Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Eyes Have It

While we were in Jackson this weekend my sweet niece has decided to be more alert. We had the best time watching her new expressions and getting to see her open her eyes and be alert. While Sadie (my mom) and I were on baby patrol for a couple of hours I was able to put her in one of the outfits I had made for her. Since she is growing by leaps and bounds it won't take her until she is 3 months to actually fit into it.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cole and Meagan got Hitched

I love this group shot! On our way leaving the gang Friday night after rehearsal dinner we all jumped in for a picture and I think it is a great picture. So our dear friends Cole and Megan tied the knot this weekend. It has been a long time coming and we were so excited to be part of it!

This is us after the rehearsal dinner! I know I know... I need a little color!
The rehearsal went smoothly and we were on to the University Club, where Cole's mom had outdone herself. It was a beautiful dinner and even though Patrick got drinks spilled on him a great time was had ball all the gang that sat at table 2!

I thought Megan has never looked better. She made an absolutely beautiful bride. Her flowers were perfect and her pictures will be beautiful.

The bridal party rode from the ceremony to the reception on the double decker bus. I'll say that it was a little windy, but it helped make thier weekend special. I know they great some great photos.
Look at my super cute inlaws! I can't really remember a "family" photo taken since our wedding two years ago and that is just unacceptable! Last night I got a friend to snap a shot of us all together. I think they are so precious. I also think Cullen looks JUST LIKE Mr. Jimmy!
The entire weekend was great. It was fun to hang out with Mollie and Tyler and even more fun to see two friends we have grown to love as a couple finally start thier married life together.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Props to the Baby's Mama

After looking at my blog I realized I have not given the proper credit to Ellie's mom, my sister-in-law, Kathy. I have posted pics of the baby, me and the baby, Sadie and the baby, Cullen and the baby, Brett and the baby, but no Kathy and the baby. In an effort to say I'm sorry let me post the top 5 reasons I am amazed and in awe of Kathy.

  1. After almost six years in our family she is just as calm and excepting of all our quirks as she has ever been.

  2. She picked my brother out of all the fish in the sea. Yes, of course I love him, but she didn't have to and she does, and for that I love her.

  3. She has managed to balance marriage, motherhood, and medical school...I'm impressed!

  4. She with the help of my brother has mangaed to produce the cutest kid ever!

  5. The kid I mentioned earlier was 9lbs 3oz...can you say whoa! She is moving around effortlessly and greeted us like a perfect hostess yesterday regardless of how tired she probably was.

So here are some pictures of Kathy with baby girl!

Cullen's First Time

Today was a monumental day for Cullen. I say this, but Cullen wouldn't! It came to my knowledge last summer that Cullen had never before held a baby. Last summer when our friends had a baby I was amazed at how he had no desire to hold it. He would look at her and smile, talk softly, and laugh at Kennedy but would not hold her.

Since my brother and his wife told us they were expecting I kept asking Cullen if he would hold the baby when it got here. Even on the trip to Jackson I kept asking if he was going to hold Ellie...he shyed away from the question not wanting to commit. Well today he broke and decided he would hold his niece! Look at how cute they were together!
This picture cracks me up because it looks like Ellie is giving Cullen a bear hug or saying, "Uncle Cullen, I love you THIS MUCH!"

Say a prayer

The Pollards lost their matriarch this morning. Cullen's paternal grandmother past away unexpectedly this morning at Baptist Hospital in Oxford. On our way to Jackson yesterday we received a text that his parents had taken her to the e.r. for breathing difficulties, by 7:00 we got a text that she was in a room and would be home in a few days. At 8:00 this morning Cullen's dad called with the sad news. My mother in law, had a neat outlook today, she sent a text saying that Nanny would be with Jesus for Easter. I thought that we should all be a little jealous that as we get to go sit at church and worship, she will be sitting at his feet.

Easter Ellie

This was Ellie's Easter Basket....Yes, I know that she is less than a week old, but she still needed a basket of goodies from her Aunt Fifi, Sadie, and Uncle Cullen. After school on Thursday I came home and took a nap to catch up on my sleep from my flying trip to Jackson. Friday morning I woke up on a mission. I had to make sure Ellie, who wasn't given a name until she was born, had monogrammed clothing. I wound up making two burp cloths, two bubbles, and a dress. I furiously sewed stopping for lunch, chores, and packing to take the item to her. Mom a.k.a. as Sadie added to the basket by getting a piece of McCarty for her first Easter. With the basket stuffed and the car packed with an Easter dinner for the new parents we headed to Jackson. Cullen was a trooper heading to Jackson with two chatty women. We got there about 7 and we began spoiling baby girl. Here are some pictures of our trip.

I think this picture of my mom and Ellie is so sweet. Mom was listening to all of us talking and Ellie was sacked out, but thier faces look so precious.

I woke up this morning and couldn't wait to hold the baby girl. I text my brother and told him to bring her out so I could keep her while they caught up on some much needed sleep. It wasn't two minutes until Brett brought her out to see her Aunt Fifi!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Could she be the most beautiful girl in the world?

I may sound a little bias, but I do believe my niece is possibly the most beautiful girl in the world. Yes, Brett and Kathy had their baby yesterday afternoon at 5:04. Elliott Elise Brown weighed in at 9lb. 3 oz. and was 22 inches long. And believe it or not she was the smallest baby born at their hospital yesterday. I'll have more stories and updates later, but for now enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why Bobby Why?

Just this year Cullen and I have been watching Nascar together. Yeah I know it is pretty redneck, but we like it. Cullen got in this fantasy league and so we began watching it. Well since high school I have always liked Bobby Labonte. Cullen tried to tell me he isn't good, but I like him. The first race we watched together my boy came in fifth. Yeah I know it was a landmark finish for him and that in that same race he ran second the whole time and then dropped back to the five spot, but it was all I needed to keep liking him. Cullen yells each race for the boys he has racing that day like Busch, Johnson and Hamlin, but not me I am still a 96 fan.

Today, Labonte showed just how Murphy's Law applies to him. If it can go wrong it happens to him. Everyone misses the wayward car...he hits the wall, somebody brakes he hits them. I think if this keeps he won't be picked up next year... and darn it, that is when I want to go to Bristol and see him race. Keep your fingers crossed for me and maybe say a little prayer for Bobby, I know I'd appreciate it, he might, too!

My April Fool's Friend

Yes it is true...another one of my friends has gotten older this week. So here is my picture tribute to Leslie who turned 26 on April Fool's Day!