Sunday, April 24, 2011

Summer Reading

So while I know I started summer reading during the snow days in February I have read this one while laying out! This is the fifth book I have read by this author-- love her style! She is the author of the books Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Baby Proof, & Love the One Your With. I recommend these books to anyone who loves easy beach reads...
Since I'm not really sure how many books that aren't school books I'll be reading this summer I am trying to utilize my weekends for beach reading! I have a stack I've been collecting with this summer in mind and can't wait to put this one in the library and move onto the stack! What summer books are my two readers reading this summer???

Friday, April 22, 2011

High School Reunion

Okay so it wasn't the real reunion but it was just as exciting! Today as I was coming through town I see these three girlies standing! I quickly pull in and had my mom take a picture! Kala, Leslie and I already had plans for a girls' night but seeing Tabitha absolutely made my day! I hadn't seen Tab since we walked across warrior field ten years ago next month! So I was excited to find she and her husband are moving back to town! Oh how I Love these girls and the memories we made while in school! Oh and for all those wondering minds- Kala and I are not extremely under dressed in purpose- Les wanted to get ready early in the day an Tab had been looking at real estate!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Yo Gabba Gabba

Ellie turned two on Friday and we celebrated Sunday afternoon in Jackson. At some point last week my mom told me that my brother would be making the cake for the party. I smiled knowing the trouble he would get into not knowing how to do it...and said OK-
Well, to be helpful I messaged him a few pictures online that I found for a Yo Gabba Gabba party.
My mom even decided to go to Jackson early to help out. This was the cake. Kathy, my sister in law said that I was the motivation for Brett to make this cake. He had to out do me. Oh he did a great job. Each tier was a different flavor, the fondant was homemade. This was the first cake, the second cake was just for back up. I must say I was impressed.
Adding to the awesomeness of the cake was that my brother even dressed up as the D.J. from the show. Yeah, he did.
While the kids played outside, so did I. I found Brett's camping hammock. It was great to just take a load off and rest after the drive down to Jackson.

These two still love each other. I swear I thought she would grow out of it, but she hasn't. Ugh...I'll never be the favorite.

Dave Barnes

After the baby shower I met Julie and Meagan in Oxford to switch cars and head to Memphis. Meagan introduced us to Dave Barnes while laying out at the pool last year. He is a singer/songwriter from Middle Tennessee. Think Jack Johnson/Sanders Bohlke/ mixed with possibly some Gavin DeGraw. Just great easy listening in a very intimate setting. Good music, good friends, good night.

Baby Anderson

Saturday the girls from high school got together in Oxford to hostess a baby shower for our friend Carrie. It was a perfect day, great weather, Lindsay's beautiful home, and most of the girls back in one place to catch up and shower the mom to be.

Just over a year ago we were showering this little mama with gifts for sweet Presley.
Of course I had to hold the baby girl. She is so sweet and cuddly, but fun to hand right back to her mama. With all the stress I will have next year...I will not be needing a little bundle of joy anytime soon...or next year for that matter.
This little lady flew in from Florida, and it was so GREAT to see her. Even better is that not only will she be here for another day...she is moving back super soon. Life couldn't get better- everyone back together again.

And what would a day together be if Leslie and I didn't have a photoshoot.
Fun times with great friends to celebrate the upcoming baby boy. I can't wait to meet Baby Anderson.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Trigger's 60th

Trigger is the nick name given to Mr. Brent, my boss from college. I know that in the seven years I worked there I heard how he got the name...but can't for the life of me remember right now.
His wife worked really hard planning and pulling off a surprise party for him last night. He was surprised I'm sure for a couple of reasons. One being not many people really know is true age. He has always done a great job not showing his age, but after my many years working there I always remember he and my mom are the same age.

Mrs. Laura and many of the Chaney's girls wound up keeping him away from their home and out and about in Oxford to make sure the guests were in place when he pulled in around 7:30. The deck was filled with friends, family, & Chaney's alumni.

I was excited to see everyone, but also so ready to see Mr. Bob or Bob Bob as I call him. Mr. Brent's dad has always held a super special place in my heart. We have kept up with each other since I retired from Chaney's and I was so glad to see him. He and I have spent several Christmas Eve's wrapping gifts, many Valentine's Days selling perfume, and a few too many Thanksgivings eating left overs. He is a one of a kind.
Mr. Brent swears he was truly surprised. It was a great night with no detail being over looked. Mrs. Laura enjoys throwing parties and she again pulled off another wonderful event.

25 Again

My dear friend Leslie has the great fortune to have been born on the April Fool's Day. She like me loves to celebrate her birthday and last weekend we went to enjoy a night out in Oxford. Cullen was there to help capture the moments on the 'Funsaver'. (Cullen has been our photographer since Grad School)