Sunday, September 30, 2012


 I will be the first to say that I am not a HUGE sports fan.  I enjoy the social aspect of going to the events, but as far as caring about winning or losing... I just can't.  Being married to Cullen though has me worried about winning and losing only because the victories or defeats directly impact his mood, which in turn directly impacts mine.  With that being said, the non sports fan in my does love SEC sports to a degree.  I would like to go to all the SEC fields at some point and when we were given the opportunity to go to Alabama this year I was all for it.  Not being but about 22 weeks pregnant I knew the drive wouldn't be that bad and I had some specific shopping I wanted to get completed while in Birmingham.
 The following list is of observations made from my experience.
1- We sat above the lights, I'm not quite sure Ole Miss even has seats above the lights, but Bama does and oh dear Lord the walk to my seat almost put me in preterm labor.
2.- I firmly believe that Nick Saban sold his soul to the Devil and when the Lord comes again, the Bama football field will open on the 50 yard line and consume him.
3.  They are proud of the all their championships...they said the word championship about 400,764,321 times in the pregame spill.
4.  Their band is really, REALLY good.
5. After 30 minutes in my seat, I look over to see my dear friend Joanne making her way up to the row in front of me over one really is a SMALL world.
Would I go back?  Yes, while I think their fans are country and from the backwoods, it was a neat experience.  Will I ever be a BAMA fan.  No!  WAR EAGLE Baby!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Three in Two

I feel like all I post about these days is babies.  Pontotoc is having a bit of a baby boom these days, my friends are having a baby boom, and babies are everywhere.  We had three friends have babies in two days.  First off on Monday, Mary Collins Jefcoat was born.  Shortly after her birth Collins Kate Waldrop was born to Justin and Lauren Waldrop,  and on Tuesday Mary Kylie Lovorn came into the world a week early and by a surprise c-section. 

Leslie, Haylee and I made our way to the Women’s Center to visit these moms and babies. 
I must say that seeing them all at one time set me off a bit.  The minute I held Mary Collins she began to cry…I won’t say it didn’t make me a bit nervous.  After visiting with Lauren I realized how tired the new parents were, and then seeing Molly who had labored all day only to have a c-section made me a bit uneasy.  All moms and babies were fine, but just the uncertainty of it all made the big life change coming for me just a bit uneasy.  

Cutting it Close

On Sunday our Sunday School class showered Anna Claire with baby girl gifts.  Chase and Anna Claire have a three year old little boy and as of Monday they have a sweet little girl, Mary Collins.
I say we cut it close because planning a shower within 24 hours prior to birth was risky.  Our Sunday School class has grown a lot since we began four years ago.  We started with three couples including the teachers.  Since then our class has evolved, some have come into the class others have left, but now we have about 10 couples and average about six couples a week.  We are not busting out at the seams just yet, but we have grown in the Word and in numbers, and in the coming months we will be adding five babies to the bunch

Mary Collins was the first baby of the bunch and if she is anything like her mom will be the organizer of the group and will keep all our little ones together.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tailgating with the Texans

 I must say that when I heard we were playing Texas this year I was super excited.  I love Texas.  Once I traveled there in highschool, I came back saying my first child would be born there.  Obviously the child thing won't happen, but I love Texans and their pride.  The Grove was unlike anything I have ever seen in my entire time at Ole Miss.  The electricity was so neat, the humidity was not.
 Cullen has to work on game days and this was really my first game to of the year to go to.  When he works, and Leslie can't be my date to the Grove, Bo usually stands in.  His job is to make sure I have someone to talk to and to walk to the stadium with me.

 Look closely and you will see Bevo, the Texas mascot.

Taken in the one and only full quarter I stayed for.  It had been a long day, I was tired, and my bed was calling my name.  

Monday, September 24, 2012

Baby Tyler

I finally met baby Tyler this past weekend.  He is precious and tiny.  

 Tyler and Mollie came to Tupelo from Hunstville and I was able to help her escape for a little while to window shop and dine, while the grandparents watched Little Man. 
 He slept almost the entire time I was there and didn't make a peep.  He is such a sweet baby.  I can't wait to see him again.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

We Got Spirit

 Sometimes work has to be just a little bit of fun.  I share an office at the Lower Elementary with the other Assistant Principal.  Since the office is green we call ourselves two peas in a pod, and thank the good Lord we can say we get along great.  Ms. Babb, a long time Lafayette gal has a spirit button that she wears from 1990 and the only purpose is to rub it in that she has been here so long they actually sold buttons back in the day.    Well, a couple of Fridays ago she found a mini button that she let me wear.  I decided to put on my self made Dores jacket and hold up our new Dore Stickers and pose in front of our Dores football.  It was just a spirited moment of fun.
This is me later that day at 5 months preggo drawing off a big check for the presentation that night at half time.  A teacher walked by and was said, you need a picture of that...heels and all.  So there, in my real jeans and my real shirt meaning not maternity.  Woo days are numbered...

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 20 Weeks
Size of baby:  The size of a Banana
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 3 lbs officially, but unofficially definite gain

Maternity Clothes: I used the rubber band trick on my pants for the first time this week and I noticed that one pair of pants has gotten a bit tighter…maternity clothes are coming for me…
Gender: Girl 

Movement: Lots, she has moved and grooved to the sound of my monogramming machine early in the morning, during car rider duty she is a jumping bean, and at night just before I drift to sleep she always seems to be ready to go.

Sleep: I do not feel deprived of sleep at all.  I have actually been able to stay up a little later and still get up super early to be crafty.  In fact I wake about 2 to make a bathroom trip and by 3:30 I’m ready to tackle my list of projects.

What I miss: I miss muscle tone, a semi flat stomach, and not feeling out of breath.

Cravings: This week I was on the phone with a friend and at the mention of Taco Soup, I had to add the ingredients to my Wal-Mart list. 

Symptoms: The baby bump has arrived.  I have prided myself in not showing and not gaining weight, but dear heavens the bump is showing almost overnight.  Thank the Lord my jeans still fit and I apparently have never worn form fitting tops, because my usual clothes still are my go to items.

Best Moment this week: Still buttoning my old faithful jeans.

Please know the above picture is just for Cullen.  Each time we take these photos I try to flatten my stomach as much as possible.  Cullen always says...just take one with it poked being silly I did just that this week.  Yes, my belly has pooched on out this week, but this dress is not a maternity dress and and no, my tummy does not look like that on a normal basis...but yes I am very aware that it is coming for me.

Sweet Smiles

My brother and his wife brought the kids up this past weekend to celebrate his birthday and my mom's. Of course when they come the world stops and we all sit and just have fun with the babies.  While it wasn't Ellie's birthday we saw the dog cake and knew she would just love it.

 This sweet boy is six months old.  I can't believe it.  His little personality is so laid back and he just smiles, jabbers, and scoots around. 

 He enjoyed eating his fruits and veggies, and was completely happy to just stay in his high chair while the rest of us talked and ate.  
The weekend was filled with sweet smiles and lots of love showered on these growing babies.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Molly's Dirty Thirty

Our friend Molly turned 30 on September 3rd, so a group of us got together at Romie's Barbecue to celebrate.  Five of us in the picture are expecting, and one just had a baby.  Oh how our lives have changed in the last few years.

Practicing Calligraphy

Natalie is getting married at the end of October and she asked if I would do her wedding invitations.  Again, because I can't say no, I said yes, and I'm so glad I did.  I have had the most fun practicing and getting better at my calligraphy.