Sunday, January 30, 2011

Man Room Ready

Cullen is a planner-- sometimes. When he gets his mind set on something he gets a plan, saves, and works until it is finished...
His "man room" idea started about three months ago. Not sure why but he decided that our library needed to be his man room. Since I have my sewing room and holiday closet/ room I went along with him getting a man room!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunny Day

Sweeping the clouds away- on my way to where the air is clear---

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello Old Friend

Hello all! It's your favorite blogger in the family, Cullen. I have been away for a while and for that I apologize. I need to share some news so I have taken back to the literary world of blogging to share it with the masses! It's kinda huge news so hopefully your sitting down....... No Felicia's not preggers, although she's getting a bit of the fever here lately but don't tell her i said that......Instead, I'm building a man room! Since we moved into our home i have not had a room to call my own. I have one closet in the entire house that belongs to me and the rest have Fe's clothes or some sort of Christmas decoration in it. As you can imagine, my man room was long overdue. So far i have purchased a 50 in plasma tv and that's it.... but it's a start. Eventually i will also get a chair/couch to go in there and maybe redo the flooring but that has yet to be decided. I doubt there are any male readers of this blog but wives and other ladies, men need their man rooms. We need a place to get away from your social functions, wedding showers, mother in laws (just kidding Sarah Sue, you know i love you), and etc etc. Hopefully i will have it finished in the next month or two or three. Depends on how my honey do list comes along i guess. I will hopefully remember to take and post pics as i go along and share them with you. So stay tuned all you crazy readers and i will update you.

P.S. Felicia doesn't have baby fever thankfully, but I should probably buy her a dog or something soon so she doesn't start thinking about wanting babies. Isn't that what i'm supposed to do. Substitute a baby for a dog. Sounds logical, but women are never logical. I'll let you know how that goes too!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quotable Quote

"Felicia, if you'd just do what I say do you would be perfect!". Yes, my mom told me this tonight followed by saying "you should be just like a sponge and soak up my wisdom". All this was said after she pointed out how I boiled noodles wrong, baked a cake wrong, loaded the dishwasher wrong and several other things that were wrong! I have told my mom several times that it might be easier to live with the Miss America panel of judges- she laughs and says yeah well I'd have you more prepared! She swears she gained her wisdom from her mother-- I question that-
When told nobody is perfect she replied, " well some of us are closer than others". Heaven help me she has an answer for everything!
I liken our relationship to not one like Shelby and Melyn but one more like Claree and Ouiser- " I love her more than I love my luggage!
I'm off to soak up some sarcasm--

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Ready for Resolutions

Well, I feel that to be ready for the future I needed to look back at the past. Below are my 2010 resolutions.

1) Lose 15 lbs.
2) Be a better friend.
3) Give more of myself to God. Give my time, money, and servant's heart.
4)Focus on My National Boards

Let us look at each a little closer. 1) Lose 15lbs. Um yeah sure I did...I gained and lost 2/3 at a time so if you add the number of times I did that I'm sure all together I lost was just the gaining that really kept anyone from noticing. 2) Be a better friend...well, I guess that depends on the friend you ask...I tried, but this is on going...and still dear to my heart. 3)more to God...yes and no...I gave a lot of time, more money and my servant's heart. Yes, I could always give more...but in giving I lost a lot of my sanity. I think much of the year I said yes as an act of service, but I spread myself very thin and in turn became possibly less affective. 4) Focus on National Boards. Yeah okay I think I have posted on this one about 48 times. I did focus when push came to shove but past June this one was checked off my list.

