Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Jett Boy's Tuesday Night Lights

Jett attended his first game in the Hollow.  My sweet students are now playing junior high football.  LMS played in Pontotoc this week so I thought I would get to see my Lafayette and Pontotoc babies play.  Jett was great, he first played on the hill and then in a sand pile but by the time the second game started he was in the stands with me.  
He asked several questions: Mama, is this a baseball game?  Mama, why are they not moving?
I explained it was a football game and went in to vague details about the difference.  Next I told him they weren't moving because they were in time out.  He asks if they were in trouble? I said well kinda the coach is getting on to them.  He then said after the whistle blew...Can they get up now and play?  I said yes time out is over they can go play.  God Love him he just needs more sports exposure. 
We left after half time and walked home.  He was really well behaved and did a good job sitting still. 

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