Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July iPhone Dump

Since having Jett, I have tried really hard not to rely on my phone nearly as much and to use my good camera, but it never fails, some of my favorite shots I catch with my phone.
 I haven't seen this bride to be in a long while, so I was super excited to see her at my birthday party.
 Jett sat in his first chair at a restaurant.
 This was headed to the pool in his umbrella stroller.  The ladies on the elevator loved his glasses.

 First time in a big bathtub.
 Holding his sippy cup.

 How he spent most of his time at the Beau Rivage.  Every picture my mom sent me while I was in meetings was of him sleeping.  I don't know how much she must have fed him or how he played so hard, but he slept a LOT.
 My mom making use out of the Boppy.  She will love this.
 Holding his bottle which he hates to do.

 Playing at Uncle Wayne's house.  Can you tell I found this onesie in his drawer and had to get our wear out of it, before he outgrows it.
 Loving on his Aunt Tiffy in their patriotic attire.
 Sitting on the back of the couch.
 Daddy getting that boy tickled.
 D.D. spending time with Jett Boy at Pop's appointment in the waiting room.
 Pops riding in the back seat with Jett.  Yes, his cap says Swamp People....I pick and choose my battles, the cap wasn't one of them.
 Thinking he is a big hot playing catch with his Daddy.
 A little photo shoot outside the Smith's house.  They love a concrete statue or some yard art, I didn't want to forget this when Jett was big.  Aunt Tiffy thought a photo shoot was perfect to commemorate.
 Headed to his first church Homecoming.  I may or may not have had a psycho mom moment at the church.  You see this really cute outfit.  The minute I saw it at the store I knew two things...he would wear it to Homecoming and his six month pictures.  I'm on the social committee at church and had to be there super early.  I took him to the nursery and since our fellowship hall is just above the nursery, I was able to check on him when we were lacking in things to do to prepare for the meal.  I went down to see him and he had on a Polo onesie.  I need it to be written, that I am super funny about what he wears.  He doesn't wear separates.  I don't like outfits that have collars, like many of the Carter's outfits have.  I like a Polo outfit, but only for daycare and onesies for daycare, too.  I'm just funny about it.  He is a baby and will be able to wear big boy clothes the rest of his life.  So imagine my surprise and my anger to see the outfit I paid too much money for laying over his crib and he sitting in a daycare outfit.  I was in a panic. Instantly I worried Cullen would bring him upstairs in that outfit and people would think I sent him to church in that, I didn't want the nursery workers to think I was upset, but I don't hide my thoughts well.  I calmly texted Cullen and before church was out and dinner began I had him back in the outfit deemed to wet for him to wear.  It was just drool.  He was fine.  I was okay and all was well with the world again.  

 Enjoying his first lollipop at Pops house, but sad Pop was too weak to hold him.
 Ready for his six month shots.  I want to remember that this appointment is the reason I should never go to the doctor with him by myself.  He bucked and snorted, climbed, cooed and played.  He couldn't understand why the other people in the waiting room weren't taken with him and didn't want to visit.  He loves an audience and really cut up at his appointment.  He cooed and laughed and the minute they gave him the oral medicine he knew something was up and began to cry.  The minute it was over and the bandaids were on he was back to wanting to play.  

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

27 Weeks

Boy Blue is on the down hill slope to a year old.  
This week he started sleeping on his side.
He has started sleeping a lot better.  By better I mean he is back to his old habit of waking up at 1 for a feeding and then again between 3 and 4.  I can handle this now that school has started.  
Yes we still put him in the nap nanny.  He likes it, it is downstairs and it means I don't have to trek upstairs when he wakes.  
He is eating more and more fruits and veggies.  
He says DaDa pretty much non stop in the mornings mixed with a little bit of a gurgling noise that sounds a bit like a bird chirping.
He is slowly changing his night time routine of nursing until he falls asleep.  He now nurses and then fusses until I put his paci in his mouth and then falls asleep on his own. 
 I have mixed feelings about this. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mad Dog's Marriage

