Friday, November 27, 2015

The Polar Express

Mollie asked us in September if we would be interested in a family trip to the Polar Express.  Jett Boy loves a train and I love an event to take pictures at, so we signed up.  It was so good to finally meet baby Carson.  We got to love on baby Olivia James as well.  Once we got off the train we saw the Whittingtons and we all got together for a family picture.  It was a precious time with sweet friends, made sweeter by getting the unexpected surprise of seeing Preston and Anna.  These babies are so fun.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Phoenix & the Long Way Home

 My friend, Dina, and I were able to go to Phoenix for a Homeless conference for our district.  Dina is my sweet friend who is our school counselor and for 30 minutes of her day we recap our lives, talk through our problems, and process what comes across our desk.  She is amazing.  She doesn't travel a lot and I was super excited for her to get to take this trip.
 The conference was fun and we enjoyed spending time with the LMS counselors while we were there.  On the morning we were to fly home our flight to Denver was canceled.  We stayed steady with our plans to get to the airport and I just knew my southern charm would get us home.  It would have until we were in line with Ramon who might have been from an Eastern European country that didn't really get my southern it may have gotten lost in translation.  We got NOWHERE with him and we were scrambling to get to another place to get back home.
 We wound up flying to LAX then to Dallas then to Memphis before driving home.  We ate breakfast in Arizona, Lunch in LA, Dinner in Dallas and went on just about every type of transportation to get to our homes.  We flew across a huge storm flying in to Memphis and the drive home almost killed us with the heavy rain, but we made it.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Bo's Birthday

We celebrated our sweet Bo turning 33 at KOK.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


We are easily making our way from one Wednesday night to the next.  Each week it is just a test to see how Jett will act.  He loves to play and doesn't mind the craft, but the singing does him in each and every week.  We have begun to visit the sanctuary to make sure the kiddos are prepared for Christmas, but Jett is 0-2 on his ability to act properly.  This week was bad.  Cullen was called in to discipline, which meant he talked sternly to him and then sat with him to keep him from running around. We will see how next week goes...

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Coach Pollard

Soccer season has begun and with a 10-0 win over North Pontotoc, the Lady Dores are on a good start.  Jett had a blast running around and when it was time to leave he needed his Daddy.  I am worried about the cooler temps at game times in the coming months, but excited to see how the season goes.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Disney on Ice

Cullen's parents bought tickets for Disney on Ice for the grandkids.  Of course I don't have one pic of them all together, but I will search some down and get them posted for the sake of remembering the day in years to come.  We saw several of Jett's friends, Mary Kiley and Lily James.  In fact Lily James had on one of the outfits I had bought when we thought Jett Boy was Sarah Cullen.  It had been about two decades since I had been to a Disney on Ice event and it was really fun.  The kids loved the characters and Jett only was scared during the Halloween portion of the show.  He is a lucky little boy and I hope he remembers these fun times as he gets older.  

Sunday School Shenanigans

Tanglefoot Trot

You know those friends you thank the Lord for each and every day.  This is one of mine.  On a cold Saturday morning she woke to go for a run with me.  We raced the Tanglefoot Trot 5k.  She had been running at school, but I told her we were gonna push our pace.  I gave her very specific instructions to be fast and make me faster. With my fastest 5k time yet she helped me meet my goal in 22:17.