Sunday, August 30, 2009

You Are Invited

I'm having a Southern Living party tomorrow night from 5-7. Come by and look for something for yourself or a gift for someone! My friend Anna Claire is a Southern Living Consultant and will have answers for any questions you have. Come by, visit, and enjoy some food!

No Outsiders

Family history- My Uncle Wayne is my Mom's brother. He is married to Aunt B and they have my two favorite cousins...Jason and Rayanne. Jason is ten years older than me...Rayanne is 13 years older than me. Yeah that makes them MUCH older ;)

Most Friday and Saturday nights of my childhood were spent at Uncle Wayne's house eatting hamburgers, steak, and other great meals. Since we've grown up and married and moved around our weekly meals have turned into monthly meals or longer. Needless to say we don't get to sit around and relax after dinner, someone is having to leave to go home, or run to Wal-Mart so the conversations are cut short.

Last night Rayanne and her girls were in town so after Cullen and I ate Mexican I ran over to Uncle Wayne's house to see the family. A quick trip turned into a two - thee hour stay. Sitting around the table with my mom, Aunt B, Uncle Wayne, and Rayanne we talked and laughed like old time. I told everybody we were so much funnier when there were No Outsiders around. The Outsiders comment confused them for a minute but in my mind I meant the add ons to the family. You see when I was growing up there were no husbands or children around the dinner table it was us...and last night made me think back to that. We laughed until we cried- all of us about stuff others & outsiders would just roll their eyes at or not understand. That may be what I love most about family is that sometimes no outsiders is just what you need to lift your spirits and keep you going.

Side note: my Uncle and Aunt have repainted their home in unpacking...they found these painted duck panelings... we laughed at how outdated they were but you can tell from the pic...he loves them just as much today as the day they were given to them.

Delta Day

This is my absolute favorite day I just may walk up to the door and ask for a tour

Since Cullen and I got married his Aunt Janice and I have formed somewhat of a tradition. We make biannual trips to the Mississippi Delta. Usually one in the summer and one just before Christmas. We have the trip scheduled and really we don't deviate from the schedule. Yesterday was one of those trips. I must say the apart from the major pottery places in the delta nothing much there appeals to me. I think the mosquitos are huge, the water is brown, and it must be 10 degrees hotter on the flat land than in the hills, but alas I do love pottery.

We braved the Petter's Pottery Second Sale. I am not a bargain shopper by nature. I will be clothes on sale but my pottery not so much. I made sure most of pieces had the price stickers on the back so that I knew that weren't seconds, the others I inspected carefully. I don't won't second rate pottery ;)

Next it was on down the road to see Mr. McCarty and his lovely shelves of pottery. I must say that until these trips with Aunt Janice I was a pottery snob...McCarty ONLY, but she has shown me the differences and how they both can be loved.

Mr. McCarty came in holding this foot long bean grown in his proud he had to have it in the picture...

Mr. McCarty was not having a sale. Oh no infact his pieces were sure enough full price, but I love that place....So of course I had to buy a few presents and a piece as Aunt Janice said, "You pick that up everytime we come, just getting you have wanted it for years" so I did. :)

Leaving Marigold we traveled to Cleveland to see Cullen's sister and her beau, Dave. We ate lunch where we LOVE to eat lunch at Ala Carte- we love their chicken salad sandwhiches.
Then we discovered a childrens consignment store....This was my first peek into a consignment shop. WOW I can't say I fell in love but I was surprised! I was on the hunt for anything smocked for boys or girls. I could tell that I would have better luck with the boys and I found myself with 7 or 8 options of smocked longalls size 18-24 mo....Only I don't know many little boys that I called my friend Anna Claire and she became the proud new owner of a precious item.

We headed back to the hill and made our traditional stop in Batesville at K's. We always find something in there.
It isn't the stops that make the trip so fun, it is the predictable pauses in the road when we question which way do we go (it usually is at the same place or two everytime-and it may just be out of habit) or the four hours of time spent catching up on the last six months of each others lives. Until next jealous of my Delta Day ;)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

No, I have not been diagnosed, but I need to say that I am fatigued chronically? Yes, I think that it has something to do with school. It could possibly be that I am one year older. It could possibly be that I am waking up too early to finish reading the Twilight could be that I take a nap in the afternoons and so I don't sleep well at night...who knows but I can say this My Body IS Weary! Hope ya'll have a restfull weekend!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

More of Miss Ellie

Oh yes...don't think one post on baby girl was enough to capture the whole weekend...I had more pictures

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Guess Who Came to Visit

Do you know this big girl?

What about this one?

Still guessing?

