Monday, June 30, 2014

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sweet Friends

As we walked this morning Lily and Jett held hands. I'm not sure if they were comforting one another but the mamas sure were swooning. They are such sweet friends!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Greet the Stars

Okay so here is the deal with Greet the Stars.  Earlier this year I was contacted by the president of our Boys and Girls Club in Oxford.  I had in passing told her I would like to volunteer with the Club this summer.  She remembered and I am now the Oxford representative for Dance Like the Stars.  In addition to the 25 professional dance lessons I am taking, I am fundraising.  
The first publicity event was at Park Heights.  It is when all the dancers get together to meet one another, and make our debut to the media.  

It was a super fun night and a great time to meet up with past dancers and hang out with our friends.  

Leslie and I hadn't seen each other since Spring Break, so I was thankful she came to support me.  

Friday, June 13, 2014

Back in School

So I took classes this summer because my district had bank hours.  I took the first part of Driver's Education.  This was after I passed my driver's test.  

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It's Tough out There for a Toddler

This is Jett's latest.  He was told no about something he wanted or was removed from a dangerous situation and then he makes his way to the floor.
 Next, after he gets no reaction from his parents...he gives this look- Just to make sure you see how hurt his feelings are.
 And once we make eye contact, he is back to letting you know just how sad he is about being corrected.
 And for effect, he moves his head back and forth and repositions.  It's hard out there for a toddler.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Taylor Grocery

So I made this Summer Bucket List in my mind.  I had several things I wanted to make sure to do before school started back in the fall.  Going to Taylor Grocery was on this list and we checked it off Sunday night.  We hadn't been to Taylor since Jett was a month old.  When Cullen and I were dating this was a monthly ritual, and in the summer time we frequented Sunday nights on their porch almost weekly.  So it wasn't as slow paced as we preferred, but with a one year old, I've found I get it, we order as soon as possible, and we leave before anyone gets hurt. Jett seemed to like the atmosphere.  He enjoyed the music.  Enjoyed playing with the utensils and even ate a small piece of fish.  

I have hope that in the future we will get back to enjoying our leisurely paced Sunday nights on the porch of Old Taylor Grocery.  I even think Jett liked his time on the porch.  He loved playing in this doorway, and high fiving some of the waiting patrons.  Maybe even a toddler knows to enjoy the slower paced Summer nights at Taylor.

Seven Years

 This week we celebrated our seventh anniversary.  It seems like yesterday we were taking these pictures.
 Saturday night we celebrated by going bowling.  There were no good movies out, so Cullen said, and bowling was on my Summer Bucket List.   We headed to Rebel lanes and played three games.  I will say that Cullen technically beat me in two out of three, but I beat him in the overall point spread.  He was a good sport and allowed me to gloat just a bit.  We then went to Harvey's and enjoyed our traditional anniversary dinner. 

This is probably one of my favorite pictures taken at my wedding.  My friend, Taylor, took it and I just think it captures the excitement we had on that day.  Cheers to seven more years!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Jones turned One

 Jett's second cousin, Jones, turned one.  It was not the ideal day for me to try and begin Operation Paci No More.  As you can see it didn't last long.

 Darla planned the cutest birthday bash ever.  She made me proud.  The invites were complete with googly eyes.  She had the most precious sweets ever and had a great favor table.

 Jonesy is walking now, but was quicker on all fours.

 He loved his smash cake and his cousins were happy to be close and watch him show out.
 Jett and Bowen enjoyed a game of corn hole.
It was a MONSTER of a good time.  We love Jones and can't wait to watch these boys grow up together.