Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Scrapbook Lesson Learned

I have a very difficult problem with telling people NO.  I usually will work myself into a frenzy working on cakes, clothing, and just about anything people ask me to do.  Well, when I was asked to create the Woman's Club scrapbook, I of course said, sure.  Well, most people would work a bit at a time and make sure it stayed up to date...but remember that isn't me.  I am a procrastinator.  I put off everything until there is NO more time.
 I had a vision for the book this year, since the previous scrapbook chair had pretty much dictated how she wanted it to be themed, I stuck with her suggestion, but I put my spin on it.  For a long time I had been wanting to work on my watercolor painting skills and with the theme of Air Travel on the horizon I thought what a perfect mesh...I would create watercolor airplanes for each month and then luggage for each special project.  I loved how it turned out.  I even practice my calligraphy to give it a bit of pizazz.
 While I painted away, my friend, Joanne, helped tape everything in place.  She was a huge help keeping it all organized.  I turned it in with little time to spare and eagerly awaited to see if we placed.  We NEVER place in scrapbook, which is why I had volunteered or agreed to help.  And right after the book was handed over I was called and asked if I would mind giving my talents to another possible committee since I was so busy with school.  I must say I was a bit upset.  While it was not my absolute best effort, it was in fact better than years past.
 And once it made it back from the District meeting, guess what....we had won second place.  Yeah, ask me not to help again....that's okay at least we placed.  I would love to say I have learned my lesson and I will be staying out of all committee commitments, but I know that once they ask, I will most likely agree to help.
Just maybe not with anything artsy...I don't think my style was fully appreciated.  To each their own.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Back in December I thought it would be a great idea to go ahead and sign up for the SLLA, the principal test, and to take it in January not June as we were advised.
Back in December I had a whole cohort of friends who talked, chatted, and patted each other on the back as we commended ourselves for being such over achievers.
Well, today is test day and my idea kinda stinks to me, and my friends are scattered over Mississippi and there is no chatting or back patting there is only a clock that is ever so quickly ticking down to go time.

Please pray that today as I go to take my test my thoughts are organized and my memory is impeccable.  Pray for my friends who have taken it this week or will take it today or Saturday.
You see with out a passing score on this test I will struggle all semester with my failure and pray that in June when I can take it again I will pass so that I could be employable in July.

I have an eerie calm about this test that is only quickly removed by sheer panic.  So for today between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. if you could just lift up a prayer request I would really appreciate it.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Crystal Ball 2012

My dear friend, Leslie, loves a party.  Leslie is always on the move, doesn't require much sleep, and is up for anything.  Everyone needs a Leslie in their lives.  She is the friend who will come to your house and help you clean in a mad rush to get ready for a party, the friend who will talk you out of sitting at home in your pj's to go to dinner, the friend who will make you literally believe you have lost ten pounds when you know you gained it, everyone needs a Leslie.
This past weekend Leslie and I committed to judging a pageant in Grenada.  I love to judge which sounds really funny, but so true, and Leslie was all about making some extra money.  She calls midweek and alerts me that Saturday also happens to be the night of the Crystal Ball and she has been to the last 4 and doesn't plan on breaking her streak....what was I to do?   Well, with a friend like Les, only one thing to do...pack your party clothes and get ready for the fun.
We raced from Grenada back to Oxford to drop off one of the other judges and then headed to Hernando to change and head to the party.  We were lucky in that her mom had extra tickets and when we got there the silent auction was over but the band was still playing.  Leslie gets her love of a good time from her mom and Ms. Shelly never disappoint when entertaining.  We danced the night away into the morning and when the band stopped playing we finally sat down to catch our breath before looking for the next thing to do.
After a trip to Waffle House and Taco Bell we made it back to Ms. Shelly's house and to bed around 3a.m.
It was such a fun time, one that I would have slept through if it wasn't for Leslie being my party planner, motivator, and dear friend.
Looking forward to Crystal Ball 2013!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Two Weeks into 2012

Of course with the beginning of the new year I began a new lifestyle of being healthier- so far so good. I'm just acting like the Gigi's cupcakes were part of my plan!
I had to report to campus this past weekend for a cram session for the SLLA exam I am taking next week! It was 14 hours of standards, pacing, and writing- my thoughts on this- This too shall pass!
Thank the Lord for Bo, Cullen's good friend, he has managed to keep Cullen busy while I've been sewing, studying, and keeping busy!
And finally I was able to give my good friend Joanne a couple of seeing lessons this past weekend! She is a natural! Seriously she is freakishly good!
On a side note- I LOVE my internship at the high school! I would say its more laid back, but I stay busy just in different ways! Oh I miss the girls in the LES Office, but I am loving the atmosphere at LHS! Somebody should have told me about high school years ago!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


 Our Sweet Kitty Steadman loves to come into the house.  He sneaks in whenever the back door is left open too long and usually he comes to find Cullen.  He loves him.  He is the sweetest thing.
 Sometimes he acts like a dog, jumping up into our laps and wanting just to be petted.  We lure him outside with sandwich meet.  He is happiest when he is in Cullen's lap being doted on.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

 Cullen and I celebrated our 7th New Year's Eve together.  Our first New Year's was as his date for his friends' wedding in 2005.  2006 we celebrated with Cole and Megan in Tupelo and shot fireworks with Matt and Dawn.  2007 we spent New Year's Eve with Tyler and Mollie at the Alluvian in Greenwood.  2008 & 2009 were spent in Dallas readying ourselves for the Cotton Bowl.  Last year we were in Oxford with Ronnie & Toya at Shep's and this year we were back in Oxford with a hodgepodge of friends.
 Two stick filled us for the evening of fun, including a win by AUBURN- War Eagle!

 Love these girls.  So glad we ran into Natalie.

 Cullen may or may not have been longing to ride the bull at this moment.  
It was such a fun night, I think mostly because it wasn't over planned or over hyped.  It was just friends getting together and enjoying good company.  New Year's Day was just as fun reliving the night's events over coffee.  We all may be getting older, but I think we are just getting better.