How about if I gave you a hint...she takes her food very seriously. Just like her Aunt Felicia.

Impossible Issue

(the view into my backyard from the top of the staircase)

I don't even want to call it Stairgate anymore that is how crazy it is making me. I have laughed with coworkers and others about it, but truthfully it is getting OLD. Never one to back down we will see this to the end, but here is how it stands now...(no pun intended)

Notice the gate that is now on the staircase. It was put up the day the staircase was supposed to come down. Oh yes the contractor was rude to me when I asked exactly what he thought he was doing...but I'm resilliant. Oh and the tresspassing is mine...yeah I know it makes me ill!

On Tuesday I came home to the contractor back at it again..this time with a saw...don't get excited the only thing he cut off were the rail ends, to be even with the gate. I got it on camera. This time he wasn't by himself. He had one of the realtors from Mossy Oak with him. Maybe I frightened him last week.

We at least know that we will be going to court. Not sure when, but we will be going. I don't know why we are having to go through all of this but God is good to his children and this will be settled in his time.

Bodock Fish Fry

So a couple of months back my cousin, Rayanne, decided that her band would play at the Festival. Knowing the band members family would come to watch and loving to entertain she cooked up the idea for a fish fry. What better place than right down the block at my house. So the plans were made.

Music was played...

A birthday was celebrated...

A good time was had by all...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So because of time I have yet to post any pictures that need to be talked about. I know it is sad what the start of school can do to a girl. It can turn a posting fool into a blogger wannabe....well, I am going to make time for posting tonight. I might post so much you can read it all at one may have to come back for more...:) I doubt it, but do come back tomorrow and read all about the bodock fesitval, school starting, and I'll post pictures of dresses over on Lime-A-Beans...just be patient!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Precious Pressure Washer

In an attempt to get my home ready for the events I have had this month, my Uncle Wayne spent a Friday afternoon and Saturday morning working outdoors. He took it upon himself to pressure wash off my front path and sidewalk. Even though this post is late I thought he deserved a thank you!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Senior Start

So my sweet sister/friend Meagan Henry is now officially a senior in highschool. I feel like I always need to say she is my friend...which she is...she is the best, but I like to think of her as a sister. She is an only child, most of the time I act like I am and thus began our beautiful friendship. All that to say she is now a SENIOR in highschool...yeah I know the years pass quickly. She decided to have a senior breakfast for her friends. I took it upon myself to create a theme...

We decided since Pontotoc colors were black and gold I could recycle my toile table runners and use them with my table cloths.

I made a canvas for the food table and used mason jars with yellow daisies to add to the festiveness.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meet Cesar

Cesar is probably one of my absolute fave students of all time. Why? He is hilarious! His personality is unmatched. He kept us on our toes last year and has come back to visit us this year. I catch myself looking for him when I go to Walmart just so I can speak to the whole family. This past Sunday I saw them again in WalMart and text my sweet assistant, Ms. Bridget, to tell her and since she was in Walmart he found her, too. Ask me some time and I'll tell you all my Cesar stories.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Stairgate-The End in Sight

We have not posted as of late about our staircase situation. I think the last time I posted it was about the survey coming back and naming the big wooden wonder ours....

On Monday of this week we were actually able to take the survey in hand over to Mossy Oak Properties. Cullen and I trucked it over there and showed what we knew....however, Mr. Anderson seemed to think it his right to say well...we will digest this...Digest what...that we own the property and now a staircase...out the door we went and straight to our attorney. On Wednesday we recieved a copy of the letter sent to them stating they had 10 days from August 4th to take it down...or see us in court. Here is what I know.

1- I had put some signs that said no trespassing on the staircase. They had been removed. Yesterday they were put back up.

2-Mossy Oak and the contractor that built the staircase met and discussed something about yesterday... Cullen saw them yesterday afternoon.

Hopefully by next Friday I can report it has been removed...Keep on praying...

My Harvest

Well, since I haven't harvested them as of yet...should I say the "fruits of someone's labor?" Well, since I didn't labor over them...maybe I'll just call it how I see it...yeah I got some home grown tomatoes. No, I didn't grow them, but they are on my property...Next to the really huge offensive staircase I now own...someone who I'd just rather not talk about planted an overgrown garden...and through my railing...crept some vines...and on those vines were three and ready. No, I won't eat them! They might poison me. :) But this post is really just a tease...keep reading for the latest that occurred over the weekend.

