Saturday, August 31, 2013

Friday, August 30, 2013

Pontotoc Rebel Tailgate

 The night of the first kickoff we helped get the season started at the Pontotoc Rebel Tailgate at the Tutor's cabin.  I was nervous to take Jett at such a late time, since he isn't known for behaving during his 'witching hour'.   It was HOT, but he did really well.  He loves an audience so once we got there and people talked to him, he was happy.  It was still really hot to be holding a 22lb child, but it was a fun night with good snacks.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Game Day

Jett's First Countdown to Kickoff

Each day for the 10 days counting down to Ole Miss Rebel kickoff, I dressed Jett in a different red and blue outfit.  I sewed more these past two weeks than I have in a long time.  I have loved taking our morning picture.  Boys are just harder to dress up than little girls.  Cullen rolled his eyes several times as I planned his next day, but I enjoyed every day.  I look forward to the coming years as he grows into that jersey.  Memories made.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

31 Weeks

This has by far been the most fun week with Jett of the last 31.  He has gotten so much more active and loving this week.  He is really starting to move, not crawl, but he makes a way to get things he wants.  We are finishing out the last of the size 3 diapers and are going to move to size 4.  His outfit in this picture was the second one I made, the first was too short in the shoulders, so we gifted it to another little Rebel we know.  He weighs in at a whopping 22 pounds.  On Friday we found two bottom teeth had made their way through his gums and those little things are super sharp.  We have still been battling his ears, but it really hasn't gotten him down.  He doesn't sleep through the night and his best sleep is from about 3-7 in the morning.  We are so in love with him, seven months and we are still smitten.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Seven Months

 Jett turned seven months, seven days before Ole Miss Football Season kicks off.  We have been counting down the days and have worn different school spirited outfits.  I hate to say it, but I'm a bit tired of red and blue.  So I'd be lying if I said the seven month has been easy.  Jett was sick last week and Cullen and I both had head colds as well, so we have all been in a bit of a foul mood.  We went to the doctor last Friday only to find the cough I was worried about was not a thing but on a routine ear check, he had a double ear infection.  I must say that him being sick irritates me.  I guess I figure if I had to suffer through the early weeks of nursing and have kept it up, he should be the healthiest kid on the block.  He was as happy as could be all weekend.  He might have taken an extra nap or two, but for the most part he showed no symptoms of sickness.  Then Tuesday came and the babysitter called, and we were back at the doctor.  We came home with a new antibiotic and I felt like I had a newborn that night.  To anyone who has a child with chronic ear aches: I don't know how you survive. One night like that and I was ready to wave the white flag.  Wednesday afternoon, our old Jett Boy was back.  I am thankful for antibiotics and baby sitters who know how to love on an under the weather baby.
Our sickness made us miss Jett's buddy, Tyler's, first birthday party.  We did make it to the Rebel/Bulldog tailgate for a few minutes and the week before we went to visit Mr. McCarty.  Football season is coming, so I can't wait for month eight.
Still wears a size three diaper.
Weighed 21lb. 4oz. at his doctor's visit.
Has tried several new foods.  
He loves to stand up with someone.  
He says, Ba, Da, and La - no MA :(
His hear is getting a little thicker.
He loves loves loves bath time and if Cullen isn't around he loves to splash.
More than anything he loves an audience.  He will smile at anyone and let anyone hold him.  
He also loves a mirror.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Big Boy Bath Time

It is a sad fact that Jett has not taken a bath in the big bath tub at our house for seven months.  I blame it on us being lazy parents.  We don't want to lug him upstairs.  We have a big blue bath tub we fill every night and sit on the counter and bathe him in.  He likes it, it is easier for us and the day will come when it isn't an option, so we do what works.  We wanted to put Henry and Jett in the tub together, Jett was game...Henry was not.  In fact he screamed bloody murder the whole time.  He was tired from their travels and was ready for bed.  Jett on the other hand was ready for play.  He loves an audience.  Even in the bathroom this boy is happy.  

A Tale of Two Little Rebels in Pictures

 Friends Forever
 Jett telling a Joke
 Jett: (laughing at his own joke. )
Lily James: not amused.
 Jett: Is that not the funniest joke ever? 
Lily James: I want to be anywhere but here.
 Jett: Man, I'm funny. 
Lily James: He's not that funny.
Jett: I think she likes me.  
 Lily James: While he's distracted, I'm gonna go.
 Jett: Hey where you going?
 Lily James: No he didn't just touch my booty
 Jett: She really likes me. 
Lily James: Don't flatter yourself.
 Jett: Hey wait, is she leaving me? 
Lily James: Oh now wait, don't be sad.
 Jett: Go ahead girl, leave me.
 Lily James: Now wait, I may have second thoughts.
 Jett: I'm okay, I'm okay, I'm okay. 
Lily James: Oh, I could stay.
Jett: I miss her already. Come back.