Sunday, May 31, 2009

My new hobby

Hello All. It's your favorite blogger of the fam, Cullen. To keep everyone updated, I've recently picked up Golf. I'll be the first to tell you that I'm not the greatest golfer to hold a club, but I'm not the worst either. I compare my golf game to going to the mall. I love going to the mall. Mostly just walk around looking, every now and then I will see something I like, and I may even purchase something. At the end of the day, all I did was waste a bunch of time and I'm lighter in wallet because of it. But in reality I enjoy being on the golf course. I have not played a lot of golf in my lifetime so I've got a lot to learn. For example, I've learned that golf balls aren't cheap. One lapse in concentration off the tee and I'm down 4 bucks. So if any of my readers have some extra golf balls sitting around I'm currently accepting donations. Just consider it an investment or a charitable gift meant to fulfill a young man's dream. On that same note, if anyone has any advice or some helpful instructions, I'm accepting donations for that as well.

Well it's Sunday and the race just started so I've got you let you go. Just keep in mind that I'm accepting donations of the golfing nature and let me know. I will travel! Until next time readers!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Keeping Everyone Up

While most of you worked yesterday including Cullen I was able to enjoy my first day of Summer ALONE. My friend Mallorie and I went walking around 10:30, ate a semi-healthy lunch, and layed out by the pool. (thanks Meagan, Julie, and Brad) Have I said that I love the summer? I really really do. I know most people hate to be sun burned, and get bored with the Today show, but not me. Sunburns, not the really painful kind, just the slight redness :) make me smile, because these days it is a sign it hasn't rained and I have been able to be outside. The Today Show crew, I see them as my Summer Camp Friends. I only get to hang out with them in the summer, and occasionally we visit during the holidays. I absolutely love it. Last night Cullen and I enjoyed yummy baked chicken marinated in Kraft Cesar Italian dressing. It was delicious served with Summer Veggies. On the agenda for today?...? I'll clean out some more drawers like a did yesterday, iron the Mt. Everest stack of clothes, and probably head back to the pool, Oh I'll attempt to be healthy, with workouts and walking, and clean food, but for the most part I'll be glad I'm not working like most of my friends. Heheheheeh. Happy Summer Y'all!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer Workouts

I told you that I would post updates on how my workouts were going. I must say that it is hard to start back once you have abandoned something. I had great expectations to go to boot camp with Mr. Jimmy on Monday, but it started at 8:30 and I just wasn't feeling it, so instead I watched Cullen play tennis on Monday. Then I watched as his burn began to emerge. On Monday I did make an effort to eat fresh fruit and healthier food. Yesterday I walked 3 miles in the morning, and went to the gym last night for class, that was canceled, and wound up finishing up another 2.5 miles. It was not where I was a few months ago, but I am tight this morning. At this time I am planning on walking again today and hitting the gym for weights this afternoon. My friend Leslie and I are still deciding on exactly the diet plan we will be working on, but for now we are attempting the Clean Eating Diet. Having read the book I do recommend it to anyone just wanting to be healthier. At first it is a lot to swallow, meaning that for breakfast I just had plain oatmeal, with flax seed, wheat germ, and bee pollen.

Summer Reading Book 5

Summer Reading Book 5) Love the One You're With by Emily Griffin. At anytime I am reading about four books. This book I started at the beginning of May but also took up what will be Summer book 6, 7, and 8. I will let you know how I do on getting those read before starting anymore. I realize some people might want a small book review. I can safely say the only reason I read this book is because I have read the author's 3 previous books, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and Baby Proof. It was a great beach read, even if I had to read it in my Backyard Oasis.

Season Five

Monday night I tearfully watched the beginning of season five of Jon and Kate plus Eight. Cullen and I feel into a routine of watching it every week last season, and eagerly watched to countdown to Season Five. I am just upset. I wanted to shake them both and say stop the show for your kids, get yourselves together, and worry about careers. At first I thought I would be the only sap that watched and cried, but my mother in law text me last night to ask if I saw it, and I felt better knowing that she too watched the show and then prayed for them. As I layed in bed Monday night I said a prayer for them. I almost want to hope the build up for the beginning of season five was just that, so that TLC can have a great reunion at the end of the season.... I don't know keep your fingers crossed.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sewing and Such

Yesterday while in Tupelo my mom and I decided to stop by Heirlooms forever and look around. I know when Sadie wants to look around it means she'll probably find something she thinks she or I can't live without. That is how Cullen and I accquired Flopsy and Mopsy our four foot Easter Bunnies. So yesterday she bought me a ruffler... a few weeks ago she was so proud I learned to ruffle, she thought I must own a ruffler. Here it is.

