Saturday, January 31, 2015

Friday, January 30, 2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Crossfit Baby

Jett loves to pretend to do push ups and burpees.  Really he likes to do anything that gets us in the floor playing with him.  

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Two Year Check Up

I don't know what happened and how two years passed so quickly.  I can't believe that my baby boy is in separates now.  I should have said three years old before we were out of one piece outfits...I will know better for my grandchildren some day. 
 The minute we pulled up to the doctor Jett said, "Mama, I don't wike it." I told him Dr. Dennis only wanted to tell him happy birthday and tickle his ears. He wasn't buying it, but the fun games in the well baby room kept his mind off of the doctor.  
 The water works started when he had to be weighed and measured.  He weighed 31.4lbs, was 34' tall, and his head was in the 98%tile.  He may grow to be a stocky boy with a big head.  
Jett would not do one trick for Dr. Dennis.  He wanted to be held, wanted to go home, and wanted his socks on.  As we talked Dr. Dennis said he could clearly track his thoughts and knew what he meant.  I worry he doesn't talk in complete sentences all the time, but he was unworried.  

As soon as we were home free from Dr. Dennis, Jett enjoyed running up and down the 'steep hill' outside the office...we would call it the wheelchair ramp.  For the first time we don't automatically schedule his three year appointment it is sad...he is growing up but so much fun at the same time.

Here are some of his likes and what his is up to...
He loves a train and usually has one in his hands at all times.
His favorite show is Thomas and Friends, but will watch Chugginton and 
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse if he has to
He is a great eater at the sitter but not at home.  
At home he will eat apple sauce, grapes, bananas, bagels, spaghetti, and homemade pizza.  
He also loves to eat steak.
He loves to brush his teeth and take baths
He wears a 24m some 2T, a size 8 shoe, and a size 5 diaper.
He loves to run and be chased.
He begs to "hold you" which is his way of asking to be picked up. 
He tells us to "git yup" which is his way of telling us to get up and follow him.  
He runs the words in and there together to say "in 'nere" to say let's go in there.  

Jett's First Basketball Game

After Jett's party we took him to the Ole Miss Men's Basketball Game.  He didn't like the noise at first, but settled in quickly.  I've never been more proud of him and how precious he was.  He sat so quietly and attentively. He is growing up so much.  

Monday, January 26, 2015

Jett's Whistle Stop

 I chose a train theme for Jett's party because we pretty much live on  the Island of Sodor, which is the fictional island on which Thomas the Tank Engine lives.  I'm not much for character parties so we kept it wish a steam engine theme and moved on.
 I made steam engine cookies, railroad crossing cookies, cupcakes, we had puff corn and sliders and a fueling station and called it a day. 

 I was super unplanned and last minute this year and honestly after the Gingerbread Breakfast I really was over parties.  I found some cute invites on Etsy, borrowed this extra large steam engine from my friends at Oxford Floral, and called in a HUGE favor from the Pontotoc Main Street Association Director, Ellen Henry.  She and Daddy Don delivered in a big big way for the party.  They delivered us the Bodock Express and left it for the day.  Jett was super excited when it pulled up and enjoyed the first ride.  He was less than amused when he had to share his train with his friends.

 I've learned to entertain toddlers just have a train table.  Kids LOVE them boys and girls alike.  It is crazy to me to think I went back and forth if we needed one or not....hours of entertainment.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Potty Talk

So this is happening at the Pollard house.  With the onset of Jett wearing separates on a regular basis we can now have some Potty conversations.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sweet Sundays

 I love every bit of dressing Jett up in sweet little outfits.  I love the tall socks up to his knees and the white walkers with hard soles. I love how Jett's how curls up as soon as he is out of the tub and then turns into sweet little soft curls as it dries.
 I love that his only worry on a Sunday after getting dressed is getting right back to his train table.
 His innocent little looks and those sweet cheeks make me melt.  I love that chubby little arm and the wrist that still has little baby fat rings around them.

I love that Jett wants to hold our hands and walk across the street to church and after some separation anxiety he settles in to his sweet class.

Saturday, January 17, 2015


And like we do every year this crew judged the Grenada pageant extravaganza.  We spent the day giving our opinions, playing HeadsUp, and laughing.  Great time with good friends.

Friday, January 16, 2015


 The Pollards have a pet cat these days.  If you have followed my blog for years, you know our home is where cats meet their unfortunate demise.  I lone house in the middle of a commercial block is not the place for sweet little animals to raise a family.  While we are situated in the midst of town we do have some stray foxes and random wild things that can lead to untimely endings for our pets.  SnowBall or Snowballs as Jett calls it, is our latest addition to the family.  I don't know if it is a girl or a boy remember we have gender confusion often and Stella Pollard turned out to be Steadman the cat, and then there was the time we thought we were having Sarah Cullen who turned out to be Jett any who boy or girl we call it SnowBall.  It stays outside and will dart indoors only to be lured out again with tuna.