Thursday, April 19, 2012

Forty Days without Facebook

I look forward to Lent every year.  To me it is a time to reflect on something I spend a lot of time doing or would miss and I try to give it up and use the extra time for reflection, prayer and to be honest….usually a kick start to a summer diet.  I have always seen Lent as a time to give up a food or group of foods and lose a little weight I have inevitably put on after my resolutions have gone astray.

Since I had given up carbonated beverages before Lent, I decided to give up Facebook.  I deleted the app from my phone, because I always check it when I wake up in the morning and just before I nod off to sleep at night. 

I didn’t make it the entire time with out checking it, I checked for notifications about once a week, but I did manage not to post or read the news feed the entire time. 

At first I missed not updating the world as to what was going on in my life.  I missed not posting a new sewing project once it was complete and having friends oohh and ahh, but I found myself really enjoying the extra time I found and the peace that came with not knowing everything going on around town. 

I began to feel a little proud when someone would ask…”did you see….” or “what about so and so doing ….”
I reveled in not knowing and the surprise of finding out news via good old fashion conversation.

I will admit that I remained on Twitter during this time, but even with that I was not as quick to check it and tweet. 

During my time away from Facebook I also began some new habits like cleaning my house daily a task I have always put off until completely necessary, and I began gardening.  I have definitely been more productive and more domestic without Facebook. 

I won’t say I’ll never post on Facebook again, but a week past Easter I still haven’t reinstalled the app on my phone.  I have tended to my flowers and taken several walks though.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cody & Amanda's Wedding

 My very sweet teaching friend, Ms. Bridget, celebrated the marriage of her son recently.  A few of the teachers met at my house to carpool to the wedding.  Cullen played photographer and snapped a few pics.  From the looks of it you would have thought we color coordinated our outfits to black, white, and blue, but it was really just a coincidence.

 The wedding was so sweet.  The music was beautiful and the reception was lots of fun.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Just over a year ago I went to see Willie in Concert.
It was on my bucket list.
 This gal wanted to when he got close to home...
I bought us tickets.
 And just like last time he didn't disappoint. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Egg Hunt

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Easter was different this year than in years past.  I can't remember last year really, this year the entire weekend was spent with family, and I loved every minute.  My brother and his family of four came to stay the weekend and celebrate with us.
This little girl spent the day following Uncle Cullen around and when she wasn't following him she was calling for him so that she could find him and follow him again.
This little man entertained us with his new ability to smile and coo.
It was such a fun day filled with the promises of chocolate bunnies in exchange for smiles, naps, egg hunts, and time spent together.  

Monday, April 9, 2012

Ellie's Three

 My brother called me last week, wanting to move Ellie's party to Pontotoc.  

 She love Mickey Mouse and so we had a Mickey's Clubhouse party.  This was the first year that our extended family was able to celebrate with her and everyone enjoyed getting to eat and party with her.

 She was given a trunk of princess outfits and accessories and she had to try each outfit on and put on every piece of jewelry.
I can't believe the chubby little baby has grown into such a girly girl almost overnight.

First Time

Henry made his Pontotoc debut on Good Friday, and because I took about 100 thousand pictures I will post several more times about the weekend.  Right around Christmas I got a Canon Rebel digital camera and I have had zero opportunities to use it, because I can't just stick it in my purse to have with me.  So when he came to the house of course I had to snap a few hundred pics.

 He is just learning to smile and work his little mouth like he wants to have a conversation and randomly he squeals and surprises himself.

 Tired after celebrating big sister's birthday

 In a staring competition with Uncle Wayne.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Around the Clock

My very dear friend Bridget has a baby boy that is getting married soon. 
Because we love B so much and because I am always looking for an excuse to entertain Leslie, Mandy and I hosted an Around the Clock shower for the couple.
 This is B's sister Tammy- B doesn't like to be photographed

 The hostesses
 Amanda, the bride to be, is as cute as can be.  She is so excited about the wedding and she was given some pretty cute gifts.  I love how creative people get at themed showers.

 My mom is always at every party I have. She is the best hostess and loves to be in the kitchen helping things run smoothly

This is the gang Mandy, Mary Ann, me, B, and Les
These are some of my favorite people in the whole world.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Being at the high school this semester I am required to be at most major functions of the school-- being spring that means PROM was on my to do list! I told Cullen he didn't have to come and we went back and forth about was he coming was he not-- even until the time of me leaving he was on the fence. I went stag, but 30 minutes after my arrival my date showed! He posed for some pictures made small talk and after an hour or two made his way back home. Of course we had to do the standard prom pose! Prom 11 years later was not nearly as fun as I remembered it being back in the day.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Diet Coke Diet

 I absolutely LOVE Diet Coke, I could write songs, poems, or books about my love for Diet Coke.  I have vowed time and again to give them up, but I crawl back to them at a time of crisis….like 1:00 on a Friday afternoon, or a particularly late night when I need sleep, but I need to do homework more than sleep.  It would be safe to say that I am addicted to them.  I have made New Year’s Resolutions to give them up, New Year’s Resolutions to never give them up again, and I have repeatedly given them up for Lent…Praise the Lord for Easter!

In February after talking to one of our dear friends, about her husband’s bout with cancer and searching for a way to help, I thought back to our church’s Sacred Assembly they held over a year ago.  In the book of Joel it says,

“Declare a holy fast; call a sacred assembly. Summon the elders and all who live in the land to the house of the LORD your God, and cry out to the LORD.” (NIV)

During our Sacred Assembly we were asked to fast from something and use the time spent fasting to pray for specific needs.   I told Cullen that night I was going to fast from Diet Coke and each time I wanted and needed a Diet Coke I would pray for our friends, their health, their situation, and that their needs were met.

The first week of my fast was serious, my prayers were definitely cried out to the Lord and if anyone could have heard my prayers they would have laughed…because at the moment a craving was flung on me, my prayers would begin.  Eight weeks into the fast and I still struggle with my wants and I turn to the Lord and lift up our friends, but more than my cravings I find myself in the habit of just lifting them up through out the day craving or not. Have I caved...yes, I'm human and I have had three carbonated beverages in the time of fast, but for the most part I've stuck with it.

My Diet Coke Diet has not taken any pounds off, but it has given me an excuse to pray more and with direction.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Welding Away

 Aren't we lovely?  I tell you it is a sad life when the highlight of your weeks come from your time spent welding. I have loved getting out of my comfort zone and learning to weld.
 Stick welding is not my favorite...I'm not as coordinated as I need to be and I learned quickly if this is to be my new hobby I'm going to need to invest in an auto darkening is on my Easter Bunny list.
 Last week I learned to Plasma Cut....and I found my LOVE... Give me a tool that can cut through metal like a hot knife in butter and I am set....Meet Clarence Jr. the flamingo now pink and in my yard...
 Then of course I had to pay respect to my mascot....
And finally a photo of my partner in crime....yes this is what we wear to welding...hideous I know.