This is what it does.

And my first use for it was to make a skirt. It is interesting.

Before church this morning I decided to whip up some pants size 1. If you know anyone that would like them let me know.

Also as promised this is the finished produce for the orange shirt I made last weekend. Trae, notice the two sleeves. Trae is my friend Mal's husband. When he doesn't call me Feliz Navidad he refers to me as the clothes maker. Whatever he was impressed by my sleeves. The chicken skirt was another I made for sweet Caroline Howard. I can't wait to see her wear it next year in Kindergarten. The fabric made me happy when I saw it, and since it was a remnant it was CHEAP.

Let me brag

Brag not on myself on my sister in law. If you read my post Props to the Baby's Mama you now know about my sister-in-law Kathy. Well on Friday she graduated from Medical School. I think that simple fact is most impressive, but brace yourself for what I am about to tell you. Not only did Kathy graduate from Med School, she recieved the award for the highest GPA for four years. How ridiculously amazing is that. We knew she had attained the highest GPA the other years, but having Ellie this year nothing was mentioned about it this year. If it was mentioned I never heard. I am amazed. Not only is this amazing she also had a child and maintained her high GPA. WOW! Knowing now that Ellie will be the smartest kid ever, I have begun praying that my children can at least be funny or beautiful. Anyway I am proud of her. On our shopping adventure yesterday my mom couldn't stop talking about it. I thought the baby would replace me...oh no my super smart sister in law has. I am okay with it she deserves it.

who has time?

My weekend routine recently has been to blogstalk in the mornings while watching t.v., this all happens of course before Cullen has even opened his pretty blues. This morning I found this picture.

Beautiful dress....made out of phone book pages....I don't know if it is recycled or a big fat waste. But look what some time can get you. All of this was glued together by hand. I am slightly in awe.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fired up Part 3

So Thursday I was able to talk to the surveyor and set up an appt. Having done that I talked myself in to going and confronting Mossy Oak Properties, just to let them know I am not happy. I walk to the office and meet the secretary. I let him know I'm not happy and need to talk to someone that can make something happen. I wait to see the lady in charge. Mad as all get out I go waltzing down the hall and turn the corner, only to realize I know the lady in charge. Know her like she is on a committe with me. Know her like I have to work with this person, not against this person. I think God has a funny way of putting his hand in situations. I was able to talk to her after of course greeting her with a huge smile and a HEY how are You? I let her know what we were doing to see whose property the said staircase. Cullen has taked to an attorney so between the two of us we are working toward a solution. As for Mr. Anderson I have yet to meet with him, all bets still on.

Dodgeball or Tennis?

Cullen has begun playing a little tennis. Thursday night I was able to watch Michael Segar and Cullen defeat Ken Hester and Coach Elder. I don't know a lot about tennis. Cullen says I gave up on Pollard family tennis, I didn't really, just got busy. But the boys put on a show. It is my understanding that they will play again on Monday so hopefully I will tell you next post he won again. Or maybe my Cullen can tell you all about it.

The First Saturday of Summer

Today marked my first Saturday of Summer. I am so excited that the summer has finally gotten here, but I will miss my school friends. We were able to leave school around 2 yesterday and once we were Mallorie, my teaching friend, and I were headed to Tupelo. We came back home and while Cullen went to get our pizza for supper I decided to sew up some clothes. I am thinking of having a booth at the Bodock Festival this year. I figure it would be a learning experience and a chance for me to know if anybody would actually pay for any of the clothes I make. Right now if you know of a little girl in a size three I made two pairs of capris, and a skirt yesterday for that size. I'll post photos later. We ate supper and went to bed. This morning we celebrated summer with Butcher Block then just were lazy around the house. I say lazy we did minor house keeping and watched t.v. Cullen vacuumed, I sewed, Cullen straightened his shop, I straightened the laundry room. I usually say no,no,no, and do absolutely nothing the first day of summer, but having had a picturesque first year in Pontotoc, I actually felt up to doing stuff today. Mom and I went to Tupelo this afternoon to pick up some glassware she had ordered. We came home and Cullen and I have busied ourselves watching movies. It is going to be a great summer. With vacations on the horizon and lots of lazy days ahead I can't wait. Oh and tomorrow I am going to start back with my nutrition and workout focus. I'll keep you posted as to how that works for me.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fired UP part 2

