Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rhett's Fourth

 We celebrated Rhett's fourth birthday at Health Works in Tupelo.  The last time we entered there we were potty training Jett and it was so nice to have him there this time trained and ready to PARTY.  The party was in the midst of his nap time and I was worried he would through a huge fit.  He was a little fussy and kinda whiney, but he had a LARGE time.

 Rhett was the only boy in the group for a long time.  And Jett is kind of the same way.  We are girl heavy amongst our friends, too.  

 Once he found the slide he was so sad to have to pose for a picture with his Mama.  I loved seeing our friends.  Our times together are too few and too far between.  

May iPhone Dump

Friday, May 29, 2015

Jett and ML

 These two played so well together while their parents sat around and chatted about the sadness of losing their friend.  Jett played with most of ML's toys and even wore her headband.

 They loved the bouncy house and he had more fun on that slide.
And they even were sweet saying goodbye.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Jett at Work

Jett had to visit me for a few minutes this week at work and he settled right on in.  He needed to watch Thomas on my computer and talk on my phone.  He also needed me to push him in circles a couple of times in my desk chair.  


Cullen's parents aren't fortunate to live close to both grand children but they make up for it in getting to have frequent long weekends with Leila when her parents go out of town or have plans.  This past weekend we had a sudden dinner invite and they were kind enough to keep Jett for a few hours.  Jett and Leila don't play together much, but these sweet pictures made me laugh to see how they play.
 Leila is always shy when we are around.  She sits quietly with Cullen's parents and just kinda observes the tornado that is Jett Boy.  He is demanding and likes things his way.  

I know it makes Cullen's parents' hearts happy to see them together and enjoy observing how different these two really are.  Maybe the summer will bring more time for them to play.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

CDL Practice

It is a rare occasion I get to practice my bus driving techniques.  Friday, I was able to drive students on to campus and back for graduation practice.  My oh my....we made it in one piece.

Class of 2015

I spent my Friday night at my fourth Lafayette Graduation.  These sweet students were freshmen when I interned at LHS in 2012.  I missed watching my first class of Pontotoc babies, I student taught, walk across Warrior Field, but I relieved it in pictures posted via social media though.  Mid graduation Cullen texted me that Jett had gotten sick and most likely had the virus.  Thankfully by the time I got home he was better and playing and it seemed to be only something he had eaten.

Friday, May 22, 2015

28 Month Update

Jett is a Wild Child.
His hair is unmanageable and I can't bring myself to cut it just yet.
He wears a size 7.5 shoe and 2t clothes.
He can say and repeat just about anything.
This week in Walmart he told me he needed to potty.  I questioned him and he told me quickly it was 'an emergency'.  I was shocked and sure enough he did need to go.
He loves candy which means anything sweet he can find...but when you give him a soft peppermint he tells you he needs four.  He doesn't bargain well.
This week I noticed he is much better at making complete sentences.  I asked him if he wanted a grape and he said, "No, thankyou! I don't want one"
He is tricky at getting what he wants.  He loves to be outside and when we tell him no, he says he wants to put his shoes on.  We tell him no, and he says, "but I 'wike' them".  So we cave and put his shoes on and then he says....'dis way' and eventually leads us outside.
Jett Boy has moved past watching Thomas and Friends constantly.  We now love Mickey, Donald, and Goofy.  It is a much loved changed.  He loves Mickey's Hal-Ween (Halloween), The Boys (Huey, Dewey, & )Louie, and Merry Christmas.
He loves his stroller and enjoys walking with my mom and me on afternoon strolls through town.
He will eat pizza, chips, fruit, chocolate milk, hamburger, steak, and a lot of other foods.  Oh and he LOVES Bacon.
He is great at making a mad face and then says, I not mad!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


We are barely surviving May! Our sitters have been sick, school is in testing mode, I'm teaching a night class, and Cullen's work is super busy. The Pollards are making it but it is day by day! Our systems are loaded with caffeine and we are pushing through!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Things We Do

 Yes, to help out a friend, I dressed as Elsa.  I had high hopes for the costume, it was gorgeous.  Once it finally zipped it looked like I swallowed a reindeer and a moose.  I watched youtube videos about Elsa's makeup and looked up what I needed to know to act like her.  I was super excited to help a friend out but more excited to take this dress right back to its owner.  You know just to LET it GO!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was super low key this year.  We didn't do any major family gatherings, we didn't have big plans, we just were together.  Mom and I started the day with a walk, headed to church, Cullen and I kept the nursery, and then went to lunch.  Jett is to a stage that he doesn't love to pose up for pictures so this is the best I got from the day.  

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Emi Reese is 2

 In a quick get together we celebrated Emi Reese's second birthday party.  It was adorable and we all were just glad to be around one another.  Once Spring Break hits friends scatter to the edges of the world it feels like.
 Jett loved her slide and was really happy when he thought that was the only one.  Once he realized there was an even bigger slide outside he was not happy until we were on it.  

 He and Emi Reese do really well in the nursery together and other than wanting to open her gifts for her he was good this day too.