Thursday, December 26, 2013

Jett's First Christmas

Santa was really sweet to Jett this year... he got to car seats, lots of clothing, an easel, puzzles, and baby gates.  I know I know give me the award for the best gift giver ever, but honestly he did get what he needed.  
 Christmas day starts with my mom catering breakfast to our house.  We then get ready for the day and head to Oxford to have lunch with Cullen's grandmother.
 Jett got a Cozy Coupe car from my mom and he loved it until he fell out of the bottom.

 Once we were in Oxford we had to take our yearly pictures in front of the mantle.  

 Then just after lunch we head back to Pontotoc to spend the afternoon at my Uncle Wayne's house until supper time.

 This year I went to my dad's and let him play with Jett Boy for a bit.  He even stopped my tutorial of how to use his new Kindle Fire, so he could play with the baby.  

 Once back at Uncle Wayne's, Jett had a costume change and then spent the rest of the night rolling in the floor playing with the big kids.
It was a great day that left me worn out.  I hope the years to come bring more time close to home with out all the running around, but for now Jett doesn't know the difference and we loved seeing our family.

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