Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sadie's Surprise 65th

 We celebrated Mom's 65th last night at my cousin Rayanne's house.  We were surrounded with friends and family.  We dined on Handy Andy BBQ and enjoyed a cake from Kelli's in Oxford.  We themed it loosely with Old Country Roses theme.  

We love her and we are super excited for another year to love on her.

OleMiss vs Wofford

Ahh how much fun was yesterday? It was a great day filled with friends.  We headed to the Grove and found one of my former students from my first year of teaching.  Leslie and I sweated our tootles off and watched Jett and Mary Kiley run and play.  We found refuge in the Hotty Toddy Potty because it was well air conditioned.  We were about to make our trek back to the car after sending Cullen and Jett to the stadium when we ran upon the Flying Tuk and loved every step we didn't have to take as it zoomed us to the car. A day well spent.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Jett Boy's Tuesday Night Lights

Jett attended his first game in the Hollow.  My sweet students are now playing junior high football.  LMS played in Pontotoc this week so I thought I would get to see my Lafayette and Pontotoc babies play.  Jett was great, he first played on the hill and then in a sand pile but by the time the second game started he was in the stands with me.  
He asked several questions: Mama, is this a baseball game?  Mama, why are they not moving?
I explained it was a football game and went in to vague details about the difference.  Next I told him they weren't moving because they were in time out.  He asks if they were in trouble? I said well kinda the coach is getting on to them.  He then said after the whistle blew...Can they get up now and play?  I said yes time out is over they can go play.  God Love him he just needs more sports exposure. 
We left after half time and walked home.  He was really well behaved and did a good job sitting still. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Number 12

Sunday morning just after 7:30 I completed my 12th half marathon.  I am done.  Goal MET!!!!!
The Tupelo Half had me worried.  I worried it would be hot, I worried if I should take my own hydration, I worried I would need to go the bathroom, I worried I would oversleep and miss it. 
But somewhere around my 8 I was overcome with joy.  I realized that I was about to finish a goal I had started a year ago.  I have completed a half marathon each month for the last 12 months.  I have traveled and seen a lot of great towns.  But my feet are tired, my mind is clear and I'm ready for another goal.  

Game Day through the Years

Is this not the cutest kid?  Here my babe is in his 38 Jersey each game day for the last four years.  He has grown so much. This is one tradition I hope to keep going.

Count Down to Kickoff


Sunday, September 4, 2016

Tanglefoot Picnic

We did a lot of nothing Labor Day weekend.  We had no real plans and I was more than excited.  We talked about going to the lake with friends, but because I had made plans with a friend for her birthday Friday night and my race was Sunday, our time for travel was short.  
I decided we would have to do something fun to keep Jett from crawling the walls so we picnicked at the new Tanglefoot Whistle Stop just down from our house.  It literally is one block from our home and one block from my mom's house so she joined us to enjoy lunchables and orange crush.  It was just enough fun for our little boy to get tired and need a nap.  

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tutor Tailgate 2016

 This kid looked at me when walking up to the Cabin and said, " Mom, do I look so cool?"  I just had to take his picture.
 Mary Kiley met him with open arms and posed for a pictures.

The Tutors put on another great kickoff event.  We loved getting to see our friends and make plans for the upcoming season.  I love love love that football is on its way, so I can see these friends all season.