Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jett's Recent Quotable Quotes

Jett talks all the time.  Literally if you are talking and he wants to talk over you, he will jump right in with his story.

A week or so ago on Thursday he announced to Cullen on the way home he was frustrated.  When Cullen asked why he said, "I got in trouble at Mimi's again."

Last week on Thursday when Cullen picked him up from the sitter I got a text saying he was in the car with Forrest Gump.  Jett kept repeating, "Mama says you don't bite people.  Mama says you got to be quiet at church.  Mama says to be sweet."  What I know for sure, he is remembering the things I tell him over and over again...time to start him memorizing scripture.

On the way back from the beach I was recapping the Walking Dead premier for Cullen.  As I read from my phone what had happened Jett said, "Stop that racket, Mama"  Racket is Jett's latest vocabulary word, we think he heard it from his sitters.

Last night on the way to pick up dinner Jett said, "I need my Daddy, he's my best friend."  It was a heart melting moment.  He is really talking about best friends these days and his friends.  At church he talks about his friends coming to play with him.

Things he says a lot right now:
-________ is my favorite...  insert anything he wants into the blank  Mickey Mouse, his red shoes, his television show
-I don't want to be quiet... Any time I try to tell him to shhh, he will loudly say this.
-I not say my words.  He has an issue making the L sound.  He substitutes the sound with a W sound.  Any time we try and get him to correct himself he crosses his arms and says this.

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