Saturday, November 20, 2010

Quotable Quotes---Nah

There are times in life I think of my mother and realize I could not think of life without her. There are other times when I think she makes me nuts. And most recently I have had several moments where I have opened my mouth and her words have come out. I have looked in the mirror and very distinctly thought I am turning into her.
Today I decided to begin a list of her quotes.
Just after I cleaned my kitchen today- a monumental event- Sadie called and wanted to prep some foods for Thanksgiving. Of course she kitchen was gonna be clean for the first time in weeks. I put the clorox up and prepared the way.
Within the first five minutes these words were said....
Quote 1
"I just know there will be smoking in Heaven"- what??? Where did that come from? At this time I must tell you that my mother smoked in her 20's to keep weight off, in her 30's, 40's and 50's to relieve stress. She has been quit for 3 years and discusses it weekly. She misses it...She likened this saying to those people who think dogs will be in Heaven...she says no not me Felicia...and then moved on to her next topic. (I've never been more proud as to when she quit and still proud of her for staying quit)
Quote 2
"I don't know why I try to lose weight, I think God wanted me to be fat"- yes, those words came from her mouth. I think this was followed by I think I might write a book about it. I would love to read that book because she would give every diet known to man a personal account of whey God didn't allow that one to work.
Just wait. This is just the beginning of Thanksgiving week, I will spend at least 60 more hours with her and she will say more outlandish things. I can not wait. I pray for more great quotes.

After the Idiot's Delight was made I'll post a recipe later....and the pumpkin roll was made we sat down to watch the game. I can say I have never watched a game with my mother. I might not ever again. She watches a game just like me. She asks question after question...I didn't know the answers I just answered...and laughed to myself...yes, I am my mother. I tell Cullen I am a naturally curious person...that is true, but I could be genetically predisposed to question.


So yesterday I found out that I certified to become a National Board Teacher. It was not a moment like I had thought it would be. I thought the Heavens would open-angels would sing, and tears would flow. I woke up at 4 a.m. I could not sleep. I texted my two friends that went through the process with me...instantly they both replied...they felt the same way...nervous.

-News Flash- Ask anyone I am not a nervous person. I do not get really worked up and worried about too many things. I fret over flying, suspense movies make me a nervous wreck, but in all school/work related times in life I have remained calm. I am not the test taker that overly prepares. I don't put a lot of stock on a good breakfast before a test, but I firmly believe in a good night's rest followed by an early morning cram session. This method has always been my faithful routine. Even in pageants I have never been a nervous contestant. It just isn't worth it to waste all that time worried about the outcome.

So after completing the portfolio last year and getting ready for the test, I didn't think about it. All summer it was a joke to me, laughing about it....saying "Oh did I really do that last year?" It was not this point of reference for my life, more like this crazy whim I decided one day to do. Over the summer friends and I rehashed all the mishaps during the process things that have never gone wrong in life before but leave it to National Board crunch time and the world fell apart.
Here was our list-
Jenna (teaches with me)- after video taping her science unit she had to have her appendix out, really the same day, it was WILD
Leslie (long time side kick) -suffered from the stomach virus and staph two things that she has never had before and she had to miss school
Me- well the day before I started my unit my assistant's mother became sick and that kept her out the entire time I actually worked on the process...yes you could say my right hand had been taken from me and I had to adjust a bit
You think it is an isolated occurrence oh no it is referred to as the curse of National happens a lot- hospitalizations, deaths, it is wild to hear everyone's stories.

