Saturday, May 13, 2017

CLC May Program

Jett Boy had his end of year performance at school. I took the day off and made sure I was there early to get a seat. He said John 3:16 all by himself. He did a great job and though he got a bit teased afterward my heart was full. He crawled past me, over my mother in law and into the lap of his great grandmother. They love each other in a special way. He walked hand in hand with her, then wanted to fix her water and then took her on a tour of his class. He loves Mamaw.

Jimmy Pollard is 60

With no cake or any fanfare this patriarch turned 60. He celebrated with a couple of bike rides and a meal I didn't get to attend. Happy Birthday JP!!!

Music in May

Bikes on Main

We have loved coming home each afternoon and enjoying time together on the trail. We ride and walk. We play on the stretch station and usually end our time calling Cullen to come get Jett so he doesn't have to walk up tho hill home.

Sweet Cousins

Art Gala

The Spring Art Gala was great! Ellen Russell had a fabulous downtown scene.