Years ago when I started working at Chaney's in college, there was a feisty red head that worked as a tech.  She was mean as a yard dog or so I thought and she was mater of fact and seemed to snap at everyone.  After working with her for about six months I realized and so did she, that neither of us were going to quit anytime soon.  I can't pinpoint the day but I remember us beginning to joke about her very blunt way with words. I joked with her that she was so mean, because she didn't get to play outside as a child and she must have had to sit behind the screen door and watch the neighborhood kids play, and as we laughed and talked about the scenario I began to call her MadDog.  It's okay she still affectionately calls me Downtown.  And after seven years together I left Chaney's and she remained.  
She called me several months back and asked if I would help her with her wedding, apparently it is my new hobby, I said sure...then she sent me pictures of the cakes she wanted made.  I got nervous, I ignored the email, and I thought she might forget about me.  She didn't, and in the agreeing to bake and decorate her cakes I talked myself into directing her wedding.  It was my second wedding to direct this summer, and I must say I LOVE doing it.  I have a knack for telling people what to do.  Ask any of my close friends, I can mandate really well.  I also love an event, so when you pair the two together I just get giddy.  

 The wedding was at the Lyceum, a first for me.  

 Elise, Carl and Me.  I could tell several really funny stories, but since somethings are better left as a memory and not documented forever on the internet, I'll just say that these girls, both former Chaney's girls, fill many of my college memories.
The weather could not have been more perfect.  The threat of storms passed and for July it was almost cool.  
The Groom's Cake.

The Bride's Cake.  The reception was at South Side Gallery on the Square.  I made it to the gallery just after four to put the cake together.  I was thinking the cake would be tucked away at the back of the gallery not displayed in the middle of the front window.  I began to sweat and get nervous, and my mom was with me and when we get nervous she begins to get chatty, I begin to get snappy and we both grin and work really quickly.  Before I stepped out of the house my mom told me my dress was entirely to short.  I heard it about 50 more times before making it into the Oxford City Limits.  For a minute, I thought about changing, but I didn't have time.  I didn't have another option and I reminded her I have worn this dress about a ten times before and she didn't say a word.  I had a moment during assembly of the cake that I thought I wish I had listened to my mother, worrying my reaching my expose me to the people passing by, it didn't but I mentally noted to not wear said dress again.

And surprisingly this is only the second time since having Jett that Cullen and I have had a date.  I know I know I'm that crazy mom, but why have kids if you can't be with them. Hopefully the time will come that I'm not a helicopter parent, but for now, until he walks down the aisle I think I'll just stay close....really really close. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Death to the Jessicas

I think it fitting that on the day of my 30th birthday, my favorite shoes of my twenties, my Jessicas, broke. 
My 30th started like all my summer mornings, up during the night with the baby.  Rushing around getting ready for my day at work and getting all my ducks in a row mentally before leaving the house.  The babysitter called at 6:30 and let me know she couldn’t keep kids that day. Cullen made a quick call and his grandmother was delighted to keep Jett.
Out the door I raced and headed to school.  I looked down at school and noticed my shoe, my favorite shoe, was off a bit.  Yes, the shoes I have loved for years, my go to shoes, my Jessicas were broken.  The beautiful faux wood platform had split. They were wearable, but not for long. 
I know many read this and think they were just shoes.  These shoes had a story, these shoes were more than feet coverings, more than a great accessory, these shoes were the ones I had on when my pre child fun loving nights happened, they went with black and brown and every color in between.  These shoes from the moment they were bought brought every mood up about ten degrees. 
The Jessicas were bought during the 2011 blizzard.  Long after the snows had begun to melt but we were still out of school, Leslie and I headed to Tupelo for a day of shopping.  Standing in the middle of T.J. Maxx, there they were on the shelf.  They had a pair in her size and mine.  It was one of those moments like in a movie, where the skies part and the Glory of the Lord shines down.  Well, I’m not saying the Lord, himself, ordained the purchase of them, but oh how perfect they were in everyway.
These shoes, were my go to shoes, Leslie, and I talked about them as if they were good friends.  They are to date the only Jessica Simpson shoes I’ve ever owned that didn’t KILL my feet.  Remember New Year’s of 2009 I posted about the towering boots of death…dear ole’ Jessica created them. 
So as I looked down on my birthday and saw my well-worn shoe, had finally taken her final steps, I was saddened.  My favorite shoe of my twenties bit the dust on the day my thirties began.  Let’s all pray that isn’t an omen for my next decade of life.

