Tuesday, November 22, 2011


We may not win every game but our household has spirit even on weekdays! My secret Pam sent me these cups and it just so happened we were dressed accordingly for a quick pic! I was hosting a party- Cullen was banned and sent to the man cave!


It took 38 years but my mom finally made it back to an Ole Miss game! He said she checked it off her bucket list! It was a cold night and we didn't win, but Sadie loved the South Club!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chasing Days

Life has been crazy hectic.  The month of October flew by, I felt like most of the month I spent my time on the road.  From classes to work to life October was a blur.
I did have fun, but it was fast and furious.  I had class at the beginning of the month and the day I came back to work from class I was signed up to drive a bus for a Kindergarten field trip.  I hadn't driven in a while and was a little nervous, but we made it to the Fiddlin' Rooster Farm in Water Valley safely.  
I pretended to be a homeroom parent and traveled along to the Pumpkin Patch, the Corn Maze and all the stops in between.

 Following the Field Trip my mentor was out of town for a couple of days and I found myself doing all the wonderful tasks that come along with stepping into her shoes.  The water fountain became a rambling, rolling river in the first grade classrooms- I mopped it up as best I could.
 A child got sick in the middle of the office.  I swept it up with Ms. Babb cracking jokes the whole time.
 Fall Festival was new to both Ms. Babb and myself and I must say neither one of us are a fan.  The photo below was taken before the day got started.  My costume was made by my mom 23 years ago.  It was Kindergarten costume minus the tutu and hat that went with it.

 After Fall Festival came and went, we finally had Bunco- it had been too long since I saw my friends.
 The next night we drove to Duck Hill to see my mentor's son get married.  It was such a sweet ceremony with lots of personal touches.

 The next night I headed to Memphis to see Taylor Swift with Meagan and Julie.  It was such a great show and a lot of fun.

 I rounded out October helping Meagan with her Big Sis/Lil Sis stuff and few too many late nights.  I love an 8:30 bed time and I haven't seen that bedtime since September.
 Several of the Friday nights of Fall have been spent watching the Lafayette Commodores beat every team they play.  It has been so much fun experiencing Friday nights on a Football field again.
 Dan Mullen landed on the baseball field to recruit last week- I was more interested in the helicopter than I was seeing him.  He does NOT impress me.
 And sweet Ellie girl came to visit and play dress up.  She and Cullen are still two peas in a pod.  If she gets any sweeter I might melt into the floor.
 And this is finally how I spend hours a week.  On the road.  Thankfully we have had beautiful scenery as the leaves have been gorgeous this year.