Monday, September 30, 2013

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Spaghetti Time

 I haven't given Jett much food from the table.  Just little bites here and there, but no major meal.
 I decided to chop up some leftover spaghetti in the Ninja, and see how he liked it.
 He instantly loved the mess it made, but he didn't care to self feed.  He didn't really care if I fed him.

 I didn't like the mess and probably won't be pushing for him to self feed anytime soon.

Mary Kiley Turned One

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Met Her

I found out on Friday between a fire drill and a lockdown drill that the one and only, Ree Drummond was coming to my school.  To say that I was thrilled is the biggest understatement of the year.  I have dreamt of what it would be like for us to toss our hair back at the same time and laugh at each other's funny jokes and quirky style.  I imagined how she would comment on my cute clothes and say they would be so cute on the Ranch, and we would exchange tips and tricks for making our cakes turn out perfectly.  She would happen to mention she had stumbled across my blog and she read it at least once a week to check in on things at my house.  I mean, people, we were basically best friends.
I went into crazy stalker mode and began brainstorming how to dress up the gym to provide a warm welcome for her.  I went to a teacher that I knew loves to decorate and she helped a TON.  
So I eagerly awaited the Pioneer Woman's arrival in the school office, complete with camera strapped around my neck.  She blew in the office and my first thought was, "Wow she's tall."
Next, we moved her to the gym and set about helping her get her technology running. 
She was friendly but not as friendly as I expected.
I felt a little uncomfortable with her.  I didn't know how to make read that right I didn't know if I should talk to her as if I hadn't read every blog she wrote from the beginning of time, or if I should admit that I shamelessly sat many many mornings during the summer and ate ice cream and cereal and watched the Today show with my lap top and a blanket reading about her love of the Ranch and her animals and that I could almost quote her about me section on her blog.  I was a mess on the inside.  Oh and when the lady from Square Books Jr. asked if I minded introducing her, I almost died.  
And then there she was, speaking at my school.  Talking to the students like she would talk to her own children.  She went through a slide show with pictures of her dog.  Nothing fancy...just a powerpoint.  

And after it was all said and done, I was a bit sad.  I had over hyped myself.  I wanted nothing more than for her to sit and chat and it was clearly all business.  She didn't need my hospitality.

I had assembled the most precious basket entitled from Mississippi with Love and she gathered it up and made her way out of our building.  At this point I knew we weren't going to be besties, and I wasn't going to live on the Ranch.
But, I'm no quitter so I went to her book signing on the square.  I knew she would fall in love with Jett. And really she quickly as you can in about ten minutes.

He was unamused.  We on the other hand were smitten all over again.  She did thank me a second time for the basket of goodies.
And then we left.  I stalked her blog for the next 48 hours only to find that she indeed did blog about her trip, and that no I didn't make the blog.  It's okay, I mean I will be fine, a little sad, but I will be fine.  I won't lovingly look at her cookbooks over and over again.  I still love her, but she is human, not some super awesome untouchable person.  She had a blog and people responded well to her and now she is famous, with a publicist and all. I have decided, I need a publicist. Hahahahahahhahah!