Saturday, July 5, 2014

Jett Boy's Second Annual Firecracker Brunch

I talked myself into and out of having this party a million times.  Up until last Sunday I was pretty sure I  wasn't going to do it, and then Sunday morning I had three people ask me about it, and I felt the pressure and decided to go for it.  I had saved a lot of the decor from last year and had even picked up some new things when it went on sale last year, so I was ready.
 Monday morning invitations went out and I began the process of planning the gathering.  Remembering exactly how hot and miserable it was last year I planned to be completely inside this year, but about 9:00 yesterday I decided it was too pretty to not be outside, so I made the switch and moved it all outside.  

 I scaled back this year.  We used the pop up tent and moved it to the front yard.
Now that the Pollards are doing the best we can to eat clean I had to work in more fruit to our brunch fare.  We served strawberries and blueberries, watermelon popsicles and that is about where the clean food ended.  The rest of the food was typical, powdered donuts, blueberry and strawberry muffins, pigs in a blanket, star cookies, and chocolate dipped marshmallows.  
 This year the favors were not as in depth as last years CD's this year the big kids took home star shaped glow sticks, pop rocks, and poppers.  The babies (age two and under) got bubbles and Born in the USA sippy cups and the adults took home cupcakes in patriotic packages.

 The progression of these group photos tickles me.  I wish I could post all 20 that were taken.  It is just a hoot to see the faces on the babies and the mamas.  This first one is pretty good.
 This one is okay but since I'm looking a mess it won't be the one printed and sent to the attendees.
 And I think this one is the best of everyone.  

I'm so glad we upheld the tradition and had the party.  I am thankful for those that came to enjoy in the fellowship and the celebration of freedom.  I am most thankful for the ones that came just to support, like Mrs. Bridget, my former teaching partner, who just loves babies, the grandparents who love seeing their grandbabies interact with their friends, and for my sweet friend Roxie who just came to see the chaos.  Happy Fourth and until next year... Let Freedom Ring!

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