After laughing my way through Cullen's post of Stairgate, I decided to post an update 25 hours after the first upset. I had all the deeds pulled on filed for the property. I talked to a man that had tried to put the staircase up before when the original owner was here. He played dumb. Note to readers-he now is not one of my favorite people. I attempted to find a person who could read the silly map that came with the deed. The lawyer I was going to see was out for a few minutes, so I'll have more feedback from him tomorrow hopefully. The previous owner, whose family originally had this and the property next to mine called while I was in Tupelo. I love her she is a feisty one, and she gave great insight- after giving me family history about all the owners she said "all my grandaddy told me was to always know the alley goes with the house" - and I believer her. Fear not, I will NOT talk to Mr. Anderson until I have met with a surveyor. The surveyor is the ex husband to the previous owner. He lived here he should know the line right? I will keep you posted on the happenings of Stairgate!
As for the aforementioned Annihilation of Ben Quilter- if need be I would do it again. He was rude and no woman should have to listen to trash talking or extremely rude remarks. I have been told time and again from those present I was justified in my remarks. Ben and I are friends-no friendly to each other now. Cullen is much more level headed than I am. God put us together to even us both out, give C more spunk and for him to keep me grounded. I am the child of a red head.

Cullen's view of "Stairgate"

After thinking about the stair issue today, I have come to a conclusion....I think. Do not make Felicia mad. She turns into what I can only describe as a rabid wild animal out for blood. I like to consider myself as level headed so I did not get immediately upset when Fe told me the news. I felt hurt or misled more than anything....but not mad like Smasmeesha (see my first post). I also feel sorry....not for myself but for Mr. Anderson, the accused liar. Felicia is going to eat him alive similar to one event known by our friends as "The annihilation of Ben Quilter" (You'll have to ask her about that one). All joking aside, it will be interesting to see who the alleged property does belong to. I'm taking bets if anyone is interested: 1. Who the property belongs to? 2. How long will it take for Mr. Anderson to wilt under his desk and cry after being "annihilated" by Fe? I've got 10 bucks on 5 minutes....and that's being generous.

Edited to add: I just performed a preliminary measurement of my property line based on the dimensions listed on my property appraisal....I don't want to give away the end of this story to keep my readers on the edge of the computer chair, but please pray for patience and kindness for Fe....'nough said!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fired Up

Here is the latest issue I'm fired up over...just get ready! Today while selling tickets for the Habitat for Humanity steak supper the previous owner of my house, Allison Caldwell, came up to me and said she'd been trying to get in touch with me. Curious as to why, I stood up and began talking with her.
Let's flashback to Spring Break. During spring break, our neighbors, which is a term I use loosely because we are the only house on the block, come to speak with us. These neighbors are the business next to us. They wanted to let us know they would be doing construction and turning a second floor window that over looks our side yard into a door and would add a stair case. As they told us what they were doing they let us know nicely that it was therr property and they wanted to be nice and keep us informed. Neither Cullen or I were happy about it because it greatly reduced our privacy but what can you do when it is not your property. It is pretty big and gaudy wooden staircase, but it is there.

Back to real time, the previous homeowner let me know quickly it was our property not theirs and they had misled us to believe that we had to let them do it. Well I am FIRED UP! I really am upset, I have been lied to. Well tomorrow I'll be getting our title and deed pulled to find out exactly where the line is. I know many of you are thinking I should have done this months ago, but you see I live in Pontotoc and people don't just lie to people like that or I didn't think they did. Hmph! You can't trust anybody. I will keep you posted to the happenings. While I was standing talking to the lady, the man that misled us was in line getting a plate. I didn't want to look at him. It could have been me but I think he was worried. He knew what we were talking about...or in my mind he did. Yeah he knows I'm coming after him....nobody should mess with a teacher who is in the last week of school and ready to be out for summer and doesn't want anything to stop her from complete relaxation.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

know what this is?

Yes thats right it is a sleeve. But it isn't just any sleeve... it is a sleeve inserted by me all by myself. Yeah thats right my mom was at her house...and I was in my "sweat shop" as Cullen calls it and on a whim I decided to do this all by myself. I'll post a picture of the top later when I put the other sleeve in. Oh and if you could post your thoughts on the fabric print I would appreciate that. Cullen is not a fan...I'm curious as to how everyone else feels.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Sewing

I made these cute shorts first thing this morning. They are so simple to make. I used a pattern... Next I attempted to alter the shorts pattern and give the legs a little more the process I decided to test my ruffle making mom was proud...I think these turned out okay.

