Monday, June 9, 2014

Taylor Grocery

So I made this Summer Bucket List in my mind.  I had several things I wanted to make sure to do before school started back in the fall.  Going to Taylor Grocery was on this list and we checked it off Sunday night.  We hadn't been to Taylor since Jett was a month old.  When Cullen and I were dating this was a monthly ritual, and in the summer time we frequented Sunday nights on their porch almost weekly.  So it wasn't as slow paced as we preferred, but with a one year old, I've found I get it, we order as soon as possible, and we leave before anyone gets hurt. Jett seemed to like the atmosphere.  He enjoyed the music.  Enjoyed playing with the utensils and even ate a small piece of fish.  

I have hope that in the future we will get back to enjoying our leisurely paced Sunday nights on the porch of Old Taylor Grocery.  I even think Jett liked his time on the porch.  He loved playing in this doorway, and high fiving some of the waiting patrons.  Maybe even a toddler knows to enjoy the slower paced Summer nights at Taylor.

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