Work Day

Jett made his first appearance at the LES office this morning. Fridays are half days during the summer and the ladies in the office had been asking to see him. I brought him with me and when I ran a few errands in town I dropped him by the sitter's house.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Turning 30 and some Randomness

Okay, so I turned 30 and I was really looking forward to some big life plans.  But in my 30th year I had a baby and I quickly realized that after a baby.  My birthday was just not gonna be that important from hear on out.  I, who loves a party and specifically my birthday week long party, caught myself texting a friend that it was...and I quote... "Just another day."  I have never in 29 years said that about a birthday, especially mine.  So to set a positive note to my thirtieth, I decided to attempt to do 30 Random Acts of Kindness before my birthday.  I was LOVED doing these and hope to do them again around Christmas or Thanksgiving.  
 Here is my list
1-5-I wrote several letters to friends.  Some were to encourage, some were to just keep in touch and some were to congratulate.
6-7 - I took two bags of clothing to the Salvation Army
8- I left a card and money for the car behind me at the Happy Day Cafe so someone could enjoy a free mocha on me.  In return the lady at the window upsized my small to a large as a way to pass it on.  
9-11 - I took sidewalk chalk to a local daycare.  My friend donated three boxes of this so a big thank you to her for helping.
12-13 Donuts.  I bought a dozen and delivered them to our city hall employees.  I also bought a dozen for the car behind me in line at the shop.  (I would encourage you to have a native English speaker at the window when you try to explain the idea.  I didn't and I'm still not sure if the girl understood what to do.  I just crossed my finger and prayed.)

 By the time I got home from the first few, a friend had posted this on Instagram.  How funny that it came full circle so quickly.
 14-15 I hired out my younger friends to help me with yard work.  They were awesome.
 16-17 I made birthday bags and took to the local food pantry.  I know that sometimes the local food pantry does well to make sure they have the staples to give people, but a cake and icing would sure make the day of a child.
18- I took cupcakes to the men that pump gas for me at the local full service gas station.  I really love them and my hair does to in the Mississippi humidity.  

19- I adopted a secret pen pal this summer.  A little girl I once baby sat has grown up now, and went to work at a church camp.  The entire month of June I mailed her happies and clues to try and figure out exactly who might be sending her little trinkets.  It was the MOST fun.  (I did call her mom and let her know so she would not worry about a stalker.)
20.  I found out that the sister to secret pen pal received the honor of teacher of the year after only her first full year of teaching.  I made and sent her a pillow to congratulate her.
21.  I made cake push pops and delivered them to the church staff.
22-23.  I took food to my friend's husband who had his Gall Bladder taken out.  He loves my potato soup so I made him a bowl.  I also took a bowl to my dad.

I didn't quite make it to 30.  I'm okay with it.  I gave a good try at it and had a lot of fun coming up with things to do and how to fit them into my schedule.  

My birthday was spent at home celebrating Jett's half birthday.  My friends were too kind to me in the gift department and I received much more than I deserve.  One of my gifts is a blog waiting to just wait until November.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Six Months

Jett boy is half a year.  WOW!  I would love to say time flies, it really doesn't, in the middle of the night it DRAGS.  But then the morning comes and he is a happy boy, and then it might speed up just a little.  
Okay so here are some stats.  This happy boy weighs......21lbs. 10 oz.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen that would be a whopping 98th percentile.  He is in the 86th percentile for length and 80th percentile for head circumference.  He is a big boy.  He wears some 6 month clothing, but he has also put on a 12 month outfit too.  His hair is finally coming in and I think we might have a blondie on our hands.  His eyes are looking pretty brown to me, but I think he has a grandmother who is holding out for blue eyes.  
He wears a size three diaper.  He sits independently for a long while and he can reach and scoot a little to get things he wants on his tummy.  Some comments most people say when they see him:
"He is so big!" "He is just the happiest baby!"  "His head is perfectly round!" (I'm a little worried why people are so taken with this, but I smile and say "sure it is.")  "What are you feeding him?"  "Does he miss a meal?"  
He is a regular faucet these days.  His nose and mouth are a constant drip.  He has no teeth, but loves to gnaw on anything and everything.  He eats solids three times a day.  I nurse him 3-4 times a day and he takes three bottles while I'm at work.  He doesn't take a lot of his afternoon bottle, but by the time we are at home he has drained it in the backseat.  He loves to ride and a lot of times he sits back there and talks to himself.