From the websites mentioned below I was inspired to make this cute flower and pin it to a top. Also, simply extatic over my ruffle skills, I had to add one to this top.
After the children left yesterday we were able to let loose and hang out with fellow teachers, and then we got to business making plans for next year. We left school about 4:30 and Cullen was at home when I got there. While checking blogs I noticed a link on my friend Angela's blog...I think it was gillar girl...a very cute blog...from there I began randomly clicking from site to site looking at things that were interesting...most of them had to do with sewing. I found a site called katiedid...this girl lives in New York with her husband and three children in about 600 sq. ft. WOW...but what I was most intrigued by were the clothes she had made for her children. They were awesome but looking for patterns got me nowhere because she makes the patterns herself. I was on Earth am I able going to be able to do that??? Well with determination I attempted to do so today. This skirt is the attempt I made at not having a pattern and just creating something...At a best guess this is a size 3.
Is there a fashion design job in my! But I did have lots of fun today trying some new things.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Last Day

Today was the last real day of school. I guess I shouldn't say that..."we will be having school all next week-the doors will be open, but we will not take attendance" It was a sad day. I have never before felt this emotional about a class leaving. Don't get me wrong-I did NOT shed tears, but it was close. Had I attempted to read a book, or recite a poem, I would have most certainly teared up. I didn't and that was great. My kids this year were just wonderful. They loved art, they read well, and they loved each other. With the exception of about two times they got along, and looked out for one another. It was a great first year in a new district. This afternoon we sat and planned for next year and it was 4:30 before we left. That is unheard of on the last day of school...but time spent with good friends...lots of fun...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cullen's First Entry

I thought that I would add my first entry to the "Family Blog". To be honest, I have not even read all of Felicia's entries. My apologies for that. So to kick off my first entry I would like to start by noting that I do not you are in for quite a treat. Clearly my writing skills are far superior to....well I do not want to name any names but it rhymes with Smasmeesha. So here goes:
My week has been unexciting so far. I get up at 6:30 am, go through my morning routine and head to work about 7:15 arriving normally around 7:45. Some would argue that I am not the speediest driver on the highway and they may be right but I choose to drive the speed limit for a number of reasons, none of which are worth writing about so I will spare you this once. I work from 8-5 at the UMAA Foundation at Ole Miss. The UMAA Foundation is the fund raising branch of the University designed to enhance Athletics. Whether it be scholarships for our student athletes, raising money to renovate our Athletic facilities, or help bring in the top coaches to our school. Anything I can do to benefit Ole Miss Athletics is my job and I love it. Generally arriving home at 5:30, I crash on my couch for half an hour while Felicia and I argue about what is for dinner and who is going to bite the bullet and fix it. We usually share that responsibility. I go to sleep and repeat.... Oh, I did get up this morning at 6 and run about a mile and a half. That is out of the ordinary for me. I'm not normaly a morning person as Felicia can attest. I would like to say that I will continue to get up and run but realistically I know it will not happen.
Clearly this post has not been as entertaining as Felicia's, her life is more glamorous than mine...what do you do? I will end this blog here and maybe one of these days when something worth blogging happens, certainly I will let my audience know about it. Future topics: Vacation??? We will see.


This past weekend celebrated our first year as a homeowner. We closed on our house May 9, 2008. It was an exciting day, and it has been a great year. Last summer we spend months without a kitchen. Cullen and his family worked so hard to make it happen as soon as they could, but with set backs with cabinets, cabinet companys, and the like it just took what seemed to be an ETERNITY. Life is great on 12 W. Washington. Our house turned 79 this year! Oh it still has lots to be done to it, but it has been nice to have a place of our own. A place where people have to call or knock before they can come in. A place where our family gathers and we have plenty of room. Some would call it room to grow, we don't think about it like that...since we have no intentions of growing in the next few years. We have been blessed. We will get the door pulls, remaining door knobs, and random fix-its when we want, no rush!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

This weekend not unlike last week was super busy. Friday night I had bunko and Cullen worked the baseball game. When I got home around 9:45 my house was full of excitement. My brother and Kathy brought Ellie to Pontotoc for the first time. I was beside myself. I love bunko, but I couldn't wait to leave Friday so I could hold the baby. Saturday I woke up and gave Ellie a bottle and Cullen and I got ready to make our trip to Cleveland to see Faren, his sister, graduate Nursing School at DSU. It was a long trip, but a very exciting time for Faren. Having never been to a college graduation besides my two at Ole Miss, I was surprised to see that every graduate walked in the same ceremony. After pictures were taken Cullen and I headed back home to see the baby. We did stop in Marigold to see Mr. Mcarty and pick up a few new things and then made our way home. Cullen was probably bored out of his mind but I was happy just to sit and watch Little Miss Ellie. Brett and Kathy went out for the first time since the baby was born and Mom, Cullen, and I were on baby patrol. We had a fun time just watching her play and coo at us. After they left on Sunday I dropped to the couch and slept for four hours. Cullen took a nap, too. And after talking to my mom I found out she crashed, too. At no point in time was Ellie restless or fussy. But not being used to a baby and being a little over protective (getting up every 15 minutes to watch her breath) made me absolutely exhausted.