1. Be present in my own life.

2. Write-Photograph-Record

3. Learn to say NO

4. Recognize my blessings, overlook the let downs.

5. Listen more, React less

6. Simplify

7. Read more.
Each of these on the list could have a good half page written explaining why I chose them...however in an effort to honor number six...I'll leave this post at the list.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sarah Sue Suddenly Sick

So my mom is unique to say the least. She is slightly eclectic, very sentimental, and a little quirky. She is set in all her ways and has a very 'Sarah Sue' opinion about most topics. I have long hoped that she would right a book so that someday other generations could know more about her, hear her voice through her written words, and better understand the person my brother and I will talk about in our later years.
It is nothing for my mom to call me and say, "Felicia, I've suffered another debilitating fall." These happen on a regular basis. She never gets hurt really badly, a skinned elbow, a bruise, or just a really funny story to tell. She has a way of describing things that can make a person fall on the floor laughing to which she says, "I'm so glad the great tragedies of my life bring you so much happiness." Yes, my mom says everything with a hint/heap of sarcasm.
With that being said you need to know I am not a nurturing person by nature. If you are sick I'm sorry but I'm probably not going to wait on you hand and foot. When I'm sick I want to be left alone, checked on, but not bothered. So likewise that is how I treat the sick and afflicted. Note that this non nurturing behavior does not often appeal to my mom's random accidents/ailments.
During Christmas Break I remember my mom telling me that she ran into a step ladder in her kitchen. Why was a step ladder in the kitchen? She had used it to change a light bulb...then in the midst of holiday cooking decided that it could act as extra counter space and propped a croc pot on it. Who doesn't use a step ladder as counter space in their kitchen...right? (quirky) Okay so in a whirlwind she turned around...forgot she left the step ladder in the kitchen and ran into it with her leg. Much like a stubbed toe can make you see stars my mom's run in with the ladder did the same. ---Know that I was most likely doing something important when my mom told me this story the first laundry, checking my email, or reading a magazine...I only heard it with one ear...and didn't pay much attention...
That is until fast forwarding two weeks to New Year's Day that she says my leg is hurting. I very sarcastically say, "OOOOooo just let me look at it" when I did I was alarmed...not a bruise in open wound..notta...just a swollen, very pink, very feverish area where she hit the ladder....hmmm. I said, "you should get that seen about."
Sunday rolls around and I, the non nurturing girl I am, call my mom to check on her leg...she drives the .8 miles from her house to mine to show me. It is pinker/red, bigger, and more swollen. Cullen assesses the area and says, "Yep, I'd have that seen about Sarah Sue."
After church Sunday night I decided to be an all out golden child and go see how the patient was making it...I decided we would be visiting the E.R.
Four hours later I was very much into my new book, Beth Moore's "Praying God's Words", I had joked with my mom about her funeral plans, we had facebook stalked all we could, I had texted pics of mom's leg to my Dr.Sis-N-Law, and had managed to germ-x my hands 12 times. I also managed a photoshoot with her as well. We knew nothing more of the illness than something was wrong.
I have neglected to tell you readers that my mom works at the E.R. in our local hospital. They know her as the one that cooks for them. They all just love Ms. Sarah Sue. Well, Sunday they thought she was losing her mind letting her leg look like that. It wasn't her fault it happened kinda overnight.
Okay so after blood tests and x-rays they send her home to come back Monday. Monday they admitted her for what they didn't know but some type of infection. She is home after three days and two nights there but still not a clue what is wrong with her leg...cellulitis, strep, staph...not really sure. Her spirits stayed up, she wasn't as funny as usual, but she was a little under the weather. While my nursing skills are not up to par, I did really well on checking in and making sure she was well fed so that counts for something.
Please keep her in your prayers as we are awaiting to see if she will have to see an infection specialist for this odd ailment.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Eve 2010

I spent the morning of New Year's Eve in Gatlinburg at the Xtreme Winter Conference. We left about lunch time heading home and made it back to Pontotoc about 8:00. As soon as I got home I got ready and Cullen and I braved the bad weather, threats of tornados, and awful rain heading to Oxford.
About a week before New Year's I gave Cullen a hard time about how we never have exciting New Year's. To his credit the last two we spent in Dallas and since we drove the day we were tired and called it an early night, but still even in our dating we didn't go all out for New Year's. In all my poking fun I think Cullen made up his mind we were gonna do something this year to be memorable.
While in TN, Cullen called me to ask about what I wanted to do...he texted that we had been invited to a party in Oxford. Knowing we didn't have plans I was like sure whatever. So he said we had been invited to 'Shep's Party' I was like Shep who? Well, through friends we gained an invite to Shepard Smith's New Year's Eve Party.
It was a very low key night spent chatting and snacking.