Saturday, November 30, 2013

Friday, November 29, 2013

This Photo

 Okay, so these photos are harder to get than you would think.  Probably since  I couldn't figure out to change the shutter speed on my camera.  I think this shows the wonder of Christmas and the hopefulness of an Ole Miss Eggbowl win... and then we lost.

Thanksgiving 2013

It takes a village to put on a Thanksgiving Dinner at my house.  I would love to take full credit for hostessing and feeding 20 plus people this year, but alas it took a small army to pull it off.
I felt better prepared this year in some ways and in other ways I felt completely unorganized.  I love a to do list, and I didn't make a central list this year.  I usually have a list of those committed to attend and what they are bringing but not this year, I didn't sit down long enough to make that list.  Instead I had daily conversations with my mom and we checked and rechecked our daily to dos.
 Cullen helped iron the table cloths.  After the first quarter of ironing he was kinda over it, but stayed true and saw the task through.
 I decided on Tuesday that I would finally make the chair covers I had been meaning to do for the last year.  The above picture was taken before they were pressed.
 Cullen's parents came and helped with Jett.  
 Uncle Wayne came to help carve the turkey.  I bought a turkey from a school fundraiser and I feel sure I was given the wrong item.  The turkey I was given had bones in it...I don't eat meat from a bone so I don't buy meat on a bone.  I really could not even touch it.
 Mom looks cool as a cucumber, and to date this was the most smoothly a holiday has gone.
 Anna's husband had to work and her dad and his family weren't having Thanksgiving until Saturday, so I invited them over, and was so glad they came over.
 Even though we have a sit down dinner, with china, crystal and silver, we have not managed to come up with a better style of serving than buffet.  I am working on something for next year.  Mark my words.

 After lunch we had the Christmas card photo shoot.
 This little guy loves his Anna.  She is so good with him.  I tried twice this week to get her to help, but I forget what it must be like to have nothing to do on holidays and no one to wake you up.

One of my favorite pictures of the day is this one.  Here is four generations of Pollard men.  Uncle Bubba, aka Marvin Pollard.  Jimmy Pollard, Cullen's dad, Jett Boy, and Cullen.  
Again this year I am thankful for the family that came to celebrate with us and for the upcoming holiday season that holds are the new traditions.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ten Months

 Our big boy is 10 Months old.  He is growing like a week.  He weighed in at 25lbs. 10 oz when he had his ears done.  His hair is getting a bit thicker in the back, not on top just yet.  
He is saying Mama, Da-Da, Hi, and Bye.
He waves bye bye to most people. 
He loves to play peek-a-boo. 
He is wearing a 4 diaper, mostly 12 month clothing, some 18 month.
He still loves people.  He is a people watcher.
He LOVES music.  He especially loves to hear his name in songs we make up.
He is still nursed, but drinks some whole milk or half and half bottles of each.
He is very interested in self feeding.  


On Friday we went back to Dr. Dye for him to check Jett's ears.  He checked and decided that Monday morning would be a great time for Jett to have tubes.  While all the grandparents freaked out and worried, I just had a peace about the decision.  When Dr. Dye said the sound waves they tested in his ears hit a brick wall of fluid, I just knew it was for the best.
 Monday morning was rough.  I fed him about 11:30 since he couldn't eat after midnight.  And true to Jett form at 12:07 he woke up ready to nurse.  And when I tried to console him, he had none of it.  He screamed pretty much from then until 2:30 when he gave it up and finally went to sleep.  I sang every hymn I could think of, both of his theme songs, and every soothing Christmas Carol.  He crawled into the dark kitchen three times and all but tore my shirt from my body trying to let me know it was time to feed him.  Cullen slept through the whole thing.  At 5:00 we woke him up, dressed him in separates (which I think is awful to do a child) and took him to Oxford.  He played in the waiting room and made it fine.  They took him back and the nurse called him a pretty girl.  I said he was a pretty boy... Dr. Dye's surgical nurse came out to greet me, and it was my friend Brooke's mom.  We walked out to the waiting room and ten minutes later Dr. Dye was out there telling us how well he did.

After two long naps that afternoon, he was up moving around and playing in the kitchen.  Back in his one piece outfits that apparently after one wear is too little.  Glad that is behind us and Boy Blue is feeling better.  Within three hours of being home he was saying to my ears. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Pilgrim Indian Picnic Party Plan

I hope Jett remembers growing up with friends around him.  I want him to know how time spent with friends and family is important.  This past Sunday we hosted a Pilgrim and Indian Picnic for his friends.   I'm completely aware most of them are only jabbering words and can't walk well yet, but friends are friends no matter what.
So here are some of the details I want to remember.
 He sent his guests home with Turkey Trot Trail Mix.

 A sweet first grade teacher at my school allowed me to borrow her Thanksgiving decor.
 I even crafted a Mayflower.
 We served Indian Iced Cookies
 Chocolate Donut Mayflowers
 Pumpkin Pies
 Sweet Potato Puffs and Squeezes
Cereal Cornucopias and Turkey Croissants with "dressing"

Turkey Trot Trail Mix Recipe:
4 cups Bugles
2 Cups Honey Nut Cheerios
2 Cups "Squanto's Fish" (Goldfish)
1 Bag Caramel Bugles
2 Cups Trix Cereal
1 Cup Craisins

Meagan and Med School

 This sweet girl, whom I get to call sister/friend, got her official invitation to be a part of the incoming med school class at UMC in Jackson.  I am so excited for her, proud of her, and terrified for her at the same time.
 Her mom and grandmother held an impromptu congrats dinner.
 Hopefully she can live with her long time bestie, Anna, in Jackson in the fall.  Anna finishes nursing school in May and is looking to move after graduation.
Di Di is one proud granddad and he should be, she is a pretty awesome girl.  She has worked so hard and deserves only the best.
Justin Timberlake on Monday and Med School acceptance on Friday...I'd say that was a pretty good week.  Her boyfriend also got a new truck so they collectively had a pretty good week.