Sunday, October 25, 2015

33 Months

Time is moving at hyper warp speed these days.  It might be caused by the over booking of our schedules but whatever the reason my sweet baby boy is quickly approaching 3.

He is also moving into the terrible threes.  He is overly independent one moment and the next moment he needs to hold my hand or 'hold you me' as he says to make sure he is safe.

He worries we are going to leave him and I have had to tell him this week that we will always come back and get him.  We go through the places we might leave him and he finishes the phrase with- you come back and get me.  For example.  I say: Mama and Daddy will take you to church, and he says - you come back and get me.  Then I say: We take you to Sadie's house, and he follows with: you come back and get me.  We then continue through all the places, the sitter's house, his DD and Papaw's house, his Mamaw's house.  It is crazy but he just needs to be reassured we are not going to leave him without coming back.

He is completely potty trained, no pull ups for about the last three months.  When we came home from the beach in July we stopped putting them on him at night and he has been great, no accidents.

He loves a hamburger and prefers my mom to make him a slider on Hawaiian Rolls for him, they are small and he can hold them himself.  I think he likes the independence.  He also loves to drink Orange Crush at my mom's as well.  She better be bringing him tooth brushes and more tooth paste for Christmas at the rate she feeds him whatever his heart desires.

He is tough as nails.  Falls don't really bother him.  He dropped a weight on his foot this weekend while he was 'working out' he said and he cried for about a minute and was fine after that.

He still loves a train but enjoys watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse now, too.

He wears a size 2T but I'm buying him 3T now so he has room to grow.  His latest shoes are a size nine.  I hope they make it through the winter.

His hair is out of control.  As long as he has gel in it, it looks manageable, but without he looks like Bozo the Clown.

He doesn't like choir on Wednesday nights and he does better at Mission Friends if I'm not in the room.

He tells me his Daddy is his best friend, his best buddy, and his favorite.  Sometimes he will tell me I'm his best girl.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Dressing Up

 Jett has recently begun to dress up.  He doesn't mind donning an engineer hat, a fire hat, or on one particular day his Mickey Mouse costume.
We rode to Tupelo and shopped with Mickey himself.  It didn't bother Jett one bit.  I was not going to be one of those happened, Jett won.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jett's Recent Quotable Quotes

Jett talks all the time.  Literally if you are talking and he wants to talk over you, he will jump right in with his story.

A week or so ago on Thursday he announced to Cullen on the way home he was frustrated.  When Cullen asked why he said, "I got in trouble at Mimi's again."

Last week on Thursday when Cullen picked him up from the sitter I got a text saying he was in the car with Forrest Gump.  Jett kept repeating, "Mama says you don't bite people.  Mama says you got to be quiet at church.  Mama says to be sweet."  What I know for sure, he is remembering the things I tell him over and over again...time to start him memorizing scripture.

On the way back from the beach I was recapping the Walking Dead premier for Cullen.  As I read from my phone what had happened Jett said, "Stop that racket, Mama"  Racket is Jett's latest vocabulary word, we think he heard it from his sitters.

Last night on the way to pick up dinner Jett said, "I need my Daddy, he's my best friend."  It was a heart melting moment.  He is really talking about best friends these days and his friends.  At church he talks about his friends coming to play with him.

Things he says a lot right now:
-________ is my favorite...  insert anything he wants into the blank  Mickey Mouse, his red shoes, his television show
-I don't want to be quiet... Any time I try to tell him to shhh, he will loudly say this.
-I not say my words.  He has an issue making the L sound.  He substitutes the sound with a W sound.  Any time we try and get him to correct himself he crosses his arms and says this.

Monday, October 12, 2015