Monday, July 11, 2016

Pollard Family Vacation

This year the Pollard Family Vacation was about as last minute as can be.  Cullen wanted to go to the beach, his parents didn't.  I love national parks and seeing sights so we settled on Chattanooga.  
The grandparents ventured up on their own Friday morning and we joined them Friday night at dinner. We ate a great barbecue place called Sticky Fingers.
The next morning we headed to be the first in line at the Incline Railway.  Jett is still hung up on trains so we made the steep route up to Lookout Mountain.

We left there and headed to Rock City.  I LOVED it.  Jett loved the Shake Shake Bridge but I adored the tight squeezes.  

From Rock City we headed to Ruby Falls.  It took the longest to see but it was worth the wait.  It was spectacular.  Jett was such a trooper moving through the passage way getting to the waterfall.
We ate lunch after leaving Ruby Falls at a place called MoJo's Burritos and then headed to the Tennessee Aquarium.  Jett touched sting rays and snacks like a champ.  

With only a 20 minute nap in the car we headed to the Chattanooga Choo Choo.  Jett loved the cow catcher on the front, but after he toured the engine he was DONE!

That night we tried a place called the Maple Biscuit company that Jett managed to sleep through and after we were fed we called it a day and hit the hay.  We woke up super early the next morning for breakfast at a place called Milk and Honey then headed to the Children's Museum.  Jett loved it. He dug for dinosaur bones for a long while and enjoyed the indoor playground too.

Posing at the Smiths

Monday, July 4, 2016

The Fourth in Taylor

 Cullen's Aunt and Uncle recently redid their home and the unveiling of it happened on the Fourth.  Jett doesn't get out to see them much, so for the first time in a long time he went to Taylor.  He loved on his Mamaw and ran his DD around the pasture.

The highlight of his night came when Bobo took him to the garden and he brought back an okra and a squash which Jett called a mango.  We left just before the big rain moved through and we were home an in bed before the fireworks started popping.

JettBoy's Firecracker Brunch

Ava Collins is One

In a party fit for a princess, Ava was showered with love and attention. Her immediate family numbers around 50 and it shows when we get together. Anna is the first born grandchild and is lucky enough to have all her grandparents still with her. Andrew's grandmothers are also still living so add in aunts and uncles and cousins it is a house full!!! With a twinkle twinkle little star theme Ava was adorable!!!

These Three

Cullen's parents try to see Jett at least once a week. They come over when they can. This week they treated us to dinner and when we got home Jett decided to be an engineer. He has no clue how lucky he is to have grandparents so close by to spend time with.


Momming ain't easy and it occurred to me Thursday morning that I might go a whole June without seeing my friend Leslie. We talked and decided to meet at the pool for an hour or so. The kids played and we caught up! I sure miss my summers off and enjoying lazy days at the pool.

Swimming Lessons with Ms. Julie

Jett did really well in lessons. He only had one day when he left in a meltdown. The teacher said he was really sure about what he wanted to do and when he wanted to do it. He wanted to stand on his tippy toes and not swim as much. By the last day he swam from the diving board to the side of the pool. He just needed the chance to catch his breath right when he came up and then he knew exactly what to do!