Monday, August 15, 2011

Like Sands Through the Hour Glass

So back in April, before I went to the Sugarland Concert in Nashville, I thought it would be a great idea to get a couple of feathers.  Yea I acted trendy and thought I needed them.  I got super normal colors that would blend with my hair and I loved them.  I thought I couldn't see them very well so I got brave and got a white one in Tupelo, then at the beach I thought it was a great idea to get a pink one and then in mid June I thought oh what the heck I'll get a couple of more.  So by summer's end I was about to be half bird on the left side of my head.
Last night I decided I was over the feathers and I needed them out of my hair immediately.  I asked Cullen to find me some pliers and I would take them out.  By the time he found them my friend Leslie was at my house and she wanted her feather out, too.  Cullen works and works trying to get it out and all of a sudden he hands me the two feathers....I look and in shock realize that he didn't break the clamp that held them in...oh no...he just used the pliers to cut my hair above the clamp...what the HECK...when did he think that would be a great idea?
So yeah I have a small bald spot and then I removed the rest on my own.  What was he remorse he tweeted me that he was sure it would go back...
Boys-what goes through their mind?  And on that same note what was going through my mind when I let him get pliers close to my skull...and so are the days of our lives....

Sunday, August 14, 2011


 My friend Molly from highschool had a Mexican Fiesta for a friend's 29th birthday.  Guests were asked to wear bright colors and enjoy some Spanish cuisine.  It was  a great way to ring in Lauren's last year before she turns 30 and a good time for friends to get together.
 Leslie, Me, & Molly
 Leslie was so proud of her authentic dress.  Her mom got the dress from Mexico in the 70's- Leslie loves vintage clothes.
Cullen said he had no Mexican attire so he wore the brightest shirt he could find...I question if that is truly his brightest shirt, but he is not one for much flare.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Did you think I had fallen from the face of the Earth?  Well, I haven't just yet, but I can see it coming soon. Administrative work has opened my eyes to another side of education all together.  A side that is unreal to me how closely I worked with it and never had a grasp of it.  We are alive and kicking on our little corner and hopefully this weekend I can catch you all up with photos of everything, but until then I have to ready myself for what seems like a 42hour day.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Missions Night

After coming back from St. Thomas every member of our team wanted to share.  We all have sat through a missions night report at church before and it takes FOREVER and most people say the SAME thing.  So as an alternative to a lecture style report with slide shows...FBC hosted a missions night like never before.  Each team was responsible for a table that was decorated to show the church members what exactly our mission was and how successful it was.  I was in charge of our table and with the technology help of Meagan we were able to give the church an idea of all we did.
OF course the Baptist that we are- compiled it with an ice cream social and it was a great time of fellowship.  The bracelets we are wearing above are a symbol of the Virgin all the girls got one.

Bodock 2011

My favorite cousin Jason called on a Thursday wanting to know if his band could play at the house for a Bodock party--- we said yes! Cullen grilled all day and we enjoyed good friends and good music into the night!