Sunday, March 27, 2011

She's Hitched

Cullen's sister married a sweet Delta boy. The weekend kicked off with a sweet and beautiful luncheon Friday morning. Friday night Dave's parents hosted a rehearsal dinner at Mt.Vernon. It was truly magical. Twinkling lights, flickering candles, great music and sweet memories. Cullen and I hadn't been back to Mt. Vernon since our rehearsal dinner almost four years ago. The toasts were tender and everyone enjoyed the calm before the storm....Literally..
Faren and Dave had a beautiful outside wedding planned under and arbor of flowers beside a lake on the grounds of Mt. Vernon...mother nature had other plans for them.
The storm that ripped through moved their vow exchange to the chapel down the road and then the sun came out in time for a fun reception with dancing, music and great food.

They honeymooned in Jamaica and now are back at their home in the Delta preparing to move to Colorado in the early summer. I am eager to see the professional pictures, with the weather and the change of venues the photographer had to get fairly creative...I can't wait to relive the weekend through her view point.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

This Girl

When she wakes up I'm probably gonna thank her for the solid sleep I got last night! Yesterday was a long day that started with decorating a cake, cleaning around the house, sewing some shorts and monogramming some shirts, laying poolside while reading national board entries, driving to Jackson, eating with the cutest toddler, and shopping with my sister in law. Yes I was worn out! But this precious face made my day!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Lucky One

Move over Nicholas Sparks, Pontotoc has a new romancer in town and ladies he is all mine. I know I have given Cullen a hard time for not being the most thoughtful husband. Now, he will wait on me, do the dishes, clean the floors and iron his own clothes, but when it comes to dates we are the standard dinner couple...oh when we were dating before we went to bed at 8:30 that was dinner and a we watch movies on Sunday afternoons.
But last night I was completely taken aback.
On Wednesday, Cullen texted me and said if you don't have plans on Friday- don't make any.
Hmm..I was intrigued. It is now a good time to tell you that I am not a person that is easy to surprise. I can pretty much put on my detective hat and figure out the surprise before hand, I ask leading questions, stalk emails and texts and find it out before the event happens or the item is given. While I would love to be surprised I also like knowing what will happen, not having high expectations to be let down and the like.
So with that being said, I questioned Cullen the minute he got home, what would I need to wear, and how would I prepare for this evening. His reply...oh can we move it to Saturday? What well scratch the limo ride that he had already booked or the weekend away...that I had pictured in my head. My outfit didn't matter he said...just whatever.
Guys do not understand that their just whatever outfit...khakis/jeans with a polo/buttondown shirt works for most occasions for them...we DO NOT have a just whatever outfit. Khakis are for teaching in and truthfully I don't own a pair. Jeans are awesome but we either dress them up or down...not really in between unless we know the situation in which shoes could make them fit the see my leading questions were not leading me to the answer.
Fast forward to last night- Cullen calls me while I was laying out and I put my best friend on the phone to get some hints, he gave her no clue. That punk figured out my took four years but he knows me now.
So the next information I get is to be at home at 5:30.
I get home, wait around a bit, and then I am led outback to our patio where I find twinkle lights in the trees, white table cloth on the table, candles, a flower arrangement and my McCarty dishes plated with filets, baked potatoes, asparagus, and bread oh and big surprise YOCNA Sauce. Yes, somehow Cullen now has the recipe for the divine sauce. It was a great surprise and ended a great day.
This boy across from me was so utterly unCullenlike...
While I've never watched the Bachelor I believe Cullen has watched and learned. Yes, ladies- be jealous.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's Official

Delta Dawn

This past weekend my Sister in Law, Faren, celebrated her lays days as a single gal. Because I have only known Faren for about six years and there is a large age gap between us, I knew I would be the oldest gal present, and she would be the only one I knew. I decided to bring along my sidekick and partner in crime, Leslie. And Leslie, who loves an opportunity to get out of town and meet new folks, jumped at the chance to head to the Delta with me.
We started our day about an hour later than planned and made it to the Greater Ghetto Area of Greenwood in about 2.5 hours. We quickly found their downtown area and managed to shop and meet some really sweet people. We stopped at the Alluvian and then headed to the hotel to meet up with the other girls. After getting ready we headed to Lusco's and then out to paint the town Red. It was a long night, it took me a week to get my sleep pattern back in order, but it was so much fun. I have been ready for her wedding for sometime, but now I'm just ready to see the girls again