Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Friends

 Jase from Duck Dynasty and a Princess Fairy stopped by for a minute Halloween Night
 This sweet Flower came by too.
 I think this little Duck liked the sweet Flower, Emi Reese.

 Spider Man brought his Mommy and Daddy by too.
And Jones, the little Landshark, made an appearance as well.  

This Little Piggy

 This Little Piggy came to Jett's Halloween Party
 This Little Piggy may have wanted to stay home.
 Little Piggy: Help, the Duck is touching me.
Jett the Duck:Hey there Pinky!
  Little Piggy: Help, help, help!
Jett the Duck: Aww, don't cry Little Piggy.

Little Piggy: He quacked at me, HELP!
Jett the Duck: Help, somebody, she is crying WEE WEE WEE

 Little Piggy: Don't make fun, Ducky.
Jett the Duck: Quack, I think you like me...Quack!
 Little Piggy: Oink.
Jett the Duck: Quack Quack
 Mary Leighton's mom to the rescue.
This Little Piggy had 'roast beef'- Little Duck had none.
 Little Piggy better after some good food.
Duck and Little Pig are friends.

Happy Halloween

 Once I picked Jett up from the sitter we headed to Ecru to see my dad.  He's been sick and not feeling well after his treatments so he needed a pick me up. I changed Jett at his house and let him love on him before heading home.

 Once we arrived at home my aunt and uncle were there waiting to see Jett in his costume.  My mom was there too, she had started taco soup for the friends we had coming over.
 This is the best family pic we were able to get on Halloween.
 Our little duck.
He didn't mind his costume at all.  

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Forty Weeks

 This boy is growing growing growing.  He is moving and standing and cruising around furniture.  
He is pretty much in 12 month clothing and still wearing a size 4 diaper.
His Sadie bought him white walking shoes, and they seem to paralyze him when they are on his feet.  

Monday, October 28, 2013

Crazy Eyes

 For Halloween my mom gave Jett some crazy eye glasses.  This lasted on his head for about ten minutes.  
 He remembered they were on his head and then they were over and Bam Bam had the google eyes popped out in about three minutes.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Franny's Dinner

Every October on the Sunday closest to my Grandmother Carter's birthday we have a traditional holiday style dinner.  It kicks off the holiday season for our family.  It has been fun to see these traditions grow over the years.  This year was fun, because the next generation is getting to enjoy having a part in the festivities.

 Daisy is about 8 months older than Jett, but he out weighs her and is just as tall as she is.
 Sam is Daisy's big brother and is so great with babies.

Jett enjoyed his first table food from Franny's dinner.  Cullen did too, can't you tell by this face.  

Ole Miss Homecoming 2013

 My mom and Mrs. Kyle were my guests to Homecoming this week.  We were honestly worried that Jett was not going to make it very long.  Pregame he was struggling to not cry.  
 Mrs. Kyle and my mom are neighbors, they taught together for years, and have been friends for over 35 years.  Mrs. Kyle was my fourth grade teacher and she catered my wedding.  She is a dear friend and she loves the Rebels.  I think she enjoyed herself.
 Once Jett saw the field he was excited and tears were no longer a threat.
 Then he saw a girl and he was even better.
 With a few toys he was content.
 And then, we found his friend, Dabs.  The sweet couple I've gotten acquainted with this season, let us sit in a table they had reserved.  Turns out they are Dabs' great grandparents.  Dabs and Jett stay with the same sitter.  Once they saw each other it was clear that they recognized one another and were all smiles from their on out. 
 Jett then decided he could make his move.  He is loving giving kisses these days.

And towards the end of the game, Dabs had worn down and was upset.  Once Jett saw her crying he crawled over to her and played at her feet.  She stopped crying and they just cooed and smiled at one another.  It was really sweet.  Hotty Toddy for another Rebel win.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Babies Everywhere

 Our friends Tyler and Mollie came to town for a family reunion and so thankfully Cole and Megan hosted us at their home so we could all visit.

 The babies are growing up so quickly.

Here is a comparison picture from back in March.

 While Tyler was looking away Jett tried to make his move on Mary Leighton.

And we were finally able to give Tyler his birthday gift since we were sick and missed his party in August.  
We miss our sweet friends and wish we got to see them all more often.