Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Well this photo is terrible, but exactly how I felt though after my first night of couch to 5k- this is like the gazillionth time I've started it- never making it past the 4th week! I hate running, I want to love it, I want to wake up to run... Think about the next few miles! I just can't! I think about the breathing, my shins, my steps... The next stopping place, the person talking next to me I can't hear for the sound of my heart banging in my ears! Oh and I think about my knees and how I love them an how they bend ever so painlessly and I appreciate that- I don't want to miss my knees, my cartilage-- I like all of it and the cushion it gives my patella!
So you see this fog is much like the fog of disdain and worry in mind as I hit the pavement! Somebody give me some advice- when does it get fun/easy?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Welcome to the World W.W.W.

My friend Ashley had her baby. She was only 25 weeks along, but praise the Lord he is doing well. He weighed in at 1lb. 11oz. and is 12 3/4 inches long.A tiny little boy, but a big fat miracle. Ashley is doing great! Everyone is so over joyed that he is thriving as well as he is right now. Continue to pray for the team of nurses and doctors that will be seeing after him for the next 10 weeks while he is in NICU. Pray for Ashley and Todd as they ready themselves for bringing home a sweet baby boy
Just a few visitors that came by...Aunt Amber, Great Aunt T, and good friend Caitlyn.
Below is a picture of me. I happened to be in the right place at the right time, and was able to go up and see that sweet baby. When they said we could touch him, I was so excited. He was precious, and little, and fragile. The expression on my face was one of fear not disgust. I have never touched such a little human. We are just praying he continues to surprise and WOW us, by this morning 2/21 he was off the vent. Keep praying.

Black and Yellow

Oh no, he isn't a Steelers fan, he is a Pontotoc Warrior fan. Woop! Woop! It took me since 2004 to convert him, but after three years almost as a Pontotocian he has finally donned his first ever Pontotoc Warrior shirt. He says he wore a tennis shirt, but that was tennis tournament shirt and that doesn't count. When I saw him strut this golden yellow shirt down the stairs last night, my heart leapt with joy. Oh yeah it won't be long before he does a tomahawk chop at the next game. It's official his Warrior Pride is Alive. GET FIRED UP!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Please friends pray for Ashley Weaver! She has been my friend since highschool and is right now in the hospital at 25 weeks pregnant trying to keep from delivering her baby boy! She has been in labor for the last 24 hours bless her heart! In your spare time lift her up and the doctors taking care of her!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine

He gets what he asks for... He asked for chocolate- and I served him up a little Death by Chocolate! He got everything he loves! And while I would have been like gag me- he was giddy! Boys- that y chromosome makes them just plain weird-

However because we have no reasons we can't eat out whenever, because I buy for myself like everyday is Valentine's we had a memorable night last night- yep I chose to eat at Chickfila- I jut thought it would be good and since my biggest loser diet was pretty much shot the last week we went! It was romantic- we talked over waffle fries- oh and had I not needed to be in bed by 7:30 my sweet hubby was going to take me to the movie I've been dying to see-- Never Say Never-- oh yeah it would have been fantastic buy I love sleep more than Justin Bieber- and I love Cullen enough not to make him sit through that!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Great Day on the Greens

Well, let me start by saying that Golf is not my sport. Oh how I would love for it to be. Cullen loves it, he enjoys walking the course...yeah carrying bag and all...DOES THAT NOT SOUND LIKE TORTURE? Okay so anyway, I guess I played three times last year. I want to be so good. I want it to be one of those moments that you just start something and have a natural knack for it. So far God hasn't revealed that in me yet. Maybe I should be more patient.
So today when we walked across to church Cullen said he was going to play today. I thought hmm. I should go. Since I spent all of the day in my sewing room yesterday and he hung out in his man cave..the sunshine on the Valentine's weekend would do us good. Now I must say that golf requires me to think of all the things I might need to be good. After my first time last year I went immediately to Tupelo and got a pink golf glove. I need it to be good, and to be taken more seriously.
All I'm good for is about three good holes and then I start getting extremely upset. I have yet to throw a club, but I see how it happens all the time. Okay so since you'd be bored with my rehashing of the score I'll list out now all the things I need to play golf...

