Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Phoenix & the Long Way Home

 My friend, Dina, and I were able to go to Phoenix for a Homeless conference for our district.  Dina is my sweet friend who is our school counselor and for 30 minutes of her day we recap our lives, talk through our problems, and process what comes across our desk.  She is amazing.  She doesn't travel a lot and I was super excited for her to get to take this trip.
 The conference was fun and we enjoyed spending time with the LMS counselors while we were there.  On the morning we were to fly home our flight to Denver was canceled.  We stayed steady with our plans to get to the airport and I just knew my southern charm would get us home.  It would have until we were in line with Ramon who might have been from an Eastern European country that didn't really get my southern it may have gotten lost in translation.  We got NOWHERE with him and we were scrambling to get to another place to get back home.
 We wound up flying to LAX then to Dallas then to Memphis before driving home.  We ate breakfast in Arizona, Lunch in LA, Dinner in Dallas and went on just about every type of transportation to get to our homes.  We flew across a huge storm flying in to Memphis and the drive home almost killed us with the heavy rain, but we made it.

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