Sunday, July 27, 2014

18 Months

This big boy is 18 months old.  The summer has flown and sadly when my birthday hits, and Jett's half birthday is here, I know summer is OVER.  

Okay so, here are some stats to remember for 18 months.  He is 28 lbs.  I know this because he had a little stomach issue and we were able to get him weighed at the doctor.  He loves to be outside.  He loves to climb on anything.  He has a big heart for animals, and the boy LOVES a train, a truck, a tractor, a plane, anything that moves really.  Here are some of his words, because he NEVER stops talking.  He asks: What's dat? about 1,000 times a day.  He can identify: Mama, Dada, Papaw (both the sitter and Mr. Jimmy), D.D., Say-Say (my mom) or he calls her Sadie, Mimi (the sitter).  He can say Henry, Ellie, Kat, and Brett just not when you point to them.
He says up when he wants you to help him up on the couch or to be held.  He says stuck when he can't get something that he needs or wants.
If you say ready he can follow it with set, go!
He says eeeeeee for the horse, meow for a cat, moo for a cow, woof for a dog, tweet tweet for a bird, and whack for a duck.  He calls cars beep beeps.  He says he wants a bite for food and drink.  He can say milk, but doesn't very often.  He can let you know quickly with a NOOOOO that he doesn't like something.  
He can say shoe & sock when referring to clothes, and will say off if he wants his socks off.
He can point to and say eye, and can point to his or your, ear, belly button, hair, curls, hands, feet, boy parts (yes he knows them and usually calls them something), back, and mouth.
He loves to read book after book after book.  Cullen many times reads him a book, then lets him turn the pages and when he asks whats that  answers him, and then goes back through it and asks him to find different things on the page. I count that is reading something three times.  
He hates diaper changes, grass on his feet, and this one Thomas the Train that talks, lights up and moves.  
He still doesn't wear separates, not at home or out in public.  He wears some 18 months, but mostly 24 month clothing.  His hair is thickening up, but not quickly.  He wears a size 6 shoe, even though I'm shoving his foot into a size 5 until after Labor Day.  

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