Jon & Kate + 8 + 1= sadness

I must say since hearing the rumor about Jon from Jon and Kate plus 8, I have become slightly upset...almost depressed. I know that Kate is not always a pleasant woman to be around...and that having 8 screaming kids must be stressful, but how on this Earth could that man possibly cheat. Until he confesses I will still hold some doubt about it. I just think it would be difficult for the man to cheat. He has lots of responsibilities to his family and to America. In an effort to preserve my thoughts of the family I have begun reading Summer Reading Book #4) Multiple Blessings. Each chapter of the book begins with a Bible verse. The book thus far has discussed God's hand at work in their lives as a couple leading up to the births of the babies. I haven't gotten to the actual birth yet, but I should be finished with the book this weekend. I choose to keep the faith, that the rumor about Jon's just that, a rumor. Cross your fingers. Cullen and I won't know what to do with out being able to watch the family of 10 in the fall. It will completely mess up our t.v. schedule.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Life is Flying By

This week has been a whirlwind for the Pollard Family. Monday my second graders had thier end of the year program. On Tuesday Cullen and I went to Tupelo to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Cole and Megan. Wednesday my class had a small field trip at school- just enough to throw our day out of whack. Wednesday night I decorated a baby shower cake for my friend at school. Thursday afternoon was the shower. As soon as it was over I came home and began work on most definetly the biggest birthday cake I have ever constructed for my friend Allison's baby girl. With moral support from my mom I got it baked, iced, and delivered by 9:00 last night. I know I could have waited to transport it today, but I knew I needed help just making sure it didn't slide around or fall. While I was elbow deep in icing, Cullen took his dad to play golf. Happy belated birthday Mr. Jimmy! This weekend will be pretty packed for our family as well. Ole Miss hosts State and I have buncko tonight, Saturday we have Faren's graduation and Sunday we will celebrate Mother's Day. To make it all better there is a chance my brother and Kathy will be bringing the baby to Pontotoc. I'll upload the photoshoot next week if they come. :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Habitat for Humanity Women's Build 2009

Miss Millicent was there to oversee the operations. Molly I hope you like this picture. We took it just for you. When you move closer we are recruiting you for the build.

Saturday Habitat for Humanity of Pontotoc County hosted thier annual Women's Build. We had such a good event even though the weather was terrible. Here are some pictures of all the ladies working to put blue board, light fixtures, windows and other electircal outlets into the Jara's home. Notice I'm on the scaffolding. It was a little scary. I don't think I will be able to be on the amazing race any time soon.

Summer Reading Continued

This weekend I was also able to finish up Summer Reading Book #2 & #3.

#2) Gatecrasher by Madeline Wickham

#3) The Essential 55 by Ron Clark. I do believe that EVERY teacher should read this book. My friend Mal B shared with me about this wonderful teacher and brought me the book. ASAP I will be buying my own copy to refer back to next school year.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Summer Reading

Summer time is a time I look forward to each year. Every teacher looks forward to sleeping a little later, lounging around, and spending lots of time not correcting children, not watching children eat, not listening to tattling, and pretty much loving well deserved time away from children. I look forward to summer for all those reasons, but also becasue I love to read. My pre summer reading has begun and by the end of the weekend I will have finished my first book of the summer. I hope to keep a list of all I read this summer. We will see if I keep it up. I am always looking for a great book to read so if you have suggestions let me know.

Summer Book #1) American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld

Boards on the Horizon

I am ready for summer. While I absolutely love teaching in Pontotoc, I am very ready for the summer. I have been super busy with the end of school. Trying to juggle end of the year events with the last few weeks of instruction is a struggle, any teacher will tell you that.
I have made the choice that I will begin my National Boards in the fall. It isn't that I really want to take on the extreme task of it, but I know that it is the next step in my bettering myself as a teacher. I have assembled a dream team to go through this with me, and together we will get through it. My dream team members are family, friends, and teaching partners who have both been through the process and/or are attempting it with me. I will continue to post updates throughout the process. Today I printed out the 125 pages of portfolio instructions, the 83 pages of standards, and some other good stuff. Please pray that I make it through this next year I know it will be a great way for me to contribute to our family as well as grow as a teacher.