-golf shoes- they would def. help
-a new putter- mine as Cullen said after three holes that he really had never had any luck with it... yep, he gets the nice stuff
-I really want a golf skirt- for the warmer weather of course
-some new club covers...mine look skanky- you know considering I bought my pink golf bag complete with 27 clubs for five the School of Ed. Yard Sale
- a book about what all those woods and irons are for--Cullen just gives me a number...and says it really doesn't matter since I can't consistently hit the ball.
-golf lessons- from someone that is unbiased
-golf ball retriever- it would keep Cullen from stepping into the water hazard I didn't quite clear and quickly became the last whole I played-

After the first hole I realized that I shouldn't get so frustrated with my inability to play...I should be grateful that I have the opportunity to get better. So to even out my wants, let me give some things I am glad I had on the course today

-1 box of Thin Mints...greatly helped-I'm a stress eater
-New Sunglasses from Christmas- def improved my game
-camera phone to capture the moments of my humiliation-
-1 box of Lemon Girl Scout Cookies to also aid in my frustration

Ice Road Rage and Humility???

As promised the post I know all of two people are waiting on...the account of my ice road trucker story.
My friend, Sharolyn, and I left Jackson early for two reason...1 the weather was to be bad...2 we needed one more stop by Target. We hit Target and then headed home. We laughed, sang, talked theology, life experiences, and just caught up the way only two women can do...
About Grenada it started spitting snow..nothing more than a few flakes. I called my dad to check in and get the weather report...he watches the Weather Channel a lot.
He said it wasn't that bad and we had plenty of time...
Pops has been wrong a lot lately with his weather predictions...and guess what...he was the time we were at Batesville, the roads were getting white. From the Batesville ramp to Oxford we saw about 7 cars off the road. At this time my stress level was rising. Not for fear of not getting home just knowing I was responsible for another person.
Instantly Shar starts calling her family-making sure everyone was safe and at home...yeah not one person had called me to check on me...So we continue on the road..keeping a distance from others and just past the Oxford red light on 6 like right before the Coliseum Exit sign...all traffic stops.
My stress turns to absolute panic. The snow if coming down and a trailer had jack knifed...stopping four lanes of traffic. Lots and lots of things raced through my mind.
-why has my mom not called?
-where could I stay in Oxford?
-How could i possibly get up an exit ramp?
In the midst of these thoughts the car to the front left of us...slides off the road...
we scream and grab hands...why like that would help. Checking my surroundings I look in the rearview mirror...guess what the GMC truck behind..quickly moves to the side of the road...yep stopping right off the road...I look to the right..and there is a ravine. So as we sit I think to myself..hmm maybe we should have stopped in Grenada to potty.
I want to throw my hands in the air in despair...but no I should really keep them on the wheel was my next thought. Okay so to add to the stress...Sharolyn's phone is blowing up... my phone has begun to blow up and we are still in the snow..inching forward..
But we were passed on the right by MDOT trucks and a wrecker...yep the wrecker slid off the then as the road clears and traffic begins moving we have been put beside and somehow behind an 18 wheeler that can not get the cab is going back and forth the wheels are spinning and the trailer itself is swaying..and guess what the ravine is till on the side...ahhhhahhhahha..
A sweet little police officer skates across the ice to see me..and my panic. .. he says he'll drive me Pontotoc...he laughs and says don't worry...I worry, I panicked...I almost cried but didn't. My girl Sharolyn...she did what she knows works..she kept telling me your doing great...this good...and basically we creeped home. It was a four hour trip from Grenada to Pontotoc..I have also never had to potty for that long in my the time I made it to the Thaxton Dollar General I left my car running and raced/slid into the store.
Once that was finished we finally made it to the roads that 'weren't that bad'. Cullen and Dennis, Shar's husband, had told us for four hours the roads on the other side of Oxford weren't bad at all...well guess took 3.5 hours to get to them.
I went through every emotion. Anger for being stuck, Fear of a wreck, Stress from the situation, laughter at the potty predicament, joy for the Pontotoc County Sign in Sight, embarrassment for almost losing it in front of a coworker, and then assurance that again God saw me through a difficult situation.
On a spiritual note, God has really been working on me lately about being obedient. I am just not a person that likes to be told what to do, or told how to do something. I am more of an independent person. I love my way- I would say that in the last six months God has used my prayer life as a way to call me into obedience. And as I have listened to his call and his will I must say that I have begun to see the blessings that are waiting.
In the midst of my mental breakdown on HWY 6, I felt God saying... Okay Felicia ask for my help...Call upon me and have faith... that of course was between the curse words I was thinking and wanting to blurt out...oh you see he works on me with those thoughts, too. As you can see God has his hands full with me. But God was faithful to us and he brought us home safely...and he even blessed me with the next day off which I needed to deal with the Post Traumatic Stress the drive gave me. Hope you could laugh with this or be worried the next time the roads ice up- don't worry I will NOT be on the road Good Lord willing.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Oh Happy Day

