Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hernando Sleep Over

My precious friend, Kelsey, has moved into her own place, she has begun her first teaching job, and she has now had her first house guests.  We couldn't wait to go see her new place and stay the night.  
Her house was like a picture from Better Homes and Gardens.  I've never been so in awe with all of her collections.  Everything had a perfect place.
We couldn't make a stop in Hernando with out the dip.  It was WONDERFUL.  
We walked and went sight seeing.  We loved the homes, the selfies, and the company.
My view the morning we left.  It was the perfect home, comfy, inviting, and the hospitality was epic.  Great night away from the chaos of the coming school year.  

July iPhone Dump

Sunday, July 27, 2014

18 Months

This big boy is 18 months old.  The summer has flown and sadly when my birthday hits, and Jett's half birthday is here, I know summer is OVER.  

Okay so, here are some stats to remember for 18 months.  He is 28 lbs.  I know this because he had a little stomach issue and we were able to get him weighed at the doctor.  He loves to be outside.  He loves to climb on anything.  He has a big heart for animals, and the boy LOVES a train, a truck, a tractor, a plane, anything that moves really.  Here are some of his words, because he NEVER stops talking.  He asks: What's dat? about 1,000 times a day.  He can identify: Mama, Dada, Papaw (both the sitter and Mr. Jimmy), D.D., Say-Say (my mom) or he calls her Sadie, Mimi (the sitter).  He can say Henry, Ellie, Kat, and Brett just not when you point to them.
He says up when he wants you to help him up on the couch or to be held.  He says stuck when he can't get something that he needs or wants.
If you say ready he can follow it with set, go!
He says eeeeeee for the horse, meow for a cat, moo for a cow, woof for a dog, tweet tweet for a bird, and whack for a duck.  He calls cars beep beeps.  He says he wants a bite for food and drink.  He can say milk, but doesn't very often.  He can let you know quickly with a NOOOOO that he doesn't like something.  
He can say shoe & sock when referring to clothes, and will say off if he wants his socks off.
He can point to and say eye, and can point to his or your, ear, belly button, hair, curls, hands, feet, boy parts (yes he knows them and usually calls them something), back, and mouth.
He loves to read book after book after book.  Cullen many times reads him a book, then lets him turn the pages and when he asks whats that  answers him, and then goes back through it and asks him to find different things on the page. I count that is reading something three times.  
He hates diaper changes, grass on his feet, and this one Thomas the Train that talks, lights up and moves.  
He still doesn't wear separates, not at home or out in public.  He wears some 18 months, but mostly 24 month clothing.  His hair is thickening up, but not quickly.  He wears a size 6 shoe, even though I'm shoving his foot into a size 5 until after Labor Day.  

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Family Swim

 Cullen's parents have been great to watch Jett for me this summer as I have toted him back and forth from Oxford to Tupelo for dance lessons.  On on Friday night they wanted to take him to family swim. Ok admittedly, I'm the psycho over protective mom, who won't let him around pools, splash pads or any experience with out me if I haven't experienced it with him first.  Frown on me if you wish, but have your own children if you want to do something differently.  He's mine, I call the shots.  So... at the thought of family swim, my heart raced, my mind raced, and my palms sweated.  I bolted home to ready all his items, and made sure to pack stuff for me too, because I know him, and I know he won't do something with out some certainty and prodding from me.  Yep, not a minute in to family swim, I was donning a swim suit and into the pool I went.  I opted to not think of the bandaids or bodily fluids potentially floating around me or my child and prayed that chlorine and God's mercy would keep us from Ebola, Ecoli, or any other E-disease.

 Jett loves the water, but he loves to do his own thing so posing for a picture was not on his to do list.  After and hour, my dance lessons drew near, and I left my baby in a pool with out me.  It almost killed me.  I even asked my inlaws to please not let my baby drowned.  He made home alive, water logged, and ready for bed, and they were tickled to get to experience my water baby for themselves. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

29 again...again...

It's no secret I love a birthday.  I was raised on decorator icing.  My mom believes in celebrating, and this year was no different.  Since my life has been monopolized this summer by fundraising and dance lessons, she made sure my cake followed the theme of the summer.  On my way to workout, I stopped by her house and picked up my work cake, ice cream in a rolling cooler and all of the goodies needed to have an impromptu party.

 After work, we celebrated as a family at Uncle Wayne's complete with another dance cake and family. We closed the evening out with a family hymn sing along, and laughs shared by all.  Even Cullen played the piano when the acapella sing off got to be too much for him.

Just had to document the early morning birthday workout.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Henry and Jett Boy

Nobody puts Baby in a Cabinet

 Well, he crawled in there himself.  We turned some of our lower level cabinets into toy cabinets for Jett, only now they are empty.  He loves to crawl into them and move the toys out so he can be secluded.

 His puzzles have been in there tidy and put up, but he opened several of them on his own and spread all the pieces out.  I just let him go.  My house may never bee picked up, but this boy can entertain himself for sure.

Sunday, July 20, 2014