Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

The Sweetest Story

A lady I worked with brought me the supplies for me to create this Easter lesson with Jett.  He and Cullen collected rocks, dug up grass, and found sticks.  As we put them together we told him about the cross and Jesus and the tomb and as we talked about the third day, Jett exclaimed- HE GOT OUT
It was a sweet moment and if he remembers nothing more, I hope he remembers the importance that HE GOT OUT!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Egg Hunt

 There was a time in life I would not have missed an event Jett participated in, I'm passed it.  Maybe it is the school work, maybe I'm just tired, but this was a no brainer.  Cullen and I headed to the Delta and I lined up our friends the Koons to get Jett across the street to the church hunt.
He found the golden egg and would not trade it in for his prize, he came home with both the egg and the prize.

The Viking Half Marathon

 With the help of our parents we stole a weekend away in the Delta.  Cullen was a champ and accompanied me to Greenwood so I could race my March half marathon.  I was excited about this one because it was flat flat flat.  I wish I would have trained a bit for it, but work and school just didn't provide the time for the miles.
 I finished race number 6 with a time of 2:20 and it was a struggle.  Mile one I wanted Cullen to come get me.  Mile 2 I knew if I were to call for help, he might miss his race.  Mile 3 I knew the 5k had started and I was going to have to muscle through a few more miles until I could get out of this.  By mile 5 I was feeling awesome.  I hit my stride and loved Mile 7 and 8.  By mile 9 that feeling was gone.  The race had a double back section where you passed all the racers that were in front of you, that is pretty much misery for me mentally.  By mile 12 I was ready to walk my way to the finish line.  I hit the concrete bridge and thought my feet my break with each step.  As the finish line came in to view I hit the brick streets of Greenwood, and I thought there was a chance I might trip and fall.  I didn't and with Cullen waiting, we began to review the race mile by mile.
Cullen had a 5k PR of 26 minutes and I was thankful to have a sub 2:30 half.  

Monday, March 21, 2016

I love how this little boy races out of the door  and across the street to get to his Sunday School class. I love how he knows the way, loves the teachers, and loves his classmates.  I will never tire of seeing those sweet feet running to our church.  For now he thinks its a place of fun, but I pray he loves this place and its people for years to come.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Grace and James Kids Clothing

You guys, my friend Georgia Ann Moore and her sister have created the sweetest line of children's clothing.  As soon as their first line was in production I knew Jett had to have an outfit.  

 It was the sweetest bunny wreath tab that reverses to a sand dollar.  The details are so well placed.  

 As Jett Boy laid in my arms during church Sunday I studied the piping, the pleats and the stitching.  They are perfect.  (Almost as perfect as Jett acts when being photographed.  You guys, this kid is a MESS.)

I highly recommend them, go buy up some cute outfits, share them with your friends, they are Mississippi girls working to keep our kiddos in sweet Southern outfits.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bible Journaling

I spent a lot of time in the Word over Spring Break.  I searched for ways to procrastinate and studying verse after very seemed a worthwhile distractor.  I have loved my bible study on Sunday, but I love sitting at my table and responding to the scriptures all by myself.  

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Spring Break

 I procrastinated a lot during Spring Break.  I procrastinate a lot in life, but give me school work and a deadline and my procrastination problem grows.  So with my doctoral comps due the final day of Spring Break I spent time painting.  What happened was, when I sat down to work and write I needed to get my Easter decorations out.  When I did that, I noticed I needed some new art for my mantle. Then I needed to paint for other people.  Then I needed to write.

 I spent some sweet nap time with this precious babe.  He says he is a big boy and not to call him a baby, but he is just precious.
 Cullen was a champ and spent a lot of time entertaining Jett so I could write and they did "man things."

And we did make several family runs to Sonic to celebrate page after page written, and in the blink of an eye....Spring Break 2016 was over.