Monday, July 7, 2014

Pap Pap Free

The sweet, smiling, boy is pacifier free.  For the last couple of weeks we made an effort to just take it away from him while we were around the house.  We would have it close by, but really try not to use it.  We really made it more work for our sitter than ourselves.  We told her we were ready to take it away and the next thing we knew he only took it during the day at nap time.  We continued her lead by not giving it to him in the car and only at night before bed.  In the mornings when he would wake up, we would ask him to give it to us and we would leave it in his bed.  July first he went to sleep without it and the rest is history.  He still looks longingly at other kids that have theirs and he has found some around the house that we haven't gathered up and has used them until we could wrestle them away, but at 17 months this big boy is pap-pap free.  Now on to potty training...hahahahahahahahaha

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