Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wild New Year

Well, I'd love to tell u that we had the craziest time for new years
eve but no for the second year in a row we r in the room watching
football to ring in 2010! I'm sure I'll be asleep by midnight! We
wish each of the two readers we might have a very happy and prosperous
new year!

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We Are Here

Cullen's office had an event and we were able to talk and meet up with
old friends and Rebs like us!

We Are Here

Yes our journey today has been uneventful! We made it safely to our

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Mighty Mississippi?

Well she would be mighty if she wasn't shrouded in fog, mist, and
gloom! Maybe she is like me and wishes she didn't have get up so early!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ode to My Car Battery

Well our tummies were full as we walked to the car...
Yes u see my door not ajar,
Would not unlock I thought how wierd
worse yet big al, my car, had me scared
Oh not dead forever just for a bit
U see sir Cullen left my headlights lit
Our two hour dinner was devine and great
Oh but the cold car and the 30 minute wait
left something to desire
A nice starter that'd fire...
Ode to the battery dead as could be
Just the start of our trip to the big D!

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Cullen @ the Chris

Oh he loves his food so far!

On the road...

We are headed to Dallas by way of Jackson! Tonight we are having
dinner at Ruth's Chris and staying with my brother then tomorrow we
leave to spend another New Year's Eve in the big D! Let's hope the
Rebs can win this one to finish out the year on a good note!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Empire State of Mind

On Sunday I woke up super early to catch a flight out of Memphis with two of my fave people in the whole wide world, Meagan and Ms. Julie to New York City! It was a fast and furious trip but it was great.

We got to Newark about 1:30 and caught a cab into the city. Our hotel was in the Garment District, so with a quick change of clothes we were off to grab a bite at the Stardust Cafe in Times Square and then on to see the TREE! After a stop by some shops we headed to Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockettes. They were WONDERFUL! Everyone should see a show like that before you die. From the organ music at the beginning to the Living Nativity Scene at the end it was an event to see. From the show we made our way back to the hotel to rest.

Monday we woke up ready to shop. We got all of our shopping out of the way for other people and managed to make it to Chinatown before 10. After our purchases were made in a crazy side room we headed to Little Italy for a snack. It was right past too many steps in Soho that I realized quickly we needed a cab. I see a family exiting a cab walk to secure it for us and a lady tries to steal my cab....I know can you believe that. I felt like my southern accent made them think I was made of honey, but it didn't take me too long to say REALLY? and get my cab back. I don't know if it was the bitter cold, tired feet, or jet lag, but NYC got to me and I had to bite back. With that confession out of the way we headed back to the hotel to drop off our bags and take a short nap...After waking we decided to take a stroll up Fifth Avenue and shop for Megan's prom dress and of course for ourselves. Up until this point I have failed to mention that the windchill bounced between 8 degrees and 17 degrees while we were there. It was bitterly cold. After a brief stop in Burger Heaven to regain our strength and partake in the ABSOLUTE BEST HOT CHOCOLATE EVER....we headed to FAO Schwartz for candy and then to UnderArmor for another layer of warmth. Then we headed to Central Park to check off another event off our list of things to do! Yes we went ice skating! I am not an athletic person...oh don't get me wrong...I would Love to say I was...but I am not. I try to keep up but the older I get the more I realize exactly how many things I can do to injure myself, break bones, tear up my knees...You need your knees to sit, stand, and walk. So let it be said I skated on the ice...but it was really close to the rail. After a few cute pics and 45 minutes of absolute memory making we headed to the hotel. It was worth the cab cost to take a toasty ride to the hotel.

On Tuesday we had a to do list and by lunch all but two things were checked off. Bloomingdales, Saks, J.Crew, Macy's and lots of other stores...we even added to it seeingthe FDNY in action as well as seeing a foreigner accost an innocent bystander in Macy's over food and a place to sit. After talking to my Uncle Lamar that lives in NYC we made plans to meet and see the Alvin Ailey Dance Company. I was in awe of how they moved. It was a late night with Uncle Lamar and I worried Julie and Meagan, but it was a nice evening. We flew out of NYC with a little less snow on the ground and a little more luggage, but it was one of the best vacations I have ever had.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


She is here and full of personality

Friday, December 25, 2009


This was my gift I was most excited to give!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Soldier of my Very Own

My uncle took my request to heart and made me a toy soldier out of
jelly beans! It was a work of art and I was impressed!

Let me Catch you Up

On our lives...I realize up until my latest NYC trip you have been without faithful blogging for me. For this I am sorry. Life happens. Here is a quick trip down memory lane the last month or so...Get ready for a fast paced trip. Then I will excite you with posts about NYC with real pictures and all.

First stop on our trip...

November 1st. Our family celebrated my Grandmother's annual birthday dinner. This is the 20th celebration since her death in 1989. Every year we gather and have dressing and other holiday style foods. This is the official holiday kickoff for me. It was one week later this year because I was working an Emmaus walk on the prescheduled weekend.

And now our first pitstop...
Please remember me in your prayers...This is my National Boards Box...within it I have all things terrible and other words all my nation board stuff. I am not looking forward to this process as much as I once was and no longer and giddy about it. I dread it, don't want to look at the box, and right now will not attempt to do anything with it until after NEW YEARS...(insert devilish laugh)

Next stop...Ellie's visit

Yes her parents brought her for a visit just before Thanksgiving. Yes she is cuter than ever. She is talking, sitting up and eating more than ever. Oh and for all of those wondering...yes, she still love Cullen more than she loves me. She reaches for him, laughs and talks to him, and just stares at him.

