Tuesday, July 1, 2014

On the Dance Front

So now that I'm spending my summer nights taking dance lessons, learning to Cha Cha, I have a new found respect for dancers.  I also have made mental note that at some point the Jett Pollard will need to take a few lessons here and there just so he isn't out of the loop if ever he gets talked into a dance competition later in life.  
This whole process has been enlightening to say the least.  I came into it thinking the professionals would be much more assertive telling me what I needed to choose as my dance and my song and all of the like, but it is much more free than that.  I had a dance assessment, a gal danced a few steps, played some music and let me pick what style I thought looked like the most fun.  
Fast forward about a month after my dance assessment I met my partner and he kinda picks a song after a throw a couple of ideas out there and that part is done.  Then we set times for bi-weekly dance lessons and we meet for an hour each time as he struggles to teach me to dance the Cha Cha. 
I love to dance, but I am more of a freestyle, with my friends or what I like to call reception dance with Cullen.  I wasn't a dancer in my youth, my besties were and I lived with theatre people in college, so that should count for something, but never as organized as this.  This my friends has taken some soul searching.  The moment I think it hit me that I would be dancing in front of thousands of people was when my partner told me in mid choreography that this certain part was my solo...what? Solo? How many counts? My next question was to ask him exactly where he was going to be and what would he be doing?  This is crazy guys, and I'm only half way through lessons.  Go ahead and send up some prayers.  I will take them now, later, and throughout the next six weeks.  

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