Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 A Year In Review

This has been the busiest year of my life, but it has been the best busy I have ever been. 
January: We rang in the New Year at our home with a friend.  January took us to a bowl game in Birmingham and I waddled the whole way.  By the end of the month, I had slept my last full night to date and our hearts were filled with more love than we could have ever expected with the birth of our sweet Jett Boy.
February: Cullen turned 30.  We learned how to be parents to a newborn.  We hosted plenty of visitors.  We welcomed Leila Sloane Rocconi into the world, our second niece.  Henry, our nephew turned one.
March: I went back to work after 10 great weeks of maternity leave.  We celebrated Leslie's 30th birthday, and we adjusted to having a routine.  My favorite cousin, Jason got married.
April: Our sweet niece, Ellie, turned 4.  Jett rolled over.  I spent my first nights away from Jett, on a school trip in Jackson.
May: In May we celebrated the birth of Emi Reese Collums, my first Mother's Day, Jett's baby dedication, and Daisy Kent Carter turning 1.  I welcomed Summer Vacation, and then laughed because I didn't get vacation, I had maternity leave earlier in the year, so I dropped Jett off at new babysitters and went on to work.  May brought bad news to my dad, when we found out he had metastatic liver cancer.
June: June was a blur.  I went from work, to doctor appointments with my dad, took care of Jett, and managed to keep it all together.  Sadness struck at the end of the month with the passing of my college roommate, Mary Gardiner, and my grandmother.  My brother and his family moved to Cleveland Ohio for a year. 
July:  We celebrated Jett's first Fourth of July with a bang.  I turned 30.  Jett celebrated half a year of life.  

August: School was back in session.  My brother and his family visited from Ohio.  We geared up for football season.
September: I met the Pioneer Woman, Jett had his first Ole Miss experience, and we prepared for Cullen to be at work most Saturdays.
October:  Cullen and I went to Auburn to cheer on the Rebels.  Jett had his friends over for a Halloween Party, and we made it to the Pumpkin Patch three times.
November: We hosted our 5th Thanksgiving with our family in Pontotoc.  My college roommate got married at the beginning of the month.  Jett hosted his friends for a Pilgrim Indian Picnic.  Our sweet boy also had tubes put in his ears.  He was a trooper.  He took his first steps this month, too.

December: We were super busy following our little walker around.  We hopped from Christmas party to Christmas party and rushed around getting things ready for Christmas.  We spent time with family and friends, made great memories and started some new traditions.  Cullen and I went to Nashville to watch our Rebels in the Music City Bowl, just before ringing in the New Year at home.

Risky Business

 He may not be Tom Cruise, but this little guy sure can make me swoon.

Music City Bowl 2013

I love love love a bowl game.  I really like them more than regular season football.  Let's get real, I don't like football.  I like to people watch.  I understand the basics of football, but can't say I watched one play of a game this year.  Yeah, I was there, I even looked at the t.v. when Ole Miss is playing, but I just don't like to make myself nervous or anxious or stressed, so I am more of a people watcher.
To date the coldest I have ever been was the Music City Bowl my senior year in high school.  It was the first bowl game I ever went to and I was not prepared.  I mean I almost froze to death.  It is my reference point in history for how I gauge how cold it is.  I was bound and determined to be prepared this year.
 I plotted and planned my attire.  I went for function not fashion.  I even made sure not use all my layers at first I used them in progression.  I had tights on, running leggings, and then jeans.  My socks were not cute, but they were three pairs deep and stuffed into my Uggs for warmth.  I wore a cami, a tshirt, an Under Armor cold gear turtle neck bought for the time I was the second coldest time ever in my life, a patgonia half zip, a patagonia jacket, a headband, a tobbogan, and two yes, two scarves.  I also came with 8 hot hands for myself and some to share.  I brought a blanket, but it was the one thing Cullen was responsible for getting into the vehicle, and imagine that it wasn't on his mind when he went to get into the car.  Refer to my post on Things I found to be True about him on Game Day.