Next stop down memory lane...Thanksgiving...

China or Chinette? I hosted Thanksgiving for the second year in a row. The Pollards and the Carters came together for a slightly smaller gathering than last year. Every other year Brett and Kathy and Rayanne's Family aren't able to make it for other family obligations. This was our small year. Serving only 13. I

The night before Thanksgiving Cullen and I got into the discussion of what was correct paper plates of china. Well, it is conversations like these that can really divide a family or make you realize exactly how differently two people were raised.

I am the youngest grandchild on both sides of my family. Cullen is the oldest. So as I see it everyone was grown by the time I came along. Meaning that nice dishes were in no danger of getting broken. For Cullen there were lots of children around running and playing...lots could get broken.

For as long as I can remember at all holiday dinners on each side of my family we used China, even my dad's side and he isn't the China type of person, but it was just how our families did dining. Not once while holiday dining with Cullen's extended family have we used china. I accredit this to the size of Cullen's family. Most of our guest can easily sit at two tables. At a gathering at Cullen's family homes people abound.

However in our married life Cullen comments each year how crazy it is we go to all the trouble to get out the China some years bringing mom's as well and having to wash each dish afterward, and wash the table linens. Crazy or not it is now one of our family traditions. So until our family outgrows my 16 place settings and I can no longer borrow mom's 12 place setting we will be using china and silver and my newly monogrammed napkins.

Last stop...Christmas in the Delta

Cullen's sister Faren is very much a delta resident. I have stated time and time again how I don't know how anyone lives in the delta, but those that do love it... And I am happy for them.

Saturday, December 12 we went to the delta to celebrate Christmas with Faren and her boyfriend Dave. It was a very last minute trip. Cullen called me on Friday at 2:30 and said we were to go. So we went 6 hours round trip. Faren did what I normally do for holidays she provided the place and let her mom provide the meal. My mom likes Ms. Debi is an A+ caterer...The meal was driven the presents were brought and the Christmas plates were used. (when Faren gets married I'll monogram her some napkins ;)

I was only able to snap one or two pictures. Sometimes I just don't think about using my camera.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vera take us Home

Yes we arrived with cordinating luggage we will depart in matching
Giants shirts! Oh and here is your laugh for the day... While waiting
for departure a young man said.. I'm trying to figure out your accent,
is it Australlian? Meagan replied no it's southern very matter of
factly We are from Mississippi! Julie added that Mississippi is
almost like another country...g'day from Newark mates

I will not

Miss these crowds, but I will miss the stores!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Martha...Can u Make me one?

Yes this stands about two feet tall and was for sale for a mere 300
dollars! Martha Stewart if u read this can u make me one? Thanks!

At Home at Macy's

Yes we found refuge in the home department at Macys! It was nice...
Real nice!


Yes my small town self wanted to know where the fire was... And
normally at home I call Ms Bridget who has a scanner and always
knows! I got lots of good pics for y'all


Where we are...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Dear Uncle Wayne

My dear Uncle Wayne... This is what I need for Christmas! This
soldier is made entirely from jelly beans... And jelly belly jelly
beans at that! Since my sweet uncle has gifted me with these before
it never hurts to ask again

The Old Gray Mare Aint What She Used To Be

Shop Till You Drop

Let it be said that yes all three of is admit to taking a short snooze
in the cab ride from Soho to the hotel... And once there we all agreed
to take a 35 minute nap... Yes we shopped all morning and are about to
head out for round two!


It's decided we r not coming home... We have three accounts at First
National that need more money! All contribution are appreciated!

To little Italy We Go

Loving the scenery as we walked to Little Italy for a snack!

Headed to Chinatown

Yes the windchill is 17 and our noses r cold but we are shopping all

Sunday, December 20, 2009

They were Wonderful! Words can not describe how great they were!
Stay tuned tomorrow for our adventures in the big apple!

Radio City

This tree was hanging in the lobby... Made completely from swarosky
crystals! It just keeps getting better and better!

The Tree

Yes that is the tree in Rockefellar Center! Baby it's cold outside!

First Meal

We are enjoying the music at he stardust cafe as I type! Snow is
deep, streets are slushy, New York is GREAT!

Too close for comfort

Yeah that wing of our plane is really close to the big jet fuel tanker
that says
Flammable! YIKES!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Unwanted Tree

I love Christmas! Everyone knows how much I love to decorate...well I
married a man that hates all the stuff... This tree was my yearly
addition to the house. I decided I needed a 4th tree and thanks to my
mother inlaws sweet friend I was given one!
Ms Vicki Burch generously gave us a tree around thanksgiving... It was
huge so instead of storing it I put it up early in our den! Next came
the living from tree then the below features dining room tree and
lastly our kitchen tree, and it was work! But I love Christmas in
every room!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gotta Love

A fall night in Oxford!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Double Bunko

Heather as Frenchie from Grease

Nat as Rizzo and Me as the Great Pumpkin

My friend, Heather, loves Halloween. She also loves having Bunko on Halloween so she can get everyone all dressed up. Well, this year she had both of her Bunko groups at her home to play.

I give "Lil Too White and Nelly" the award for Best Costume. Mary Beth and Kay stayed in character all night. Yes that is a piece of a car hanging from a necklace....