Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Weekend Update

With Cullen away in New Orleans this weekend, I had the chance to hang out with my mom. We live less than a mile apart, but honestly I really don't get to spend much time with her. Since January I have pretty much been playing nurse since she had pneumonia, then torn cartlidge, and surgery for that. This weekend with Cullen out of town we were able to catch up on some much needed craftiness. Friday we went to Tupelo to eat, then to Hancock's Fabrics to get supplies for the weekend. Mom decided to knit a baby sweater for my brother's baby coming soon, so she had to get yarn and I decided to finally branch out from the typical a-line dress that I always make to take on something new. Saturday morning I got up to rain not a pouring rain but a cold drizzle that varied in intensity. I know about the rain because I picked Saturday to debut my new fitness endeavors. I have spent each week in the gym since the new year. I have worked with weights, trainers, friends, and machines, to up my endurance and strength, all in an effort to down my size. I can not say it has been fun, but I have enjoyed being focused on something and setting goals. Leslie and I decided that Saturday would be the day we would run our first race together. It was the Lions Club 5k and it was raining and cold, but Leslie and I ran it. It was a run/walk and that is what we did. It has been said that this run is worse than the Gumtree 10k due to the hills. We laughed as we ran and we didn't look back. It was however not the fastest we have ever run, but we finished. Get this when the time sheets came around we saw that we had finished a second apart and had managed to win Gold and Silver medals. It is true we were the only girls in our age group, and that every woman older than us had better times than we did, but we still won. That was pretty histerical for us. Not everyday you can be slow and still win, but as long as your younger than the faster ones you can.

After the race I cam in to start sewing. Well after a few mumbles and grumbles I finally finished a sweet dress that had sleeves, a collar, and a pleat, three things never attempted by me before.

With that out of the way I did chores, bought groceries, and fixed dinner, just in time for Cullen to get home.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Thoughts on the Biggest Loser

For the past couple of weeks Cullen and I have been following the popular TV show The Biggest Loser. I have mixed emotions about this show. At first I resisted liking the show because I thought it was annoying... each week you see the same people weighing in week after week and all that crying and sweating got on my nerves. I don't know what made us watch it when we did, it was probably because we watch Big Love on Sunday, Jon and Kate plus 8 on Monday, Jon and Kate reruns on Wednesday and Tuesdays were free for we started watching...anyway...we do. So I have these mixed emotions about the show. Here are my thoughts...

1) I think the girls are whiny.

2) I think there needs to be a show call "The Last 20" It would be more relevant to the people who didn't sit on the couch as morbidly obese folks, those people who like me want to lose the 10 to 20 lbs. to get them to their goal weight.

3) Why do they have such terrible music...all those drums and suspenseful melodies...I don't like it.

4) Why now do they put such shameless product plugs withing the show? It gets good can fiber one bars be...i know I've had them...not wonderful

5) Why does Cullen love this show so much? He is like a cheerleader for each person...talking about how much wt. they each have lost...I am like yeah well they got a long way to go...he calls me negative...I kinda am, because I think they are whiny.

6) Why even with all the things I don't like about the show can I not stop watching it??? Why do I continue to shh Cullen when it goes to commercial and the trainers are giving the viewing audience tips...

So we will continue to watch because we are both creatures of habit, and because we each have favorite people we root for. Cullen is pulling for Mike. Not me I love Sione.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pollard Family Tennis???

So I decided over spring break that Cullen and I should take up tennis. Why you ask...well, because it is an easy way to workout... and it is something we can do together. Cullen and I played Tuesday night it was fun, I was hopeful that with a little bit of practice I was gonna be okay. Since I was overly enthusiastic with out new hobby I wanted to play every night this week. Cullen put his foot down and said his back hurt and so I was left to recruit my sweetest friend, Meagan. Thurdsay morning with new found confidence we went to play. Well, the thing is Meagan is not that great at tennis either. So that wasn't my day to improve my skills. Well, I like to call it "rekindle" my skills, since at one time I did play tennis like along time ago like jr. high, I once played on an organized not so good team. Tonight Cullen and I decided to go back and play tennis. I just knew that after five minutes of warming up we were gonna play a game and it was gonna be good and I was maybe in my mind gonna win. Let me tell you that really isn't what happened. For starters I couldn't stop laughing at 1-my bad shots, 2-Cullen making fun of my bad shots, 3-Cullen telling my how to run across the court and then showing me how I look running across the court. Needless to say we will keep practicing and maybe by the end of the summer we will be able to play doubles with some friends. Keep posted on the Pollard Family Tennis.?.?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break in Huntsville

Friday, we decided to load up and visit our friends Mollie and Tyler in Huntsville. We were able to see their new home and it was beautiful. Cole and Megan came over late Friday and we were able to hang out with them as well. They were great hosts and it was fun to leave town for a few days. I would definitely say that the highlight of the weekend had to be Cole singing karaoke at The Station. His rendition of Garth Brook's ever popular "Papa Loves Mama" was perfect. I believe that his talent just gets better with time. Thanks to Mollie and Tyler for opening thier beautiful home-the trees look great, and thanks Cole for always being wonderful entertainment!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Warm Weekend

Yesterday was my friend Joanne's 26th birthday. To honor her I am posting some pics of us over the years.

Friday, March 6, 2009

New Bedroom Furniture

Last night our new bedroom furniture came in. Cullen and I always think we will put stuff off until tomorrow, but as soon as his parents left we decided to put the bed together ourselves. Good thing Ive been working out because I helped take the pieces up the stairs. While Cullen was assembling the bed I brought the box springs up the stairs by myself. We can't decide now if it is gonna stay upstairs or it will all be brought to the bedroom downstairs but the bed is at our house and it put together. I'll let you know if there is a change.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Congratulations Meagan!

Meagan placed Third Alternate last night in Pontotoc High School's Most Beautiful Pageant. It was so excititng watching all the girls. Once she made top ten I was excited but when they called her back for top five I knew she was excited. She looked beautiful, and I was glad to have been a help to her.