Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ole Miss vs. Auburn

I have not been a very good Rebel this year. Working a Walk to Emmaus this fall took me away from two home games. Other obligations have taken me away from some others. Yesterday I made it to my second game. It may very well be my last game of the season. My Rebels are not doing so well, and I could make excuses, but I don't think it is worth it.

One of Cullen's groomsmen has just moved back to town from Florida. While I may have been around him all of three or four times I knew three things about him. 1) Bo loves Auburn 2) When Cullen talks about Bo he always mentions Auburn 3)Whenever 'War Eagle' is uttered Cullen will always say something about Bo or begin a story if we are in the company of his high school friends....

So guess who accompanied us to the Auburn game....Bo Tanner. Thank goodness he didn't wear the orange or a tiger shirt.
Cullen had to head to work when we got to Oxford so Bo was my Grove date. We went from tent to tent seeing different friends. Below is Cullen's sad face as we were scored on yet again by Auburn.
By the second quarter I was done with the game. I left and went back to the Grove and met up with Leslie. Yes, she was supposed to come with us but didn't leave her house until about two hours after we were in Oxford. I promise I could write a book about all the time I have spent waiting on this girl. And if I looked around long enough I could also put together one heck of a coffee table book filled with pictures that look just like the one above. How many games Leslie and I have sat in the Grove while die hard fans are cheering in the stadium and we have laughed and laughed while trying to get the perfect picture...we are still working on was much easier when we were younger.

And finally us ready to go home. But we stayed until the bitter end. 0:00.
I'll say it though....I'd rather lose as a Rebel than win as a Dawg any day. Hotty Toddy!

MLH Dee Gee

MLH is in this pic somewhere just look for her....
Me, Meagan, Ms. Julie (MLH's mom) and my friend Joanne

My sweet friend Meagan went through rush last week at Ole Miss. It was a stressful week for her, her mom and I even had moments of worry, but in the end God took care of her. She never makes big decisions that she doesn't pray over and think about all the pros and cons of and this one was no different. As I raced back from the Memphis to make it to the house in time for her to make the run from Fulton Chapel I prayed I would make it in time.
I did and standing on the front lawn I found Ms. Julie and my sweet friend Joanne that helped walk us all through that week. She was a God send for sure. Meagan was super excited and we were very happy for her. I know the next four years are going to fly by in the blink of an eye and she will have tons of great memories.

HFH in Ohio

Last weekend I went to Ohio with my Aunt B. She is the director of our local Habitat for Humanity affiliate. Last May we worked quickly to write a grant to obtain money that State Farm had offered to teachers willing to teach students about service learning. Aunt B is quite the grant writer. So in a rush we wrote a grant that outlined how I would teach my students about service learning, and how we would raise money for our local Habitat affiliate. My students started a school wide can drive and have been graphing their can collecting since school started. We have big plans for the Spring and I have had fun watching the students learn just a bit about Habitat.
As part of the grant Aunt B and I were to attend a leadership conference. We chose the Ohio trip. I loved Columbus. Of course Ohio State was playing Purdue that weekend so red and black was everywhere but it was a fun and quick trip. I went through some great workshops and learned a lot about some upcoming events we are planning. Stay tuned because this ole gal may be going across the Atlantic next year.

43 Years

Bob Mageehee and Julie, his bosses presenting him his framed picture...after giving him his 43 year pin.
My favorite cousin in the whole wide world. Yes, he's my fave because he is the one I'm the closest to and the one that laughs with me the most. Sometimes he makes me take silly, dumb pictures.

So two weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend my Uncle Wayne's retirement dinner. A small group of family and friends gathered to celebrate with him. He took great time thinking about the perfect date to retire and although he wanted 10-10-10 he settled on 10-20-2010. For as long as I can remember Uncle Wayne has traveled all over for work. He may or may not be home when I pop over there and so now having him right around the should be nice. I told him as we left Park Heights I would give him a copy of a to do list of yard work and other things he could busy himself in retirement with. He didn't laugh. Good thing too I was serious. He loves to pressure wash!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sacred Assembly

