Saturday, February 28, 2009

2009 in review- We began the year in Dallas, TX at the Cotton Bowl. One of the perks of Cullen's job is that we get to support the Rebels pretty much whenever they play. So we took off for Texas early on New Year's Eve. Hotty Toddy the Rebels won and Cullen and I had a great road trip thanks to the navigation system. Ha. Ha.
Kala and Preston got married right after we got back from Texas and it was fun to get to share in thier wedding weekend. Kala was a beautiful bride and it was fun to catch up with everyone.
Cullen and I had the SuperBowl Party at our house and it was nice to have space for everyone and we are still enjoying our kitchen that took seemingly forever to get.
Cullen turned 26 on 2-6 and we went to Memphis to celebrate.
For Valentine's my sweet husband bought me a ring I had been wanting. We had a great weekend and were able to avoid the nasty crowds by staying pretty close to home.
Yay! I just now have figured out to change my background from the yucky ones provided at this site. I have never had time to sit and look around and today I did! I guess I need to back post some things now, since I can now figure out how to work this site. Most people wouldn't be this excited but I feel like I accomplished something today!
Life is great! The new year is moving so quickly. School is great I love my kids most days...
I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my niece. Cullen is excited baseball has begun. We are both trying to be more faithful to the gym.