Saturday, July 26, 2014

Family Swim

 Cullen's parents have been great to watch Jett for me this summer as I have toted him back and forth from Oxford to Tupelo for dance lessons.  On on Friday night they wanted to take him to family swim. Ok admittedly, I'm the psycho over protective mom, who won't let him around pools, splash pads or any experience with out me if I haven't experienced it with him first.  Frown on me if you wish, but have your own children if you want to do something differently.  He's mine, I call the shots.  So... at the thought of family swim, my heart raced, my mind raced, and my palms sweated.  I bolted home to ready all his items, and made sure to pack stuff for me too, because I know him, and I know he won't do something with out some certainty and prodding from me.  Yep, not a minute in to family swim, I was donning a swim suit and into the pool I went.  I opted to not think of the bandaids or bodily fluids potentially floating around me or my child and prayed that chlorine and God's mercy would keep us from Ebola, Ecoli, or any other E-disease.

 Jett loves the water, but he loves to do his own thing so posing for a picture was not on his to do list.  After and hour, my dance lessons drew near, and I left my baby in a pool with out me.  It almost killed me.  I even asked my inlaws to please not let my baby drowned.  He made home alive, water logged, and ready for bed, and they were tickled to get to experience my water baby for themselves. 

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