam, The Other Sister, Forrest Gump, any movie where the main character has to rise above physical and mental just thought of another one...Door to Door...I think it is the teacher in me.

Any way just watch the'll learn a lot about cows.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Cullen says that I have celebrated the completion of National Boards more than I probably should have...and truth be told I did probably. When I finished writing all my rough drafts...I celebrated. When Leslie finished hers we celebrated. When I finished revising I celebrated...when I packed three entries I celebrated...When I packed the final box...I celebrated...and when Leslie finally finished and mailed it off we celebrated as we rang in her 27th year of life. Praise the Lord it is finished.

Back to the mailing it in part. It was said that we would pack the entries on the Thursday before they were due on Wednesday. Jeanna, my fellow second grade teacher going through the process and our mentor, Kim met at the school and started the process-it is a process. I packed all but the final entry....I told you I procrastinate I could not do it. I still had a few things to do :)

Oh Les didn't show at the packing party---she procrastinates worse than me.

On Friday Jeanna comes to my room and wants to know if after school I'll be ready to mail. I I can't I think I need more time...I didn't really I just needed more time with this deadline looming...Like I was a thrill seeker---

I quickly said Saturday morning at 10 we will meet and mail. Okay so Friday I leave rush...go to Oxford and eat with a friend to celebrate being finished...then I went to Bunko- which I could have skipped we didn't even play :( No celebration there:(

Saturday morning I wake at 6 run to wal mart and get ink for the copier and head to my mom's. Why I don't know but in times of crisis...I need my mom and National Boards for this procrastinator is a time of crisis... By 8 I am at the school making final copies and packing my last envelope. I don't seal the envelopes...oh no that would be too final..I have to wait and have Ms. Jeanna for moral support.

At 9 I text her to say let's meet early and do this. With not one speck of makeup on we meet at the downtown post office and make the trek to window. What is comical to this is that this weekend was the weekend the Lion's Club has their annual race. . A year ago I ran that race-I almost died but I ran the race. And a year later I felt as though I had finished an even bigger race...the race to the deadline.

UP the stairs we went to the window. Yes, Ms. Mae, the Saturday P.O. worker was there. She a year ago did this same thing...she obtained her boards for her real job as a teacher. She completely understood. We circled up, held hands, and Mae Mae led us in prayer. Oh yeah National Boards 'ain't got nothing on the big man.' So we took pictures...stamped and restamped the postmark just so we could see it better and tearfully watched as our boxes left our loving arms to be mailed to headquarters. What a relief- Of course I celebrated and I would love to use pictures...but you see I said no makeup...and that means no picture post..sorry

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

I have always loved Easter. I love all holidays. Cullen says I just like to celebrate...and this is true, but I love a holiday. I get it from my mom. I think I have to have holiday dishes, door hangers, table linens, pillows, set abouts, and even door mats. No matter the holiday I most likely have a tubby filled to the brim with decor. In my next life one of my jobs will be to be a party planner. While I don't like to clean up for an event or after I sure don't mind making sure everything is coordinated.

Back to Easter. I have always loved Easter because I love love love getting a new Easter dress. As a young child even into my early teen years when church had a Sunday morning and evening service I had two dresses one for the morning and one for the evening...becasue after all it was Easter for goodness sake. My mom had a doting aunt that did this for her and she loves to keep tradition going. So to this day my mom and I still go dress shopping and Mom always purchases my Easter dress-I know I'm a little old but she loves tradition like I we keep her happy ;)

When looking for Easter clothing I browsed around and decided Cullen needed a new tie...I picked out a nice pink one and mom through a fit....she just knew there was no way Cullen would wear it...I knew he would...he did.

Easter Sunday morning. Cullen and I exchanged gifts- yes this started when we dated and I hope lasts forever. Cullen is super good about getting me an Easter gift...I still don't know how he forgot Valentine's--- We begin getting ready and Cullen mumbles about him being the only one that would have a suit on in Sunday School...boys---they are so silly, I love to dress up even if I'm the only one- Cullen not so much he is content just to blend in...

So I assured him that at least one other wife would have thier husband in a suit in Sunday School and just like I said was so. As we looked around the balcony I pointed out to him the other men with suits. I took note that there were only about 20 men in suits total-but the ones I knew were Ole Miss grads except for two. Hmmmm. I then told Cullen that I bet all the men with suits on had good mamas that taught them how to dress and wives that enforced it... He nodded his head and said okay.

Easter is not about the clothes you wear I know that more than any one. Worship can happen in a tent, a sanctuary, or anywhere...I know that, too. But I find that time and time again so many people look for what is easy about church and whats comfortable. My uncle has always said give of your best to the Master. So as for the Pollards we will dress in the best we have and at this time that isn't jeans. If someday it is then we will wear that, but for now we are blessed.

After church we went to my uncle and aunt's home for lunch and then off to Oxford to visit with Cullen's kin. It was a wonderful afternoon spent with family and friends.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


So this year most of my friends turn 27- I know can you believe it? I even have some friends that turn the big 28...wooo glad that's not me.

Leslie, my dear friend, gets to celebrate her birthday on April foolin.
We have been friends since fourth grade and I hope we will have as much fun at 70 as we have in our 20s. Her some pics from our 26th year...