It may seem odd to non teachers but today will be the wildest day of the school year! Why, you might say-- because we are having our Valentine's Day party! Crazier than Halloween more exciting than Christmas! Love will be in the air and it will be visible in the candy induced smiles of my eight year old babies! I can't wait! Since I haven't worked a day this week because of a conference in Jackson and the snow day yesterday, today will be fun! I'm thinking art projects, cupcakes, and of course the Valentine Exchange-- woo hoo!
If you want to pray for our day go ahead, if you want to come by and share in the fun drop on by the school, but if you want to talk to me when it is all over call before 8:30 after that I'll be in the bed resting! Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

With the Snow

Pollyanna gets to come inside and becomes the most entitled animal ever.
Mom comes over to stay so she can make it to work, she brings us dinner, and makes me laugh with looks like this...
Icicles that look like this...
This view from my front door...

Meemaw's Banana Bread

Meemaw refers to Mrs. Rachel Johnstone, Leslie's grandmother. For a number of years she taught math at Pontotoc. I knew her through Leslie but also as a diligent walker at the Wellness Center in my more faithful years. She passed away in the spring of 2007 just before Leslie's wedding. This is one of my favorite recipes that Leslie has ever shared. I hope you enjoy. I cooked this with each snow we had this year. It is wonderful with cream cheese icing! Enjoy!

Summer Read 2011

I know with snow on the ground you aren't thinking about Summer Reading, but I started and finished this book in about three hours! It is a wonderful glimpse at what child like faith means. While I borrowed this book from a friend I will most certainly go buy my own copy very soon! Add this book to your beach reads if you can wait that long-- if not-- maybe for your snowy weekend reads!

Story to Follow

This picture has a story behind it-- I can't decide which direction to go- God's Grace
Comedy-- it really could go either way-so when I can get my words out get some tissue ready-- you could be in tears-- from laughing or crying-
(I know that my mother in law is the only person that will read this and the religiously check back just to see when I post the story- thank you Ms Debi;)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

To Infinity...

And Beyond--- Haha
I'm in Jackson at a technology conference and it has been a lot of fun- as you can see! I've also had a lot of time to workout along with my fearless sidekicks- we have to save the world- gotta fly ;)


Cullen turned 28 Superbowl Sunday- I feel the need to give his stats for the year much like someone would when a child is six months old--
*Cullen has really enjoyed grilling this year, trying out new BBQ sauces, recipes, and techniques.
*He decided this year to be a ref for soccer- he almost froze a couple times but he made it through the season.
* He sold 'Big Blue'
* Golf became his summer past time
He is just so precious! Love him!

Clark the Collector

This is my teacher from back in the day,
She taught, she paints and collects along the way,
Her store is filled with all things old,
Treasures, memories, silver and gold.
Her mathematic mind is still very keen,
Saturday she said she could out calculate me.
In her store of antiques I shop and I browse,
To search and find the latest piece she's housed.
A hat, a coat, a fur caplet, and and a pose,
A photoshoot, called for a poem not prose,
To glimpse at a teacher, who hasn't quit teachin'
Just not about math, now it's antiques she's preachin!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

These Gals

These gals are my newest workout partners in crime! Our school is doing the biggest loser! Two weight classes, twenty bucks a teacher, 12 weeks! Pretty much our staff is hungry! We are drinking enough water to drowned a horse, eating fresh foods, not eating, an working out! We are tracking calories, cutting carbs, and comparing diets... I feel for our students and our principal-- just think he is surrounded by 500 students and 60 staff- who are hungry! Tonight we city girls went out to the Longview Community for Zumba and running!
My biggest sacrifice thus far is giving up carbonated beverages- I drank up to 6 diet cokes a day-- I miss them as much as I imagine a newly quit smoker misses their old habit! I am journaling daily my thoughts and cravings by summer I should have a great book!

Guess What

I'm driving a route tomorrow afternoon- say a prayer for safe roads, safe travel, and patience.