Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Viking Half Marathon

 With the help of our parents we stole a weekend away in the Delta.  Cullen was a champ and accompanied me to Greenwood so I could race my March half marathon.  I was excited about this one because it was flat flat flat.  I wish I would have trained a bit for it, but work and school just didn't provide the time for the miles.
 I finished race number 6 with a time of 2:20 and it was a struggle.  Mile one I wanted Cullen to come get me.  Mile 2 I knew if I were to call for help, he might miss his race.  Mile 3 I knew the 5k had started and I was going to have to muscle through a few more miles until I could get out of this.  By mile 5 I was feeling awesome.  I hit my stride and loved Mile 7 and 8.  By mile 9 that feeling was gone.  The race had a double back section where you passed all the racers that were in front of you, that is pretty much misery for me mentally.  By mile 12 I was ready to walk my way to the finish line.  I hit the concrete bridge and thought my feet my break with each step.  As the finish line came in to view I hit the brick streets of Greenwood, and I thought there was a chance I might trip and fall.  I didn't and with Cullen waiting, we began to review the race mile by mile.
Cullen had a 5k PR of 26 minutes and I was thankful to have a sub 2:30 half.  

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