Moving on, I was not a worrier! Leslie called the NB hotline monthly just to inquire about results. She would mention it a lot and then try her best to draw me into her world of worry...not me I didn't worry...oh not because I was confident in my passing it is just a waste to worry on something I could not do a thing about.---that is until this week.
On Wednesday of this week I got the email saying scores would be posted Friday. Ok no big deal. Only Leslie didn't get the email so she panicked and guess what --she called them just to ask about not getting the email.
On Thursday I had school and then a cake to do. I busied myself all day. Sewing in the morning, baking that mom came over to talk and all of the sudden I had all these worries--what would happen if I didn't certify? Would she be upset? Would people think less of me? What if? What if? What if? Oh yes this non worrier cried herself to sleep. I woke sick at my I busied myself, I monogrammed two burp cloths, a bib, made a pair of denim ruffle pants, I was at work super early and was still sick at my stomach. I saw people that made small talk and I would tear up...who was this girl? Not Felicia, no way- I don't worry. Well, I worried!
I gave my class a talking to-I told them I was getting big news and that I would probably cry, either way and to not ask me why my eyes were red.
My plan wait until the kids were at activity mid morning so I was by myself and check. At 7:50 the bell rang for the day to start. By 8:00 I had the first tests given out and I was at the computer. I just wanted to have the sight pulled up. I wanted it to be ready when I was. I typed my info in the site...and was pushed out because of traffic. Ok let's try I typed it in and hit enter I turned my head much like you would in a scary movie.... like it hurts too much to watch and as I slowly glanced at the screen from the corner of my eye on the screen the word I saw was CONGRATULATIONS....what oh my this isn't true. Instantly I exited the site and did it was the right person...I checked my scores and I said to my class- oh my gosh I passed...they were so excited but didn't really understand-
I raced down the hall to see Ms. Bridget my co teacher...and when I saw her I teared up. She just smiled and smiled-When I close my eyes it is her face that I see being so happy for me.
So then I had to call my mom and of course I cried with her, then Cullen over the phone.
The Heavens did not open, angels did not sing, and it wasn't the overwhelming emotion that I thought I would feel. It was really surreal.
I couldn't concentrate the rest of the day...I was happy, but sad for my friend that didn't certify. We had worked so much together and I had prepared for her to be successful and me not to be. I was prepared for us both to be certified but never had I thought about me doing it and she not being was a sad time. I wanted to be with her I didn't want to upset her. I went to her and we hugged and cried together and we talked about her retaking portions. While it was a long process and at times I could have given a little bit more of myself I was successful. I was blessed and for that - this week I am so Thankful.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Wheels on the Bus

I have not made a big to do about one of my accomplishments...I was waiting for the perfect time. And today was the day. This summer...I studied and took my Bus Driver's Test. I learned about all kinds of manly things...wheel cams, drum brakes, convex mirrors... and the like. The general knowledge test is 50 questions pulled from a 500 question pool-you can miss 10 and pass- I missed 8. Thank the Lord! I took a week and studied for the airbrake portion of the test and I passed it with flying colors. I had a bunch of people tell me that test was a doozy...umm it was whole bunch of questions about psi and that kind of stuff. Then I went to Bus School. It was a four hour class about the parts of a bus, a video about railroad crossings, and an eye test.
Then it was time for the driving...well having never sat in a bus driver's seat I was a bit nervous...but it wasn't that bad...after a test drive on the highway I was ready for my real test....The backing up was cones hit- The driving forward cones hit- The dock not so good...hit two cones- they could have been people but they were cones. The man giving the test was super nice and told me to be proud because most coaches have to get out and realign themselves over and over again..and I didn't even have to do it.
All this background to tell you that I am now the proud owner of a CDL- yep Commercial Driver's License. That means I have can drive a school bus, big church bus, even a charter bus, just can't drive a semi, but I won't say I will never be able to...might just get that add on next summer...or maybe not.
All school year I have dodged having to drive a bus. I laugh and walk away quickly when they say they need a driver. I made it through the first school trip easily enough and had decided getting my CDL was a waste...since I might never use it. Only I didn't get to weasel away last Friday. Oh yes, loaded with only one other teacher who would put her students on my bus with my class I drove children and teachers to Pontotoc's DownTown. Sounds scary right? Well, it was. Ok so I took the kids a fourth of a mile from school parked walked them all over downtown and brought them back. I left the bus parked in one area all day and dared someone to complain about it. I even took the key with me afraid that one of the bus shop boys would pull a prank on me and move the bus...
Me driving a bus entertained many of the teachers. One teacher would walk by and just laugh at the thought of me driving...others took pictures. I had told my students on Thursday night to go home get on their knees and pray we would stay safe. My principal texted me about a late student in the middle of the first stop on the field trip and I told him where I had to park and ask if that was okay...and replied...we'll see....oh no so I told him to get Jesus on the main line and pray the first time I drove my bus didn't get towed...
We made it through the day. I had even had a dream I tipped the bus on Main Street and at the very intersection it happened I prayed quickly and all wheels stayed on the ground. Thank the LORD. And people think there is no prayer in long as I'm teaching/driving my school day will be bathed in prayer. Hope this made y'all laugh and happy trails. If this summer you see a curly haired girl be-boppin down the interstate in a charter look twice it could be me

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Looky looky

Look who I found at Hobby Lobby yesterday! Shopping with my mom I ran
into my Mother in Law! She recently redid her house and had one of
his senior pics framed to match his sister's! So a I'm checking out
and Cullen's face made it's way to the front of the store! Yep check
out the hair--- ten years ago he was really blond and had lots of it!
Happy Flashback!