Sunday, March 31, 2013

Leslie's 30th

My best friend, Leslie, will turn 30 tomorrow.  Her husband arranged for her friends and their babies to come together for a little surprise dinner for her.
 Morgan and Andrew were in town from D.C. and were able to come.

 Lily James was loved on her by her Grammy, Leslie's mom.

It was fun to have all the babies together, and it made me realize that this is our new normal.  We all are on schedules, and we have to think about time, and other people, and babysitters, but we can still be together.  Can't wait for the next 30 years, with recitals, and supper clubs, ball games, and birthday parties.  And just for the record...I'm glad I'm still holding strong in my 20's while the rest of my friends are 30 somethings.

The Babies Came

 My brother and his babies came to my house for Easter.  Henry has just learned to walk un assisted and Ellie has learned to delegate.
I could look at his smile all day, and play with his curls, too.  He is very attached to his mom and dad still, and doesn't want to be held by anyone else, but even from afar he is precious.

 Ellie loves baby Jett and was very sweet to him.
Henry discovered the stairs while he was here and kept Kathy busy traveling up and down them.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Uncle Bo

 Our friend Bo has been a stranger around the house since Jett has been born, but on Good Friday he came over to break the drought.  Mary Leighton and her parents also came by for a visit.  Bo is getting better with the babies, you can tell his getting more and more comfortable with his new 'uncle'

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Jett had his shots.  I raced from work to pick him up at Mamaw's house.  I had to leave in enough time to make sure he had a precious and freshly ironed outfit on.  And I knew it would stay on him all of 30 minutes, but he looked cute.  He was just about to need to feed when we got there, so I was worried about his temperament.  When Dr. Dennis came in to the room, he lit up.  He cooed and laughed and talked to Dr. Dennis.  Cullen and I sat and looked on like silly goons with pride.  Then it was time for his shots.  He didn't mind the nurse holding his legs, and even was playful when I held his hands, but within a second of the first shot, his face was red and his lungs were screaming.  As soon as they were finished I picked him up and after about a 30 seconds he was fine, smiling and cooing at Cullen.  He turned the real tears on an off faster than I expected.
He weighed 11lbs and was in the 30% for weight.
He was 23 3/4 inches long in the 80% for length.
Dr. Dennis says he probably will just be long and lean.  

 At this appointment I had several questions that looking back on, I think they must think that I'm the girl who waited until almost 30 to have a baby, and overreact.  Just for the sake of me remembering my three questions were about : his belly button, solid food, and spit up.
In the last two weeks Jett's belly button has gone from an innie to an outtie, and my mom had me afraid it was some gosh awful problem.  I said it was like a turkey timer, once he reached a certain level of fullness it just popped out, but the doctor told me it will go back.
Next up, solid food.  I'm not ready to try him, and honestly he told me I didn't have to for a year if I chose, but that maybe by next visit he could have attempted rice cereal.  I'm thinking I won't try him on cereal by then, because shockingly I have grown to love nursing him, and knowing that he isn't getting any of the junk from store bought stuff, but that is a post for another time.
Finally, the spit up.  It isn't awful, but it has increased.  Here is the explanation.  His food intake has increased along with his movement...thus increased spit up----GENIUS 
When we were dressing him back up to leave, Cullen wanted to put this on him rather than the outfit he wore in to the appointment.  He stated it would be easier, so I let Cullen change him.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nine Weeks

 Baby Boy had a big week.  He survived shots, and his first week of me working.
He is chatting more and more and we are working with him wanting to roll over.  I think we want it more than he does.  

Monday, March 25, 2013

Showering Haylee

Haylee and I have been friends since elementary school.  She is expecting her third child in May and last weekend we showered her with gifts for Emi Reese two days in a row.

 A group of friends from high school hostessed a shower for her at her home on Saturday.

 Haylee and Madi

And on Sunday our Sunday School Class showered her with a few more gifts.

I am so ready to meet this baby girl.  I feel like I have known about her forever, and I'm just ready to hold her.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Bunny

Jett had his picture made with the Easter Bunny at Peas and Carrots. My OCD tendancies were put to the test, and I couldn't let him have it taken at the mall...just too many germs.  He slept the whole time.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Two Months

 Baby Boy is two months old.  Everything about hims is changing, even his cries, they have gone from a really funny girly scream that I loved and laughed at, to just all out hollering, but I love them too.  Cullen thinks I'm awful when I say I just love his little face when he is is pitiful and precious at the same time.
*He weighs 10lbs. 10 oz based on our baby scale.
*He had a great first week with his Mamaw.  She said he just was precious and had the prettiest smile.
I think he is a bit spoiled.  He had gotten very accustomed to crying it out and self soothing during his nap time, but after a week being adored and loved on, he is LOVING to be held while he sleeps.
*He is wearing a size one diaper.
*He wears no newborn clothing anymore and is wearing 0-3, and 3-6 month clothing.
*He wakes around 1 and 4:30, before daycare he was going a little longer between feedings, but I'm up early, so no biggie.
*Now that he is getting 12 ounces for sure during his stay at Mamaw's our little man is finally gaining some weight.  His little face is rounding out, and he is noticeably heavier.
*When we get home in the afternoons he is ready for me to hold him and feed him and he starts winding down between 6:30 and 7:30, after that the next 30 minutes is a free for all of keeping him awake, feeding him just enough to hold him off until after bath.
* He is put down at 9 every night.
*I have learned that his least favorite part of bath time - the removal from the water - can be avoided by warming his towel in the dryer.  Took me long enough to come up with that ingenious solution.
*He can follow us when we leave the room, turns to our voices and smiles for us.
*He has mastered the 45 degree push up and has rolled to his side several times.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

What a Difference

 Baby boy is learning how to adjust to the new normal of not being with his momma all day long.  This was after we tried to keep him awake for an hour.  He gave in, we gave up.

 And then we gave him his bath.  He fell right back to sleep.

 And decided when he woke up the next morning he was going to stay awake and play.  So I propped him up and let him coo at me while I got ready for work.

Sweet smiles make going to work okay and even more fun to come home to.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break

Spring Break marked the last week I was off for maternity leave.  It was a jam packed week.  
Meagan was out for spring break so she stopped by two days and helped me with Jett.

Aunt Di came to visit.
Uncle Wayne and Sadie came by, too.

Jett went to his first wedding.
I had a pampering day complete with a mocha, manicure and pedicure.
We spent time loving on our boy and I was able to sew just a little.

Mamaw loved on our boy, getting ready for their time together.
I loved on my boy knowing that our time together during the day was coming to an end.  I spent more time holding him and watching him sleep.
He went to church for the first time.  Yes, he wore a gown, yes I was asked how old "she" was.