Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend Update

Friday night I went to Oxford to play bunko with my group. It was nice just to catch up with my friends and I won two gifts, too! Yesterday Cullen headed to Taylor with his dad to do some kinda hunting stuff? and I was able to sew all day. We went to eat at Kyoto's with our Sunday School class last night and then we were able to visit with Cole, Megan, Mollie and Tyler after dinner. A weekend filled with fellowship...couldn't ask for more.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Yeah that means New York City...guess what? I am going there soon, like three months from today soon. My friend Meagan and her mom decided we wanted to go around Christmas and on Friday Ms. Julie booked the trip. The last time I was in New York was Christmas 2006 with my friend Taylor so I am super excited to be going back. We will be making our quick trip right before Christmas and will be coming home on the 23rd. I can't wait. Just because I'm excited I decided to post from my last trip. Oh and I guess I will be taking all forms of Christmas gifts in monetary donations to my empty pocket fund.

Labor Day Weekend

I had told you guys in an earlier post that Cullen went on the Walk to Emmaus...I didn't mention it was Labor Day Weekend...he missed Dove Day and Ole Miss's first game. He also missed a night and morning with Ellie. My brother and his wife stopped by on their way to Nashville and then stopped by on Labor Day as they were headed back to Jackson. SO Ellie got to see her Uncle Cullen finally- and she was happy!

All Pink Party

My mom celebrated her 58th birthday at my house with and all pink party.
The decorations

about to blow out her candles

after dessert

Mom with Jason

Doctor Doctor...Gimme the News....

Last Sunday Cullen noticed that Pollyanna Pollard wasn't looking so good. She arrived at our house with a bum tail and on Sunday it seemed to be getting worse. So we called in the doctor...not one we would have to pay...remember I have yet to spend money on this pet. Cullen's mom and dad came over with their doctor bag in tow and helped doctor on her tail. Cullen wrapped her in a towel, Ms. Debi held her tightly and Mr. Jimmy put on gloves and began work. Her tail had an inch and half scab that wrapped around the end. Mr. Jimmy took it off and then began to put on antibiotic ointment and some salve that the vet had given them a while back. She also had a dose of oral antibiotic. I think she is recovering nicely. Her tail still looks gross, but she is strutting around waving it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sadie's Birthday

Today is my mom's birthday. She has been celebrating all week long and will most likely celebrate into the weekend... but she just loves a party. Tonight we will have her "All Pink Party" at my house.

For many years I have referred to her as Sadie instead of mom, it is my pet name for her in case you were wondering. I don't know what I would do with out her. So Happy Birthday Sadie!


Yes, I am talking about PollyAnna Pollard our new pet. Ha, I know what you guys are thinking...Felicia, you hate animals...and yes under most circumstances I would rather not touch or be around pets...Cullen on the other hand has strong blood lines of animal lovers... so we now how a pet. My friend, Leslie, thought our new pet is monumental...I think it was a moment of weakness. Let it be said I have yet to spend a penny on this animal. She came up to our porch and Cullen decided to feed her. So guess what...she stayed...
She is a bit disabled and maybe that is why I have a soft spot for her.... Pictures will be posted later.

Cullen's Walk

This past weekend Cullen went to the Walk to Emmaus. This is a retreat run by the Methodist church, but open to all denominations. I went on the Walk two years ago and have been begging Cullen ever since. The goals of the Walk to Emmaus are to produce strong Christian leaders in local churches, to Christianize communities and to deepen individuals' relationship with God. I think you take these objectives and so many more away from the weekend. Cullen was very set on not going...but on Sunday afternoon at closing he was more than glad he went. Our family has been blessed by this and we are praying for other that we would like to sponsor to go. Imagine what 72 uninterrupted hours with Jesus can really mean to someone.