 We had great seats, I was in heaven, the Rebelettes were in front of me, and I love to watch a dance line.  My mom kept Jett until we got home about 10:00.

December Iphone Dump

Forty-Nine Weeks

 Forty-Nine Weeks this baby is on the move.  I mean everywhere.  He is so much fun.  He loves music, being the center of attention, and playing peek a boo.  He had his ear check up this week and the doctor said he is doing great.  He has managed to stay out of the doctor's office since before Thanksgiving, I feel sure the pediatrician misses us.  
I call him Hector the Collector this week because he likes to pick up random things and walk around the house with them.  He loves a bag, he can occupy himself by going through them and picking everything out of them.  This week he has collected empty coke boxes, relocated a toothbrush, picked up a storage box and brought it through the house, and Cullen's keys.
He is very attached to his Mama, but lights up when his Daddy comes into the room.  
One night this week he wanted to be held, and before I would pick him up I told him to go find his pap-pap (pacifier) and come back.  He went in search, found it, put it in his mouth, and came back.  It may have been a fluke, but we were impressed.  

Monday, December 30, 2013

Six and Half Years

My dear friend from high school and college room mate, Taylor came to visit this past weekend.  I have talked to her several times but we hadn't seen each other since my wedding in 2007.  

We picked up right where we left off and I can't wait to see her again.  She was only able to stay a night, but fingers crossed she will be moving a lot closer soon, because six and a half years is too long not to see her sweet face.

Things I have found to be true about Cullen on game day-

In honor of our trek to the bowl game this year here are some things I have found to be true about Cullen on game day. I wrote this last year while headed to the Compass Bowl.

- he has a one track mind about ole miss sports
- his idea of game day is getting to the game at the earliest possible time
- if he promises stops along the way before leaving the house those are only in an effort to get out of the house and to the game
- regardless of the time schedule he has preset the night before the day runs on his schedule, no matter how early you awake to make the schedule stays timely refer to number one... There will be no acknowledgments made of your timeliness
- he will not look up directions until he is behind the wheel of the car driving down the interstate
- when he asks if you need to stop do not answer with a yes, it was not intended as a real offer just obligation

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Family Picture

I have taken picture taking a bit to the extreme this year.  I admit it, but I love knowing that I have preserved these moments for my family, friends and for Jett.  I hadn't really thought about anyone noticing, but the day after Christmas my Uncle mentioned that no family pictures had been taken at our Christmas celebration.  I had laid in bed Christmas night and thought about it.  I am such a worrier, I think and plan for bad things that might happen.  I worried Christmas night, that if someone passed away between next Christmas I would miss not having a family picture.  So Thursday night we took a family picture, we weren't prepared or well dressed but we took it.  All the family wasn't present, but by golly we got a pic of the ones that were.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Jett's First Christmas

Santa was really sweet to Jett this year... he got to car seats, lots of clothing, an easel, puzzles, and baby gates.  I know I know give me the award for the best gift giver ever, but honestly he did get what he needed.  
 Christmas day starts with my mom catering breakfast to our house.  We then get ready for the day and head to Oxford to have lunch with Cullen's grandmother.
 Jett got a Cozy Coupe car from my mom and he loved it until he fell out of the bottom.

 Once we were in Oxford we had to take our yearly pictures in front of the mantle.  

 Then just after lunch we head back to Pontotoc to spend the afternoon at my Uncle Wayne's house until supper time.

 This year I went to my dad's and let him play with Jett Boy for a bit.  He even stopped my tutorial of how to use his new Kindle Fire, so he could play with the baby.  

 Once back at Uncle Wayne's, Jett had a costume change and then spent the rest of the night rolling in the floor playing with the big kids.
It was a great day that left me worn out.  I hope the years to come bring more time close to home with out all the running around, but for now Jett doesn't know the difference and we loved seeing our family.