Friday, August 7, 2009

It's Official

Summer is now over...I was up this morning at 5:30 sewing...why? because I couldn't sleep, that's why. Just like every first day of school for the last 22 years I have woken up excited and nervous about the start of something new. You would think that I would be used to change by now...think again...I think I will always feel a little on such a day of excitement where is Cullen Pollard? He is still in the bed. He took off today...yeah that's right I just got a taste of my own medicine...I know now what it must be like to him all summer as I lounge in front of the Today Show, take my time eating breakfast... Hmmuph! Leave it to Cullen to plan it out so that on my first day back he takes vacation.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

2.5 Hours and Counting

Yes that is the amount of time I have left of summer. Ahhhh!!!!! Can you believe it? Summe has flown. I know right now I should be thanking the Good Lord for my summer vacation. It could be worse I could have a real job that didn't provide three months off a year..but don't think I have it so easy...have you ever eaten lunch with 20, 8 yr olds. They eat boogers, don't use napkins, chew with their mouth open while telling you a story and don't usually remember to use utensils, so you people with real jobs think about that when you are enjoying your lunch all alone or with adults at a nice eatery... So tomorrow is the day...the day we all meet at school and listen to speeches from various important people and smile because we are so excited to see everybody. I am really excited about this year...but I wish I could postpone it maybe just a week or two more..:)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Prayer Request

Hi my blogging friends and readers I have a prayer request on this dreary Wednesday. Last night after leaving dinner Cullen and I got word that our friend Mollie Hederman Young lost her father yesterday morning. Please say a prayer for them and their family as the next few days will be extremly difficult and please keep them on your prayer list as the coming months will be hard, too.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer Book#11

Eclipse-yes that is right...even though the series of books was ruined for my and I now know part of what happens in the fourth book...I finally finished the third in the Twilight Series. So far book one is my two was way to slow and book three was more like book one...did you guys get all that...when will I start book 4...don't know yet but I'm leaning toward not anytime know I would like to savor the series...So as a side not I did not make my summer reading goal of 20 but I did read 11 and for me that was a lot more than the 3 or 4 I normally read in a summer. At this time I have a few more half read books that I will roll through as school begins but I'm in no rush...

Picture Smocking

Yeah get excited I made a little girl face!

Sweet Sampling

Linda Thomas & Glenda Corley

On Sunday I hosted a Jewelry Trunkshow/Tea for Habitat for Humanity. It sounds like I did a lot of work. That was not the case. I had lots of help. Linda Thomas made the jewelry. She donated 100 pieces of jewelry to be sold to benefit our local habitat affiliate. Glenda Corley donated the massive amounts of food seen in the pictures and I was in charge of the location, my house, and making and sending out the invitations all 130 of them. I think I had the easiest job of all. Note my new door hanger. My friend Connie used her big monogramming machine to monogram a big letter P on the toile fabric I was using for the shower. From that I made a door hanger. (please excuse my stairs in much need of repair... we are looking to have them bricked soon-if you know of a mason near you let me know)
This is my Aunt B. She is pretty much the bomb . com when it comes to Habitat stuff. (Yeah I said it... you thought it was coming back in style...guess again.) Anyway this is my favorite aunt she is married to my favorite uncle and mother to my favorite cousin. She loves Habitat and she pretty much devotes her whole life to the organization. Even I, find myself thinking about Habitat and fundraisers more than others...she kinda gets people fired up about her cause...if you don't know should...she would be your favorite aunt, too.

This was the dining room on Sunday. Note the crazy amounts of food. All homemade by Ms. Glenda. And we draped jewelry on anything that didn't have food on it.
Moving into the living room multiple tables were set up as well as in the den, too. My only purchase from the day was fresh bread baked by Mrs. Glenda.
These would be two of the greatest girls God ever let breathe. Yeah and lucky me, I get to call them friends. Meagan is pretty much my sister and is at all major events in my life...and even some that aren't so major. Joanne well that sneaky chick just surprised me and showed up at the house on Sunday. I think she facebook stalked me. But, since I hadn't seen her face in a month and school starts back this week it was worth being stalked.

My Uncle Wayne was sweet enough to take pictures for the day and he was able to capture a lot of the people coming and going.

Here are two more of my favorite people. Megan be sure to show this to Mimi. Mimi is Megan's grandmother. I too claim kin, because...well, because I can. And here Mimi is pictured with Haley Ard another sweet little girl!

Top 5 Florida Favorites

(some fort in St. Augustine)

Top 5 Florida Favorites:

#5 this cute little crab running across the shore

#4 getting to see the Oldest Wooden School House in America

#3 Kilwins

#2 Getting to see Frank or My new Coach purchases...I'll say it is a tie...(but Frank, really you would win ;)

#1 Spending time with old friends in the summer sun. Can't beat it...