Our church has been preparing this month for a Sacred Assembly. In the book of Joel you can read about it and our pastor has been encouraging our church body to take part. Beginning this month we have been praying for the Lord to prepare our hearts. This week we have been fasting and praying for our specific needs, areas of weakness we would like for God to take from us, we are praying for our church that we would be receptive to God's will.
If you are interested in it, I'll give you all the details but that is just a recap.
Moving on the the fasting....okay so I had a really hard time pin pointing something to give up. I thought first about Diet Coke, next was sewing, next was cake decorating, next was sweets, and then I thought about Facebook, and back to all the other things. For about two weeks I went all over this list. I asked Cullen a gazillion times what he was gonna give up. His first reaction to fasting when I asked in the middle of church what he was gonna do...he said 'oh, was he talking about us?' Yeah he must have daydreaming....
But next he decided he would give up Diet Coke. I laughed. Cullen would never give those up.
I decided on Facebook. Why because it was gonna be easy and would allow time each day for me to pray for our needs and God's blessings...but not be ill from caffeine deprivation.
Almost finished with our week and Cullen said he has prayed a lot. Usually in the mornings and then....around two each day. I prayed when I missed Facebook stalking the the mornings before I get out of bed...and then at night before I went to bed. I have been super excited all week about what God has in store and can't wait for Sunday to hear about everyone's fast and their week of prayer.

Football Flashback

I have made it to one Ole Miss game this year. Yes, I know this is a tragedy. I say I'm going tomorrow, but knowing me- I won't make it. Our weekends stay so packed with things to do I try to stay at home whenever possible. That just made me laugh out loud to type, because I have been gone every night this week...and as I type Cullen and I are debating our night go to a Halloween Party or just sit at the house.
Back to Football. I am not a big football fan. I try to be. Each year I give myself a pep talk...Cullen gives me a pep talk...and then a talking to- saying 'dont' ask me a lot of questions' 'think before you ask me something' and 'try and pay attention.'
It is just that I doesn't stick with me. I know I ask the same things but positions and stats just make my head hurt. I would rather just watch people. I love love
love to people watch.
Back to my one game attendance...I got to take pics with Meagan...which I have not blogged about at all, but she is a freshman this year and is enjoying all things Oxford. I miss her like crazy, but I know she is having a great time. Her
e we are the Fresno State weekend.

Have I ever I told y'all

I love Lawrence Welk. I have loved his television show since I was small. I am really a fan of the Mississippi Public Broadcasting Network. I grew up watching all those British comedies. But of all the shows I love the Lawrence Welk show the most. One of my favorite people on the show was Guy Hovis, as a little kid I didn't know his name just the cute man with the dark hair. I met him once in college and was able to have my picture with him in the Grove after he sang the National Anthem. I have that picture blown up to a 5x7 somewhere at my mom's house. But guess what...the one below was a much better picture and guess what....instead of blowing the pic up...I just blogged it so now it will be on display 24/7.
Yes, this is Mr. Hovis just after he sang at the Jimmy Weatherly dinner during our town Bodock Festival in August. I was a hostess for the dinner and was able to seat him and his wife and then chat with them a bit. While I'm not near as young as I was the first time....I love him still. This time I had the opportunity to ask him to sing me the Goodnight Song from the show...guess what....he opted not to do so...but at least I asked. :)

Us at 70

Leslie and I have been friends since fourth grade. Back then we dressed alike at least once a week. We wore a denim button down shirt with black leggings and our hair in pony tails with our glasses.
In college we took classes together, discussed our five year plan over and over again, and then lived them out---side by side. Some time in grad school I'm pretty sure it was not on her birthday I gave Les this card...the one with picture of the old folks laughing that says 'us at 70'. And since that time I always knew where it was. It was in the passenger side door of Leslie's car. Almost every time I would ride with her I would read it, laugh and put it back. Well, this year Les and I didn't celebrate my birthday until September and with out being as quick with the memory as me....Les handed me the card...yep same picture different words but still the same sentiment.
So here we are laughing and waiting for our seventies.

Monday, October 25, 2010


This weekend I flew to Ohio with my aunt for a convention! It was a
great time but went by too fast! This is a picture of a Buckeye
( chocolate covered peanut butter ball) and a sugar cookie! Yes we
were in the German Village- no I have not become Jewish!